Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)



Spoke to Costco today, KS8s are not rechargeable, but the new Rexton at Costco is rechargeable.


What new Rexton?? Costco Hearing Aid List




Although they’re not on PVC’s list, the Legatos have been out awhile. They’re based on the same 6C platform as the KS7s.


Oh okay thanks, TRYNA keep that list up to date so I will add these soon. Added/Done.


I bought KS8s about a week ago and like them a lot. Battery life is about 4 days, not great but with the mfi connection to mt iphone it is really nice.


What were your previous aids and how long did you have them?


Unitron Moxi…about four years


Based on previous experience with other electronics, any time you add -communication- with other devices to a product, you can expect higher power consumption. I assume that that principle is what delayed adding cell phone communication to the mix; until the development of low energy bluetooth, the power draw must have been prohibitive; now, with BTLE, it becomes possible but not without at least -some- additional power consumption, which I would guess might account for the need for more frequent battery replacement in the new KS8s.

Even with my older model HAs, I have to change the batteries much more frequently when I use my mike clips with them.


Thanks for providing some perspective. The audiologist pushed for Phonak brio for compression but I went to the KS7 instead for major $$ savings. But as to battery life … I wonder whether the phone communication can be turned off and whether that would extend battery life? And also wondering whether the Rexton Emerald 80 8c has a battery life issue. But then maybe it doesn’t have the iPhone feature?


I wish the KS8 used #13 batteries. I have a bunch of them, and it seems to me the 312 battery is going to be a problem. May jump up to the ReSound Forte which is available for the 13 battery.


richard2: I would think there would be a way to turn off the bluetooth radio on the KS8. The KS8 does have the iphone feature (using Apple bluetooth).
The KS7 has neither.


1st time poster. I have been following this forum since it was the old hearing aid forum. I have worn aids for the past 60 years. I had wanted to try the KS7 but did not want to use the #312 battery. Right now I am using the Bernafon Zerena BTE 105 that uses the #13 battery. They are not quite working for me yet so I checked with Costco and was told the KS8 with the #13 battery & T coil will out around the middle of March. Just wanted to let members know what I found out.


turners1962 is correct. KS8 using either 312 and no t-coil or 13 with. (according to the first post here)


I’m curious, how do you manage the link between the streamer and the KS8s? Do you use the iPhone App or is this something they program in the store?


Picked up my new KS8’s last week. So far I like them. I tried KS5’s three years ago but returned them. The KS8’s are much quieter than I remember the KS5’s. I had them install 6 programs in the KS8 and have tried them and have not noticed much difference from the ‘auto’ program … so I’ll likely use that mostly. No whistling feedback and no wind noise outside. The Android app seems to have good basic features but it looks like I will not use it much. The Costco audi spent an impressive amount of time testing and then fitting the 8’s. Overall, glad I waited until the KS8’s came out.


DrBob: I’m not sure who you addressed your post to. The KS8 is already made for iphone so for use with an iphone you don’t need another streamer device.
If you don’t have an iphone then you would need another device for streaming/phone which would need to be set up through the fitting software.
There is a “remote” program for both Android and iphone that would need the fitting software to then scan a QR code from the software to link the phone to the HA’s.


The price of the KS7 has been reduced by $100 to match the KS8 so I have received a refund of the difference on my recently purchased KS7. I am going to wait a while before deciding whether to switch to KS8. A version of the KS8 with T-coil and 13 battery is apparently in the works, so perhaps (I speculate) that will fix the KS8 battery life issue.


I should have said how do you set up the connection between the HAs and the smart transmitter or does that require a pendant? For instance how would I stream from my MacBook or my TV?


The ks8userportal link leads to a blank page.