Costco Hearing Aid List


2011-Q1 Future/ReSound Alera
2012-Q? Kirkland Signature 4/Rexton?
2013-Q3 Kirkland Signature 5/ReSound Verso (Aventa software locked)
2015-Q2 Kirkland Signature 6/ReSound LiNX 9 (Aventa software locked)
2014-Q1 Phonak Brio/Phonak Audéo Q90 (minus EchoBlock, CROS)
2015-Q2 Rexton Trax 42/Rexton 80 4c (QuadCore/4c platform)/Siemens 7bx products
2016-Q2 ReSound Cala/ReSound LiNX2 9
2016-Q3 Kirkland Signature 7/Rexton 80 6c (TruCore/6c platform)/Signia 7px products
2016-Q4 Phonak Brio 2/Phonak Audéo V90
2017-Q4 ReSound Forte/ReSound LiNX 3D 9/Beltone Trust 17
2017-Q4 Bernafon Zerena
2018-Q1 Kirkland Signature 8.0/Rexton 80 8c (MyCore Platform)/Signia 7Nx
2018-Q1 Phonak Brio 3/Phonak Audéo B90 (R10, R-312T-t-coil, R13-t-coil)

Costco hearing aids are generally minus the Tinnitus feature, or if they do have it the Costco fitters will not turn it on.

Costco Phonak Brio 3 (Product Information)
Time to replace my old aids
Twelve year HA user seeking new Hearing Aids—Help needed!

Excellent! Thank you.

Now can you (or anyone) tell me what the difference is KS7 vs KS8 as per the bold type below and how it might show up as a performance factor.

2016-Q3 Kirkland Signature 7/Rexton 80 6c/Signia 7px products (newer TruCore/6c platform).
2018-Q1 Kirkland Signature 8.0/Rexton 80 8c/Signia 7Nx

Also, was KS5 the first model?

Thank you.

Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)

According to this:

there was a KS4 made by Rexton that sold for $1999


Aside from that one website I can’t find another reference??


Thank you, MDB.
That corresponds with my recollection of a Kirkland (Rexton) being introduced in about 2011.


What, you want a replicated study? :>) How about this? Kirkland Signature Premium Hearing Aids 4.0 - Video Gallery How about that, a video for you!