Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)



Mrs. S;
Thanks for clarifying.
I can’t answer the “what do they do with the used ones” but to me, other than curiosity, it is irrelevant. Maybe some charity or third world gets them.

You are within your rights and time frame, to swap out the KS 7 for KS 8, without blushing. Why not get the latest, cheaper model and still go for the KS 11 when they arrive?

“I think the connectivity to our Apple devices of the KS 8s is reason enough.”
There you go.

Good luck and please keep us posted.


See: What happens to used and returned hearing aids?


I have had my KS7’s for 2 months and was very glad to schedule a replacement fitting for the new KS8.0 ( and $100 refund!). One of my peeves of the KS7 is that once the low battery sound occurs, it repeats about every 1 minute or less ( and the “Smart Remote” app usually goes from 3 beeps for Good battery to nothing with no other warning ) - anyhow, the KS8 can be set for 7 or more minutes between low battery warning tones and the KS8’s are “two way communication” to the smart phone, so the Connexx Smart Direct app can directly read the battery level.
I already use an iPhone 6, so super glad about the Streaming, etc. - and note that refurbished iPhone 5’s are less than $150 ( but I would recommend a refurbished iPhone 6 and Apple’s $30 new battery replacement.


Don’t expect too much from the battery level feature. It’s not the aids fault. It is due the linear nature of hearing aid batteries discharge. They stay at full discharge rate (read as 100% capacity), and then drop like a rock when expended.

I do agree 100% they should’t beep continuously as they reach end of life.


How does “It depends.” sound? :slight_smile:

How good is your WRS score? If it is high, you may find the HP adequate. If you don’t and HP doesn’t work, you would want the next step up – UP. These come with molds rather than domes. The next step up for understanding is a BTE model with a larger speaker located in the aid itself. These use a hollow tube to transfer sound to the ear.

So you can try the various options an then determine what will help the most.


Major disclaimer: I’m not an audiologist, but my take is that hearing aids are unlikely to provide enough gain for you to hear at 4000 hz and above. I think you could be a good candidate for frequency lowering and if I had your audiogram and were looking at hearing aids at Costco, I’d seriously consider the Brio 3.


Where did you see that?


It’s not listed anywhere, but the t-coil version should be available next month.



Good luck. I usually end up with a doctor visit to get mine taken care of.

You can use olive oil to soften it for removal. (Recommended by my Doctor)

The drug store version with the squeeze bulb isn’t very good. Amazon has a ton of choices for better. (and worse)

Some like to use hydrogen peroxide to try to bubble it out. It is also antiseptic.


@rasmus_braun, do you by chance have a breakdown of the features with descriptions?


The features of KS7’s vs KS8’s (which were gleaned from their respective Datasheets) are listed here in this link. But good luck finding an accurate description of those features, especially a description that would be void of marketing claims.


I currently have the Bernafon Junas. I have been wearing them for almost two years and have never been entirely satisfied with them. It is still difficult for me to hear in noisy or large areas and the connection with the Soundgate has always been a bit wonky. I was in Costco today having an issue with my ear molds addressed. While there, the hearing aid fitter had me try a pair of the KS8s. I was surprised at how much flexibility they have in programming and directionality. I am seriously tempted to make the jump. Especially since the cost is only $1600 and they let me ditch the pendent. I was able to control this pair directly from the iPhone app. Who else has tried a pair and how do they compare for you?


Well, here I am, a first time HA user with almost 1 week of experience with a pair of K Signature 8’s. A few random thoughts about it.

First and foremost I am pretty sure I hear better. When my kids show up at the door they tell my they can’t hear the TV while they are outside. When my wife starts my car the radio doesn’t blast her, perhaps most importantly, as I’ve mentioned on an earlier post, I now hear small birds while walking the golf course.

Secondly, I leave them in all day and quite frankly seldom am I aware that I have them in. This was one of my biggest concerns and so far is a non-factor.

Third, these things eat batteries. I am getting less than 3 days out of a pair of batteries. My technician led me to expect 5 days might be average. Don’t think so, but the sample so far is very small.

Fourth, I have never before in my life paid $1600 for anything and gotten less information on what I have and how it works. The manual that came with it has little use and the software that links my HA’s with my iPhone, while of some help, is mostly a treasure hunt.

A couple of examples. There is a screen you can get to that allows control of directional hearing. I know cuz I’ve been in it a couple of times. Right now…I cannot find it in the app. Secondly, there’s a place where you can test the batteries. I know cuz I’ve used this, too. Just don’t know how to find it. At least on purpose. Please trust me, i’m not totally tech deficient.

Fifth, my HA,s are set up with 6 programs (automatic, noise/party, focus 360, TV, listen to Music & outdoor/traffic). They also have 3 listening situations (cafe, cinema & theater & group conversation). This is really a lot. The problem is I can’t see (hear?) any difference with any of them.

I got these in Charlotte, but the closest Costco is Charleston. I will head to Charleston some time soon for a first follow up and will let you know what I find.


Yeah, buying hearing aids is definitely not like buying other electronics. I have KS7s so I’m sure there’s differences between the apps, but there should be 3 lines on the bottom right page that will get you to another page of the app that will have more options. The battery tester is pretty much useless as the batteries have a very flat discharge curve. They can read full and a few minutes later be giving you the low battery warning chime. I’m surprised they gave you so many programs. More typical is just to give you one and see what issues you’re having in a few weeks. The differences are subtle.


Curious whether there is something in the KS8 datasheet that indicates a frequency lowering feature? I bought my first HAs, the KS7 a week before KS8 came out. Does the KS7 also have frequency lowering or is that something new in the KS8? Thanks.


One clarification. While listening to music through my iPhone the music setting makes a real improvement with what seems to be a better definition of bass.


Yes. Towards the end of the datasheet are 2 pages of Features and Accessories. About half way down is Bandwidth Compression, which is Rexton’s name for Frequency Compression. It is also present on the KS7. I’ll PM you and if you have further questions on it, I’d be happy to answer.


Wow! Quick reply! Thanks for the information. I am inclined toward swapping the KS7 for KS8 - just because there must certainly be a bunch of improvements, even beyond the items on the data sheet. Nice to find a site with so much info and helpful people. Just added my audiogram.


Although you’ve got high frequency loss, I doubt you’d see much benefit from frequency compression. Straight amplification could probably let you hear 6000 hz. Mild frequency compression could likely get you 8000 hz, but unless you’re a birder, I doubt you’d care. The basic idea of frequency compression is to use amplification to let you hear as high as possible (and tolerate). If you want to hear higher, then the higher frequencies have to be “squeezed” into the frequencies you can hear. I’m almost glad I don’t have to decide between my KS7s and KS8s. I always love “new and improved,” but I do phone talking on the phone and I appreciate my 7 day battery life with KS7s.


Yikes, second time we are hearing that KS8’s are battery hogs. Maybe I should start to believe this.