Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)



I used the free Connexx Smart Remote (android play store). It worked fine although the battery test option seemed to always give 3 beeps (full) unless the battery was dead. I will not list all the functions, but it had everything I needed except separate volume control for L/R HA. I don’t think KS 7.0 supported this option.
There is a Connexx Smart Remote for the KS 8.0 that has more options listed (e.g., L/R control of each HA, phone calls without magnetic stip), but I have not used it.


Thank you blahakd. There are a number of apps in the Play Store that is why I asked. The Connexx by Sivantos is a ways down the list but gets a lot better reviews. Smart Connect is not there.


First time any of us have heard about changing batteries every 2-3 days. I am skeptical… No wait, I flat out don’t believe him.

Well there are these changes.


When I go to the google play store and search for “connexx smart remote” the top three free apps are:
Connexx Smart Remote (used this with my KS 7.0)
Connexx Smart Direct (docs say compatible with KS 8.0)
Connexx Smart Connect


Ah yes, but, you searched by name which I didn’t know until I asked you. :grin:
I searched for "Kirkland Signature apps for Android and got:
KS Navigator
KS Choice
Ear Agent
Tru Link
Bar Booster
Ear Assist
Ear Mate
Hearing Aid Control
and in 12th place, Connexx Smart Remote


Yes, I do need help and would appreciate it. I have a vision problem, due to an injury, which seems to make it very difficult for me to self-plot on a graph. I have started the plotting several times and was unable to complete it. In the prior forum, we were able to simply upload our audiogram as a pdf. I have tried to find a way to do that in my profile here, but that no longer seems to be an option, so instead I have been uploading it in discussions where it becomes relevant or requested. I will upload it again here, and would very much appreciate it if you would consider having a member of staff convert it to a plotted graph for me in my profile.
Thank you for your consideration.
Respectfully, Nate


Having my KS8’s for less than a week I can say that the first set on batteries lasted about 2 1/2 days @ 12-13 hours a day. But I don’t know how long the technician had them in programming the HAs or just sitting around. Will have a better idea in a day or so & will let you know.


Hello all from MN, Yesterday we had my husband’s KS 7s cleaned for the first time at Costco and noticed the arrival of the KS 8s. Although we are still within the six month trial period, we were not encouraged to return them for the improved and $100 cheaper KS 8s. Actually, it was suggested to wait until the KS 11s. Direct streaming from our mobile devices, i.e iPhone 5s and iPad Pro is a desirable “new” feature, however. What do you advise us to do? I should add that both devices are paired to the KS 7s, but I paired them using a QR code, not Bluetooth. Calls can be received and are transmitted to both aids. At my request, we have six programs instead of four including Telecoil, and we use Telecoil to listen to our 2005 Sony Bravia TV. The bass/treble, volume, and program selection are adjustable by either device, but the iPhone checks the battery of the right aid, and the iPad Pro checks the battery of the left aid! Am I deluded that we are successfully using Telecoil on the KS 7s without a wire around the room or under his chosen chair? P.S. Our pairing does not require the neck loop.
Mrs. S


The pairing using QR code is for the Smart Remote app on your mobile devices. It serves basically as a remote control. I’m guessing you’re phone calls aren’t really getting “streamed,” but use the duophone feature. Do you have a stick on magnet on your phone? I’m at a complete loss what is happening regarding your TV. Is it possible that you’re just listening to the TV via the hearing aids and it works because the hearing aids are working? To use the telecoil, you should need some kind of loop.


We are sort of at a loss, too. The QR code was supplied by the hearing examiner at Costco. There is no magnet. However, the KS 8s are supposed to be able to be streamed directly from our Apple devices which is a feature we would like to have. Hence, a return letter will be in the mail today, and we will take back the KS 7s ASAP. This is based on the information from “rasmus” for which we are most grateful. Thanks for writing, MDB. Mrs. S


Mrs. S;
"it was suggested to wait until the KS 11s"
Are you able to clarify that comment?
Based on past releases, following sequential numbers, KS 11 won’t be around for another 2 or 3 years.


Thank you, z10.

  1. There are 3 different graphs plotted on each chart. Which one do I read and enter the numbers from?
  2. If one of these represents my settings on my HAs rather than my hearing loss, I will need to get a new printout because the settings were just changed.
  3. I can’t read whatever is written under Tone Audiometry and don’t know where it would go if I could read it. Can you read it?
  4. Lastly, where would I put the numbers which appear in the upper right corner of the right and left graphs?

Best wishes, Nate


Sorry to hear that Nate. Just FYI, your audiogram has been loaded, and is now available. In the future you can simply make edits to it in the normal form, rather than the point-and-click audiogram editor, as suggested by members here.


Abram, nice move.:+1:


Sorry to take this thread off the rails a bit, but for anyone else reading this, I’m always happy to help with loading in audiograms, so if you see anyone else having a hard time, just tell them to PM me or mention my name. Thanks.


The Os and Xs are the “main” part of the audiogram. They represent air conduction. The dashed stuff above is bone conduction and the small marks lower on the page represent your comfort limit (sounds louder than that are uncomfortable) However, the Os and Xs make the basic audiogram

The stuff under Tone Audiometry is a key that explains what the different symbols represent. The numbers in the upper right hand corner are Pure Tone Averages. It’s just an average of your loss at 500hz, 1000hz and 2000 hz. What Abram posted gives us a good idea of your loss.

Regarding vision–they make some nice magnifiers that help my Mom out a lot.


Thank you for that explanation, MBD!
I appreciate the time you and the others have taken to be of assistance.
Best wishes, Nate :smiley:


Wow! Thanks very much abram!
Looks great.
I appreciate it.
Regards, Nate :smiley:


My pleasure Nate! Welcome to the new Hearing Tracker :wink:


Good afternoon. Yes, that we should wait two or three years before upgrading is exactly what we understood the manager at Costco to mean.

Which brings me to the previous comment about what happens to returned KS 7s! They can’t sell them any more, so are they tossed or given away? I even asked if the manager if he thought it was ethical to return them since they are operative.

He neither denied nor offered us a return. However, our bill of sale indicates the aids may be returned for up to six months for any reason. My husband has had the aids for nearly four months. I think the connectivity to our Apple devices of the KS 8s is reason enough. Mrs. S