Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)

Kirkland Signature 8.0 is a RIC instrument available from Costco with features similar to Rexton 80 8c and Signia 7Nx products.

• Premium MyCore performance
• 48 channels, 20 gain handles, 6 programs
• Made for iPhone (MFi) direct audio streaming
• Automatic own voice detection and processing
• RIC form factor with 312 battery or 13 battery (T-coil)
• 4 receiver power levels
• Price: $1599.99/pair
• Accessories: Smart Mic, Smart Transmitter 2.4, Smart Key


User Guides and FAQs:

Kirkland Signature 8.0.pdf (960.9 KB)

Connexx Smart Direct for Apple iOS:

Connexx Smart Direct for Android:

Hearing Tracker product review page:


Amazing! A pair of made for iPhone aids for under $1600, along with Costco’s great service and support.


You said “made for iPhone” - but sadly, I don’t think that means that an iPhone will stream directly to the KS-8s.

I think it just means that you can control things like volume, program selection, and directional microphones from the iPhone - as I do with my KS-7s from an Android phone right now.

Reading the KS-8 specs, I get deva-vu … they look just like the KS-7s. I need to get the spec sheets and do a side-by-side comparison.


I think it will;
For complete convenience, wearers can stream phone calls directly from their smartphone to their hearing aids.

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I’ve been reading the spec sheet, and it seems that you’re right.

But sadly, there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent Android capability.

So apparently I’ve been a little smarta$$ lately…dng: thus the mfi designation. :slight_smile: It doesn’t say mfa.
I agree…sadly…but Android and their OEM’s haven’t yet gotten on board the BTle tech as those Apple folks have. I seem to think Apple even spearheaded the btle but I could be wrong.
I think there’s only one HA that can operate/stream directly from Android but it’s mono not stereo. Which for a phone is fine (to me) but not modern stereo music.

Edit: hmm Wikipedia says many OS’s have btle capability. Why is it that it seems only Apple is really implementing it. It also doesn’t look like it’s Apple’s thing after all.

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Agreed. But, it has an all new BT device that appears far more modern clip-on than with the earlier version. That should be a big improvement.

From the Datasheet Document in the OP/Original Post;
Kirkland Signature 8.0.pdf

KS 8.0 | Features and Accessories
Direct Audio Streaming / Made for iPhone / Apple iPhones 5 and later

Also, if you have plans to Self Program the KS8’s you only have one wireless option. That is, Noahlink Wireless. Or you can use a wired mini Pro/Hi Pro with CS44 cables and Programming pills/size 312.
ConnexxAir, ConnexxLink No
Noahlink Wireless Yes
Programming adapter / cable size 312

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Can someone with more knowledge them me compare the KS8 to the Resond Fortes that Costco has?


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I haven’t managed to find much info (yet) - but I’m not sure I see much - if any - difference between the KS-7 and the KS-8.

I have to assume there’s a significant difference.What am I missing?

The KS8 features a new technology platform and contains a faster processing chip than the KS7, but the most noticeable difference is the direct connectivity to Apple devices and wireless accessories. The KS7 required the use of a neckloop device to receive telephone calls and streamed audio.


Excellent Rasmus, thank you.
The website link you provided is RS7. Is there one to RS8?
Do you know a release date and it’s interesting because last week I was talking to a Costco tech in BC and when asked if she knew anything about KS8 she said; “we’ve heard rumblings they will be out soon.” I thought that was pretty up front of her.

If I recall correctly Canada lags behind the US on launches.

dng, here is RS7. I haven’t compared the two.

Does anyone know when the 8.0 will be available? I just bought my first pair of hearing aids (KS7) and am frustrated with the lack of phone/streaming capability. I am on the phone all day and would love the iPhone streaming solution.

The KS8 is available for ordering now in the U.S. I’m not sure about other countries.


@whahuh - Many thanks!!

Will work on getting a review page up soon on the main site!

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I was excited but unfortunately I’m not a iphone user, which sucks and I’m not converting to apple just to have supporting technology for my hearing needs.

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Ditto. No Apple products for me. But there may very well come a time when I might have to give in. Dang it.

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I’ve been an Apple computer etc. user since 1984, ran my office on a network of Macs I set up myself, and intend to continue using them, but when it comes to cell phones I have always chosen Android as the less expensive virtual equivalent, so I am not allergic to Apple Computer products but I still use common use and would not switch to iPhones when Android’s version is always just around the corner.