Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)



Kirkland Signature 8.0 is a RIC instrument available from Costco with features similar to Rexton 80 8c and Signia 7Nx products.

• Premium MyCore performance
• 48 channels, 20 gain handles, 6 programs
• Made for iPhone (MFi) direct audio streaming
• Automatic own voice detection and processing
• RIC form factor with 312 battery or 13 battery (T-coil)
• 4 receiver power levels
• Price: $1599.99/pair
• Accessories: Smart Mic, Smart Transmitter 2.4, Smart Key


User Guides and FAQs:

Kirkland Signature 8.0.pdf (960.9 KB)

Connexx Smart Direct for Apple iOS:

Connexx Smart Direct for Android:

Hearing Tracker product review page:

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Amazing! A pair of made for iPhone aids for under $1600, along with Costco’s great service and support.


You said “made for iPhone” - but sadly, I don’t think that means that an iPhone will stream directly to the KS-8s.

I think it just means that you can control things like volume, program selection, and directional microphones from the iPhone - as I do with my KS-7s from an Android phone right now.

Reading the KS-8 specs, I get deva-vu … they look just like the KS-7s. I need to get the spec sheets and do a side-by-side comparison.


I think it will;
For complete convenience, wearers can stream phone calls directly from their smartphone to their hearing aids.


I’ve been reading the spec sheet, and it seems that you’re right.

But sadly, there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent Android capability.


So apparently I’ve been a little smarta$$ lately…dng: thus the mfi designation. :slight_smile: It doesn’t say mfa.
I agree…sadly…but Android and their OEM’s haven’t yet gotten on board the BTle tech as those Apple folks have. I seem to think Apple even spearheaded the btle but I could be wrong.
I think there’s only one HA that can operate/stream directly from Android but it’s mono not stereo. Which for a phone is fine (to me) but not modern stereo music.

Edit: hmm Wikipedia says many OS’s have btle capability. Why is it that it seems only Apple is really implementing it. It also doesn’t look like it’s Apple’s thing after all.


Agreed. But, it has an all new BT device that appears far more modern clip-on than with the earlier version. That should be a big improvement.


From the Datasheet Document in the OP/Original Post;
Kirkland Signature 8.0.pdf

KS 8.0 | Features and Accessories
Direct Audio Streaming / Made for iPhone / Apple iPhones 5 and later

Also, if you have plans to Self Program the KS8’s you only have one wireless option. That is, Noahlink Wireless. Or you can use a wired mini Pro/Hi Pro with CS44 cables and Programming pills/size 312.
ConnexxAir, ConnexxLink No
Noahlink Wireless Yes
Programming adapter / cable size 312

Help with programming Costco KS8
I saw Noahlink Wireless listed as a programming device selection


Can someone with more knowledge them me compare the KS8 to the Resond Fortes that Costco has?



I haven’t managed to find much info (yet) - but I’m not sure I see much - if any - difference between the KS-7 and the KS-8.

I have to assume there’s a significant difference.What am I missing?


The KS8 features a new technology platform and contains a faster processing chip than the KS7, but the most noticeable difference is the direct connectivity to Apple devices and wireless accessories. The KS7 required the use of a neckloop device to receive telephone calls and streamed audio.


Excellent Rasmus, thank you.
The website link you provided is RS7. Is there one to RS8?
Do you know a release date and it’s interesting because last week I was talking to a Costco tech in BC and when asked if she knew anything about KS8 she said; “we’ve heard rumblings they will be out soon.” I thought that was pretty up front of her.

If I recall correctly Canada lags behind the US on launches.


dng, here is RS7. I haven’t compared the two.


Does anyone know when the 8.0 will be available? I just bought my first pair of hearing aids (KS7) and am frustrated with the lack of phone/streaming capability. I am on the phone all day and would love the iPhone streaming solution.


The KS8 is available for ordering now in the U.S. I’m not sure about other countries.


@whahuh - Many thanks!!


Will work on getting a review page up soon on the main site!


I was excited but unfortunately I’m not a iphone user, which sucks and I’m not converting to apple just to have supporting technology for my hearing needs.


Ditto. No Apple products for me. But there may very well come a time when I might have to give in. Dang it.


I’ve been an Apple computer etc. user since 1984, ran my office on a network of Macs I set up myself, and intend to continue using them, but when it comes to cell phones I have always chosen Android as the less expensive virtual equivalent, so I am not allergic to Apple Computer products but I still use common use and would not switch to iPhones when Android’s version is always just around the corner.