Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)



Me, too (waiting for #13 and T-coil). My only concern is how much larger the devices would be. Thanks for your post!


I bought a TaoTronics BT Tx/Rx for a neighbor that wanted to stream from a CD player to BT systems elsewhere in the house. I tried it out at home, as he had already lost interest in the project. It worked just fine on the first attempt. No glitches. I have no idea, though, if it would stream to a HA.


I am trying to post a reply to this question about creative streaming to a new thread on “Generic HA accessories” in order to avoid being further admonished for thread hi-jacking, but I can’t figure out how to do it, although I’ve tried. Can someone step in and help me/us?



I have created a new topic called Generic Hearing Aid Accessories and have replied to you there at:


The site is working now.


GoI’ve had these for nearly 2 weeks now and figured it’s time to make an updated post. I’ve had a follow-up visit and feel like I’m now a honest-to-Gosh HA user.

First, and most importantly, I can hear a whole lot better. I was having trouble hearing well when I went in for the follow up visit. The dome tips were clogging up and they replaced them with a kind of funnel like thing. Have had no issues since. The volume is much higher and more clear, but not irritating.

I had an issue with battery life but ath the tech’s rec I now let the batteries sit for a minute or so and I now seem to get about 3 days or so life out of them. Not great, but better than the 1 1/2 days I was getting at first.

The in-ear reception from my iPhone X is amazing. I would certainly not want to move to a HA without MFI connectivity. This is particularly effective while driving, though I wonder how much outside sound I’m missing, if any, and if that’s a risk factor. Never the less, phone calls, music and podcasts are so easy. My wife is now enjoying about $800 worth of Beats and Air Pods. You’re welcome, sweetheart!

I still cannot hear a major difference between the pre-set options, with the exception of music.

Would like to try a TV feed device, but $500 is waaaay more than any value I might receive.

All things considered, I am a very happy user of the KS8. My best guess is that the wife and kids are even more happy than I


The KS7 has the T-coil and the current KS8 does not. I have not seen the KS8 so I don’t know whether it is smaller than the KS7 or not.


Just eyeballing. (I have the KS7s and have seen the KS8s in the display case) They look pretty much the same size.


I’ve had my KS8s for 3 days and have been following your posts. I too am very satisfied with them. The iPhone streaming works better than I expected. But the sound quality that I’m hearing is not as good as I had hoped, and definitely not as good as my iPhone earbuds. Had you used the earbuds with the iPhone prior to the KS8s? If so, how do yours compare? I am wondering if there is a setting that needs changing with mine or something similar.
I also was surprised to learn that the iPhone already has built in capabilities for controlling the KS8s. I’ve downloaded the Rexton Connect Direct app and use both of them. The iPhone built in has the ability to change the left and right volumes independently, which the Connect Direct does not. But the Connect Direct has the ability to change the Bass/Treble balance, which the built in iPhone part does not.
I’ve found that I use the Television program and the Automatic one. The iFocus 360 program does seem to work better in the car, but not in my pick up!


Please, what is the " the iPhone … built-in capabilities for controlling the KS8s?" Is it a download? Or a setting? Many thanks, --Steve (my name IRL)


Settings, General,Accessibility, MFi Hearing Devices. You must have Bluetooth turned on and then you can pair the devices and control them.


Please let us know how the batteries are holding up.


Many thanks! Found it easily with your guidance. Now to get the KS8s. Waiting for the one with #13 batteries and T-coil.

I have been an Apple user (fanboy?) since 1988, and I learn new stuff all the time. Today, for example, we got flummoxed with what appeared to be a malfunctioning magic keyboard for a new iMac. Finally, I learned that we had triggered Mouse Key mode which disables the keyboard as such. Five taps of the OPT key and we were back in business.


Got 5 days out of the first pair before 1 went out, so I replaced both.


That’s a record!! Were you doing any streaming?


A little, mostly for phone calls, but most of the usage was just as a hearing aid. Probably why I got a little longer than most. As in my previous post, I"m not getting very good sound quality on the phone calls and would like some ideas on what could help. My Costco is a good ways away and not convenient for dropping in.


If I use my iPhone earbuds, the call quality is excellent. It’s only with the hearing aids that the sound quality drops.


Someone has said above that the KS8 with the telecoil (and size 13 battery) will be out soon.


Got 5 1/2 days out of the second set of batteries too. Minimal streaming, 14-15 hours per day usage.
If I could just get the sound quality improved while streaming phone calls, I’d be completely satisfied.


Direct streaming to my iPhone is exactly what i want. Was not looking forward to wearing the Compilot streamer in warm weather & want true hands free. Also, have ferocious feedback from the Brio 2’s when anything is too close to my ear. I’m heading to Costco to make the switch ASAP, and doing the happy dance.