Costco Kirkland Signature 7.0 (Product Information)

Kirkland Signature 7.0 is a RIC instrument available from Costco with features similar to Rexton 80 6c and Signia 7px products.

• Premium TruCore performance
• 42 channels, 20 gain handles, 6 programs
• TruCore Audio Exchange
• Directional iLock and Mic-Pattern Adjustment
• RIC form factor with 312 battery and t-coil
• 4 receiver power levels
• Remote control apps for Apple iOS and Android
• Optional Smart Connect Bluetooth streamer
• Price: $1699.99/pair


User Guides and FAQs:


Connexx Smart Connect for Apple iOS:

Connexx Smart Remote for Apple iOS:

Connexx Smart Connect for Android:

Connexx Smart Remote for Android:

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RIC? How will Costco handle the free-forever parts/supplies feature?

And, any idea when it will be coming to Canada?

Both of these questions matter to me, actually. I’ve been waiting for this to happen, but if it’s going to end up costing me hundreds of dollars every year to replace receivers, I’d better jump on the KS6 before they’re gone.

Well, all aids at Costco get free supplies for life. As one having the KS6, I would wait. It will boost the price buying the Resound Cela but you are getting directional features like all the newer aids. And you can get a #13 battery model should you wish.

I’d ask the concierge service about availability.

I do have to say that the KS7 will be a hummer with one star removed for connectivity.

  • very good value for user configurable mic-array feature HAs.
  • at cost of loss of inbuilt Bluetooth.

similar to Trax. seems they just swapped the two, with Trax becoming the new KS7 & upgraded version of KS6 becoming the new premium HA ( Cala) at Costco.

I was gonna say the same thing for supplies.

However, I found that Cala Size 13 are bigger to accommodate the bigger battery as compared to Trax XM ( battery 13 ) ; It sticks out alot for people with petit ears.

The PX is newer than the BX many thought it would be, right?

Thank you!

The KS7 will be available tomorrow (9/14). Would love to hear comparisons between it and my current KS5. If there is a decided advantage, I will be upgrading but don’t want to spend $1699 to get basically the same results.

Costco concierge service doesn’t cover hearing aids, it turns out, but the local (Burnaby, BC (Canada!)) Costco hearing aid clinic says they’ve not heard when the KS7 will be available. But they didn’t try to deny it was happening, either!

Slightly later in Canada (unless we’re talking about winter).

Very good news! Thanks for sharing, rasmus!

Thank you for the update rasmus_braun! I’m going tomorrow for my hearing test at Costco, so this is timely.

I’ve been studying the ReSound Cala 8 and wonder how the KS 7.0 would compare to it.

Also, from your post it looks like these will be made by Siemans, am I correct?

I have insurance that will cover most of the cost of either aid, so there’s no reason to go with the lower price.

+1! This is very appreciated, and very helpful!

This is my first post here, and I have an appoint at Costco tomorrow. This will be my first HA. After research, I was very interested in the KS6 and Cala 8. Is the KS7 an upgrade from the 6? I know it’s a Siemens product instead of Resound. Wondering if they don’t have the 7 in yet should I wait. I’ve had one appointment with Audibel, who was pushing their A4 for $5990. Will try what they have.

Considering I just ordered the Resound Cala 8 a couple days ago to replace the KS6 (due to fit issues), I also am very curious to find out how the KS7 compares to those, especially the Cala…!

Also, I notice that this is in the “Rexton” section. Is it a Rexton or Signia? Still trying to sort out the different brands/makers. Ok, Answered my own question. Looks like the Rexton is equivalent to Signia/Siemens, made by the same company. Just in case anyone else is confused.

Just got back from my appt at Costco. Listened to both the KS7 and Cala 8. I’m a first time user and the only other time I’ve had on were Audibel 4A’s. Both the KS7 and Cala 8 sounded less “tinny” to me. I debated back and forth about the KS7 and Cala, but in the end I ordered the Cala as I seemed to hear a little bit more with the Cala and I have an iphone. I think I would have been happy either way. Looking forward to getting them fitted.

I did the same thing yesterday and felt just about the same comparing the KS7 and the Resound Cala 8 the Resound seamed to be a clearer sound in the noisy environment and less Tinny. I went with the Resound also. Will get them on the 29th!

The downtown Vancouver Costco clinic told me they had started taking orders today for the KS7. No idea when they’ll be in, but they are now officially available.

When I tried to download the datasheet, I ran into a chrome security error:

The site ahead contains harmful programs

Attackers on might attempt to trick you into installing programs that harm your browsing experience (for example, by changing your homepage or showing extra ads on sites you visit).

Rather than download the datasheet from this source, I opened it with a cloud-based app and downloaded it securely. For those of you looking for a secure download, please visit our page for the KS7 aids.


That message represents a work-in-process for a new feature. It can be quite iffy at this point. Using Firefox and Kaspersky anti-virus, there was nothing found. Chrome can find things that are used for honest purposes but can be morphed into an attack.

I visited your page and see you quote the data sheet with all the proprietary descriptions of features. If you are looking for something extra to provide, explaining what they really are would be a great service to those who are new to hearing aids.

• Telecoil
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