Costco Kirkland Signature 5.0

I went to Costco today. They said this is a new model that has only been available for a couple of weeks. Is this the new model based on the Resound Verso 9?


What style were they? CIC, RIC, etc?

See this thread September = New products at Costco? for the current discussion on the new KS 5.0 at Costco.

There is another thread on this question. While there isn’t a complete consensus, the fact that the model number for the KS 5.0 is KS562 is the same as Resound Verso 5 seems to suggest they are either the same or close to the same. Some users have made claims about the specs of the KS 5.0 that suggests that it is closer to the Verso 9, however the only posted screenshot of KS specs is too tiny to read.

Resound Specs:

Thread with more speculation. (The possible details seem to start around page 4)




neither side will make it official, and this is probably essential for both sides.

Resound helps retail fitters by providing plausible deniability to my assertion.

a fitter charging twce the price can, truthfully say,

“the new Kirkland KS5 IS different from the premium Resound Verso 9.”

True. if you have a penny and I have a penny, THEY ARE NOT IDENTICAL.

however, i am > 96 percent sure that functionally the new Kirkland and the Verso 9 are substantially THE SAME.

It is definitely based on the Verso, but not sure yet if its the Verso 9. There’s a thread in Digital Hearing Aids that’s following this that you might check out. My Costco audi is at some kind of meeting this week where he hopes to get the details. I’m trading-in my Resound Forzas on the new KS5s today. I’ll report my experience in the other thread.

Did you go for them?

I’ve seen the KS 5.0 dispenser booklet and there’s a page with features/advantages/benefits (it’s one of the attachments that was posted in the other thread). The first row on that page is “Binaural Directionality”, the second row is “Binaural Environmental Optimizer II”. These are Verso 9 features.

is the new Costco Kirkland Signature KS5 similar to Resound’s
verso 5, verso 7, or verso 9? an important query

a new contributor, jcurious, wrote
"While there isn’t a complete consensus, the fact that the model number for the KS 5.0 is KS562 is the same as Resound Verso 5 seems to suggest they are either the same or close to the same. " uh, nope.

welcome to the forums, jcurious.

In the beginning there was a Kirkland Signature, or KS
The next year came the KS2
Then the KS3

last year we were offered the KS4 Kirkland Signature 4.

Last week we met the fifth Kirkland Signature, the KS5. the digit 5 has nothing to do with level 5 of the Resound Alera.

I have no doubt that, as usual, Costco is top end, and that the KS5 is rather similar to the Resound Verso 9, the premium


If I were a private fitter, i might prefer that my customers underestimate the Costco aid.

I guess all is fair in love and business.

The careful buyer might wish to compare the Verso 5 with the new Costco Kirkland Signature, the KS5. Check price. Check performance.

Good Luck, ye hard of hearing! Make your decision with eyes wide open.


I had a pretty amazing experience at my Costco. I went in today fully intending to buy the new Kirkland 5 aids, but when the fitter saw me looking at the brochure, he told me to wait. He’s been pretty discouraged about the Kirkland 3s & 4s, which were breaking down far too frequently. He’s worried that the 5s may be a cheapened version of the Versa, perhaps with lower quality offshore components in order to get the price down. This concern was heightened by the fact that the demo version they sent him had a defective remote. His advice to me was to wait a couple of months to see how they are performing, and he also plans to talk with other colleagues to see what their experience is.

On the other hand, he also discouraged me from buying one of his more expensive products, since the 5s may turn out to be great and he’d hate to see me spend an extra $700!

So, I’m eager to hear how the new 5s work out for those of you who can buy them!

Anxiously awaiting your report! :slight_smile: I’m looking into Costco aids, and the Forza vs Kirk 5.0’s is in my deliberations!


Thanks for the feedback. I’m keeping a close eye on the KS5 threads here. I’ll admit I’m probably overly skeptical of Costco hearing aids.

My first digital hearing aids also happened to be my first costco hearing aids. Prior to this I had been wearing analogs since I was 3. The Costco aids were a pair of Interton aids from costco. They were HORRIBLE. Any sort of wind or white noise type sound in the background would wipe out all other sound. I almost didn’t go back to digital aids after that. I’m aware technology has changed since then. And reviews of Cosco aids have gotten better. But, that experience left a very bitter taste in my mouth - I mean ears. :slight_smile:

I see people talking about trying them, but I haven’t seen any real reviews yet. I have tentatively scheduled an appointment in October. We’ll see how things go.

I have appt at Costco on the 24th, will report back what I find out.

I sent an email to Costco’s hearing aids support yesterday concerning KS5 vs. Verso 9. Below is a copy of my message and their reply:

“I am having my hearing tested at Costco this coming Saturday, the 21st. I am considering the KS5. I would like to compare the KS5 specs with the ReSound Verso 9 specs (specifically the 962 model that my ENT’s audiologist is recommending). I understand the KS5 is made by ReSound but I would like to know if they are identical in every way or what are the differences between these two models. Could you please email me the specs on the KS5? Thank you for your consideration.”

"Good Morning, Thank you for contacting Resound.

Regarding your question, the KS5 is not the same as the Verso 9, has different software and only Costco can program.
To find the specs on the Verso 9, you have to go to the website and for the KS 5 please contact
Your nearest Costco store or visit the following website,

Have a great day!
Consumer Support

So, I find it interesting that the KS5 may be very similar to Verso 9 but it has its own, different software program that can only be adjusted through Costco. Also, one must go to Costco to find out about the specific specs on the KS5.


I’m hoping to be able to adjust my KS5’s myself. I’m getting the Airlink and have the Aventa software.
If anyone knows where to find the CC software please let me know or PM me.


I don’t think you will get a revealing answer from Resound, as they are the source of the fog. Costco may also be contractually limited on how they may represent the product.

Your aids will not connect to the standard version of Aventa. Costco own brand aids can only be adjusted in-house - they don’t want you going elsewhere with them.

Someone had mentioned that the hearing aid shows up as Verso 9 on the screen. Does anyone with the airlink, aventa software, and KS 5 verify that the “normal” software won’t work with the KS 5?

Nobody mentioned this. I think you misread. As Um bongo said, there’s zero chance that the standard Aventa software will work with Costco. ReSound likes to keep their business lines totally separate.

I find it interesting that you contacted Costco Hearing Aid Support and recieved the response from Resound Consumer Support???

One qripe I have with Costco is they do not have any detailed specs for hearing aids on their web site.