Costco Kirkland Signature 10.0 (Product Information)

Especially if you went for the more expensive Select, since the Roger devices have a finite battery lifespan, getting a Phonak TV streamer, too, for ~$100, might be a good investment.


I have a Roger Select and a Roger Pen. The Select is good for around 6 people and then I link the Pen to the Select and have 1 x person wear it.

Putting the Pen on the table, it won’t work when linked to the Select. Phonak have done that so you have to buy the Table Mic.

BUT having 1 x person wear the Pen at the same time as using the Select on the table, will work.


So I ordered the Roger Select iN. I have install instructions. Tell me, did you have to have anything done with your HAs in order to make them ready, or are they ready w/o involvement from a fitter? If I need something turned on by a fitter I’d better make an appointment now, as things are really backed-up at my Costco HA department.

FWIW - Got my Noahlink yesterday. Tinnitus Masking was enabled in Target 7.1. I turned it on for a few minutes to make sure, played with the settings. I didn’t try to save it, though

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I really don’t understand why Roger devices are this complicated. You would think it would be as easy as the TV Connector, but all of this Receiver Licenses and extra steps seems completely unnecessary

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Assuming the Roger Select iN has both receivers, you should be able to get working on your own. Costco won’t touch it.

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I didn’t think Costco supported Roger either.
But was not sure since the KS10 aids came out.

Just looked at the Costco Hearing Center website. No mention of Roger devices.
It can be done but not by Costco at this time.

Thanks. I bought a unit with two licenses so there should be no problem.

What I’m buying is a Roger device that works with one set of HAs at a time. The licenses are their way of ensuring same. I have no problem with this, if the install procedure is simple - and it is. So long as the procedure WORKS! Which remains to be seen… ;-). The Roger devices are transferrable via a simple Uninstall procedure that removes the license from the hearing aid.

I see the Roger complexity problem as something different: a confusing array of Roger devices and connection methods, and terrible descriptions by Phonak. You have to know most everything about the devices in order to understand the descriptions. And then of course you don’t need the descriptions.

Edit: Oops, I was intending this to be a response to jakethebomb, not MDB, sorry.

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I wasn’t asking about Costco doing the connecting; I’m responsible for that. I was asking if I have to get Costco to change a setting, in order to allow me to do the connection. Not necessary, according to MDB.

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MDB is correct…

I have had the KS10’s for about a month and truly love the natural sound, the phone call function and listening to music is, to me, very full and rich. The problem I’m having is every time I get a text or notification on my iPhone I get a loud “ping” through the aids. Also whenever I open an app on my phone the hearing aids switch over to the app and shut off the hearing function of the KS10’s. This is especially annoying when playing a game and someone is talking to me. Is there any way to shut off these functions on the app? I’ve called Phonak and did change some settings but it hasn’t helped. My old KS8’s were controlled via the iPhone app under Bluetooth and I could shut those functions off. The KS10s don’t work that way. This is so annoying that I’m ready to take the aids back even though I love how they sound.
Any help would be appreciated

I don’t have KS-10 or Phonak but to reduce problems with my Oticon Opn S 1 aids, I’ve turned off almost all notifications in the iPhone settings. For my 12 mini running iOS version 14.6, go to Settings and then sounds & haptics. I’ve set None for all sounds and vibration patterns except for ringtone. I’ve also turned of keyboard clicks and lock sound. You might try similar settings to see if it helps.


Fantastic, thank you

It sure would be great if the replies and questions in this topic could be separated .Product questions -any technical questions and responses.
Even dreamier if hearing aid questions and responses could be separated from TV connector, partner mic Etc type questions and answers sperated

Yes, these Product Information threads always end up a disaster. It’s likely best to start a new thread if one has a specific question.


I am frustrated by the KS10s automatically connecting to my PC. I would like the option to click connect in the PC bluetooth settings. Do you know of I way that I can change from automatic? As things are I unpaired my PC until I can figure that out.

Trust me when I say that you only need 2 MA out of 2,000 milliamp (2 Amps) when BOTH are charging. So, literally ANY charger would work for this–Including very marginal sources, like your PC that only puts out 500 ma. (My Phonak Marvels only take the mini-plug.)

Yes — Here’s what I do that works MOST all the time —

  • Connect to something else. So then it is too busy to try the PC
  • Connect to the PC, and THEN select DISCONNECT, which usually will prevent it from reconnecting. The issue is the PC, NOT the HA.
  • DISABLE BT on the PC — real easy, fast, and easy to turn it on and reconnect automatically.
  • (If you don’t keep the "BT Settings window open as I do all the time, use the “Windows Notification tab” on the bottom right in W-10, and it SHOULD already show BT to enable/kill. If not, easy to add.)

Windows UI is designed by NON PC folks that use ONLY phones 90% of the time, so they think pulling features out to “declutter the UI” makes sense. I hear the DEVS from Google are FORBIDDEN to use a PC TYPE device–or maybe it is is just WINDOWS PCs. In any case, since they “disdain” anything but phones, good luck finding ANY advanced features in most UI’s.

On Windows 10 go to Bluetooth & other devices. On Audio, select RS-KS hearing aid and remove device. I would assume it would stay removed but I haven’t tried it.