Costco Kirkland Signature 10.0 (Product Information)

Kirkland Signature 10.0 is a RIC instrument available from Costco with features similar to Phonak P90 products.

• Simultaneous connections to two Bluetooth devices
• Reduced listening effort for soft speech
• Built-in motion sensor improves speech understanding when walking
• Personalized noise cancellation via smartphone app
• Tap control to answer phone calls, pause/resume streaming, activate voice assistant
• Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
• T-coil
• 20 fine-tuning channels, 9 automatic programs, 4 manual programs
• 4 receiver power levels
• Price: $1399.99/pair
• Accessories: TV Connector, PartnerMic, RemoteControl, Power Pack


User Guides and FAQs:

KS 10.0 Product_Information.pdf (1.5 MB)
KS 10.0 Datasheet.pdf (138.7 KB)

Easy Line Remote for Apple iOS:

Easy Line Remote for Android:


WOW! Sounds almost identical to my P90Rs, but a lot cheaper than the $4800 I paid. I’m a little surprised that Phonak came out so soon after they announced the Paradise just six to seven months ago.

Edit: I should have said I’m surprised Phonak worked a deal with COSTCO so soon. Must be a real money maker for Phonak.

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It’s the Paradise !!! Woo hoo.


I have the KS9 and this “Simultaneous connections to two Bluetooth devices” would make my life SO much easier! Dang it!

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This really is an impressive deal. Also impressive for Phonak to release to Costco approximately 7 months after bringing out a new product. I suspect that this was part of the “delay” of the KS10 release–Phonak likely wanted a little more dealer exclusive sales time.
One thing it would be good for a new user to confirm is if it works with the MyPhonak app. I would assume it would, but it shows the EasyLine Remote app in the info above.

Too bad there’s no trade in with these HA’s! I have no idea what the difference is with the KS9’s vs these, but always there will be “newer, better”, right?


These look great. I just got a set of KS9.0 (should be called 9.1 with the updates). I am very pleased so far with everything but battery life. So far I am getting less than 4 days out of the 312’s. I have 5 months to upgrade and probably will.

The difference is largely the difference between Marvel and Paradise, plus add in rechargability. Biggest differences are “better” connectivity (pair with up to 8 devices (instead of 2) and connect to 2 devices instead of 1) There’s also the “tap feature” I had my KS9 about 7 1/2 months so have no option to “exchange,” I have no regrets though–the KS9 do what I want them to.

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Thanks a lot. I’ve had the KS9’s for a while now as well, so no exchanging for me, either. I never researched the Paradise, but may do so, just out of curiosity. It sounds like they’re finally giving some control to the user via an app as well. I don’t know enough about them, but thanks again for the feedback.

I got my KS9 just a few weeks ago. I’m very happy with them and am inclined to keep them at this time because I prefer disposable batteries. My work setting is not very conducive for recharging my aids safely, and I just carry a pack of spare batteries in my work bag. Multiple BT connections and tap to pause streaming sound nice but I can do without.


I am retired so i don’t need them for long hours, but I certainly want to wait and see how long the re-chargables go before needing a re-charge, especially as those batteries degrade with time.

I have been using the Paradise rechargeable for about 6 months. I use my 13 hours a day with some streaming and have about 30% left at the end of the day. Streaming definitely runs the batteries quicker. I did an online conference a while back. If I remember correctly I did about 8 hours of streaming and ran the aids pretty much all the way down. I charged them for about 1/2 an hour and had plenty to get through the rest of my day.



As far as control over the hearing aid goes, make sure you have switched to the MyPhonak app from the original app for the KS9


Holy Frijoles!

I just purchased my Phonak P90s 2 weeks ago, and submitted my insurance claim yesterday. A shame I didn’t wait a bit longer!

My new audi was great, though, so I am happy that I was supporting his business.



That’s about my experience with my legato, rechargeables. Love them.

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I have the KS8s. My only complaints about them are the short battery life (4 days) and Bluetooth. I often switch between my iPad and my iPhone and they always seem to get confused. In order to get them to connect to the right device, I either have to restart the IOS device or delete the KS8 profile and re-pair them to the device. The KS10s should solve the problem. I called Costco this morning for an appointment. My hearing aid fitter was extremely enthusiastic about them. I have an appointment for a fitting in two weeks. I will report back.

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My questions:

Android support - How well does Bluetooth work with Android? I held off the K9 because the audi @Costco said Apple was fine, Android not so much. Is that fixed?

Battery - I stopped using the rechargeables on my K5s because within a year or so the charge stopped getting me through the day. I work a 12 hour shift and will be using a Bluetooth stethoscope (Eko) with it. I could pop it in the charger during lunch, but some days that just doesn’t happen.

Hooray for having t-coil back for church,


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Fred - With regards to my Phonak Paradise P90s, they are interfacing just fine with both my Android phone and iPhone simultaneously. With the KS10 being based on the P90s, you should be OK for Android support. Of course, you can always try them from Costco and return them if you aren’t happy.


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KS9 worked fine with Android. A lot of Bluetooth issues are related to users not understanding how it’s supposed to work.


The only problem with the Costco brand is other audis can’t service them.
If you get a good fit at Costco, then you’ve saved significant cash. Otherwise, you are locked in to the Costco hearing universe. That said I did just fine with my KS9s for a couple years until I had SSNHL affecting low frequencies in one ear. They haven’t got it right yet. My audi will take my Audeo Paradise (bought online at discount new) and do REM and make custom molds for me.