Kirkland Signature 9.0 from Costco vs TruHearing

Any chance you have a link to that thread? Tried searching for it but no dice.

I’ve talked to Costco a couple of times. They’re convinced one is coming, but it still may be another month or possibly two. One rumor was that it would be made by Rexton. However, they only get official notice a few days in advance so it’s still very much up in the air. They are a bit “past due” from their typical 18 month pattern. (KS9 was released in July of 2019) All of their hearing aids except Phonak are under $2,000 per pair so they’re all great value.

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Is there another hearing aid in particular at Costco that might be worth shelling out a few extra bucks for over the KS 9.0?

It really depends on what you want. If you want rechargeable and you want Made for iPhone or Works with a select few Android, rather than Standard Bluetooth like the KS9, the Phillips is worth looking at. If you want rechargeable and a really good remote Microphone, the Resound Preza is another good aid and the MultiMic is a great accessory. If you don’t care about rechargeable and want to stream from different kinds of BT devices without an intermediate device, the KS9 is a great value. It’s also great for those with really steep ski slope losses. Posting your audiogram (click on “Forum” at the top and then “My Hearing Tests” to enter audiogram) could help others offer feedback.


He has an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S10e) and while he might be open to rechargeable, he’s currently leaning toward replaceable batteries. And he’d prefer not to use an intermediate device for streaming from his phone.

His last hearing test was in 2018 so I’d have to ask for his audiogram.

S10e should work well with Phillips, Resound and KS9. I’m not sure if either Phillips or Resound is available with replaceable batteries. If cost is primary, the KS9 is a fine choice.


Got it. Appreciate the info.

I chose the ks 9 over the 8 because of the android working much better with my pixel. I can’t imagine the ks 10 would not have that but you never know.

If the rumor about it being Rexton is right, it could indeed lose the “Standard Bluetooth” feature. Likely Made for iPhone and “Works with (some) Android” But who knows? If one for sure wants the KS9s approach to Bluetooth, one should keep an eye out and be prepared to pounce if the KS10 doesn’t maintain that approach.

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Just out of curiosity, how did you get this spelling? The company never spells it with a capital C in the middle, but you seem to have done it every time. Some sort of autocorrect on your end?

Ha ha haa, I just had to look online. I have always spelled it that way. And this is the first time I realized they do not capitalize the middle C. Huh! lol

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KS 10 released?

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Perfect timing! My dad’s hearing test appt at Costco is in a couple of weeks.,

Just noticed that the KS 10 is rechargeable which might be a deal breaker. He prefers replaceable because he’s worried about the battery degrading and not holding a charge over time.

I would not worry about this at all. Costco will take care of the aids.
Rechargeable aids can be really nice for folks with dexterity issues.

Can you clarify what you mean by Costco taking care of them?

If just about anything goes wrong with Costco hearing aids, Costco will fix or replace them free. There is probably a time limit but lots of members here have posted about Costco repairing aids that were past the warranty.

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You can probably get the KS 9’s if you want the replaceable batteries. You might want to call and verify that.

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Gotcha. I’ll definitely take that into consideration.

I was told yesterday that they are no longer allowed to sell the KS9 model.