Costco Kirkland Signature 10.0 (Product Information)


may be my ignorance, but these almost looks too good to be true? Looks like it’s pretty much paradise P90, what’s the catch (other than costco audis)…

I’ll let you know on the 14th when I pick mine up!


Only partially true. Resound and Phillips models are locked, but Phonak, current Kirkland model and Rexton are not.


I understand how it’s supposed to work. The problem is the inconsistency. For instance, my phone is synced through Bluetooth to the sound system in my car. If a call comes in when I am driving, sometimes I can answer it through the sound system and sometimes I have to dig the phone out of my pocket to answer. The call will route directly to my HAs. One other occasions I will try to connect them to an IOS device, but they will show as being connected to a different device. I will turn off that device, but the first device will show them as still connected to the second device. Power cycling the HAs doesn’t help. I have to power cycle the first IOS device before they will connect. If you know some Bluetooth magic that I am missing, please share it.

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Hmmm, both my (respectable) private audis said they were unable to do anything software-wise with the KS9s… Maybe they need different equipment and don’t bother?

I suspect it’s either ignorance or bias against Costco. All that’s needed to program KS9 is NoahLink Wireless and a reasonably current version of Target. If they are KS9 with Telecoil, they can also be programmed with a Hi-Pro device. So I’m guessing they either don’t know that they can or choose not to and use that as an excuse that they doubt you will call them on.


You can have two devices paired and one connected. Simplest is to keep no more than two devices paired. If shutting down a paired device, likely best to unpair it first. Not getting why you need to dig your phone out of your pocket if in the car the call routes to your hearing aids. Can’t you answer on your hearing aids? If one wants to route calls through the radio, unpair your aids from your phone before driving. Otherwise they’re going to connect to your phone. I’m not saying it’s not tedious.

Hi. I heard the KS10’s have a FAR larger physical case than the KS9’s. Is this true? What about the different strength receivers? Phonak has a rep for receivers as huge as logs- especially in the power models. Might be OK for men, or women with large ears, but I have tiny ear canals, and small ears in general. Can someone please tell me the HA size differences?

The dimensions given for the KS10 in the OP are 1.2x 0.5x .31 inches. I can’t find specs on KS9, but rough measurements on KS9 with tcoil are 1.1x0.3 x .25 inches so yes, the rechargeables are bigger. That is typical of rechargeables compared to a 312 battery HA. Receivers should be the same as KS9. I found the P receiver to be chunky but get by fine with the M and it’s quite comfortable.


From the Costco data sheet

Fitting KS 10.0
Phonak Target 7.1 or higher
Noahlink Wireless

I like my KS 9’s. I like replaceable batteries and hope the next version will go back to them. I go in the back country and can’t recharge them. It is easy to carry the batteries. LOL


Since you are are so knowledgeable, what brand at Costco has the smallest RIC body/case, line of receivers? I would need a mid-power one…Thanks…

Sorry, have no idea. Ask Costco. They should be happy to tell you. I suspect any of their brands that use 312 battery should be similar sized (assuming they still have some!) Even smaller would be a RIC with a 10 battery. I also think receivers would be similar in size depending on power level. Have no idea what your loss. In my opinion (not shared by many) people with steeply sloping losses to profound levels can often get by with Small or Medium receivers as nothing is going to be able to supply usable gain to the profound high frequency losses without feedback. I used a S for a number of years with good effect and currently use a M. They tried to use a P which was too big. Even the M has enough gain to generate feedback if I turn it up even though I have custom molds with a pretty small vent.

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How are these for high frequency loss? Thanks

Not sure if that was direct to me or not. I’m very happy with my KS9 with M receivers. I rely on frequency lowering to hear anything above 4k.

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I’m having a little trouble reading the data sheet regarding the size. It provides the dimensions as L30.5mm W12.7 and D8mm.

Am I correct that from the side that touches your ear to the side that lays against your skull, this device is 12.7mm wide? If so, while the price is great, it’s not for me,

Years of wearing spring-loaded glasses have actually put creases in my skull that make it uncomfortable for me to wear the 10mm-wide rechargeable Oticon OPN S1, which I liked. I have to wear the one that takes batteries and is 9mm wide to avoid my ear feeling sore, hot and horrid at the end of the day.



I’m unlcear what you’re describing. Looking at your head from the side, one sees an object that is 30.5 mm long and 12.7 mm wide. It sticks out 8 mm from your head. Unless it’s horrendously difficult to get to a Costco, I’d go look. If it is horrendously difficult, perhaps you want to look elsewhere. I think the key dimension that you want is the 8mm and it sounds like it’s better than the Oticon.

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Just called Costco and changed my KS9 follow up appointment to a KS10 fitting. While having a rechargeable is nice, the tinnitus feature is the real kicker! Anything that gives the hope of some relief from my decades of ringing is me with open arms. An updated Bluetooth engine is a big plus. I’ll let you know. Yes, they are slightly larger, but they are there to help me hear, not as a fashion statement.


Thanks for the clarification. There’s a Costco just a few miles from me. I’ll take a look and line up mine and theirs side by side. I’m not really due for new ones but would prefer the rechargeable feature. I’ve been using Oticon for over 20 years and would like them on the next refresh, but rechargeable has a real attraction. And at that price, if it is an improvement over what I have in terms of technology, it’s cheap enough to just write the check and forget about the insurance coverage which won’t kick in again until I think 2023.

Thanks very much.