Bernafon Viron 9 vs OPN-S



I have been on a test drive for OPN-1minirite-T for about a month and was almost satisfied with the performance and accept some flaws. Last Friday was discussing with my Audi the purchase of OPN-S1 minirite and out of no where we started talking about the new Bernafon Viron-9.
She already fitted several customers with it and reviews (as she said) were good that most commented “it’s same as OPN but with less price”. I asked for a test drive and she is now looking when shall I have it .
Can you guys advice any details for the BERNAFON Viron ! Anyone used it or tested it out! I couldn’t find enough details for it! How it is compared to OPN-S performance

Thanks ;


Is Bernafon Viron the same as Philips Hearlink?

Oticon and Bernafon are owned by the same holding company.




NFMI dual radio technology. Connects to all smart phones and BT devices. Interesting.



Sorry, still MFI. That last bit was for inter ear or remote coms.



Thanks a lot. May I ask if you have Bernafon aids! What’s your feedback on its performance compared to OPN (specifically in noisy situations)! I tried the OPN for a month and was about to purchase but if the Viron will save $$$$ with same performance, then why not.



No I don’t. But I’m shopping for good ones too.

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There’s rumor that the new Phillips aids to be sold at Costco are going to be the same as the OPN S. This rumor has not been verified yet.

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I saw the brochure for the Philips and it looked same as Bernafon/OPN-S !
Am not sure which company came with this design first!
Also not sure if Costco/ Canada will also offer Philips aids same as US or not!



What do you think about the Bernafon ones !



If you are contemplating saving money and getting the same/similar technology by choosing Bernafon over Oticon, then you might also want to pay attention to another possible opportunity to save money and get the same/similar technology by choosing Costco Philips over Bernafon.



Is Costco Philips an equal to OPN-S ! Is Philips better than Bernafon !Am also not sure if Costco Canada is offering Philips HA I have to check.



And the reason Audi told me that price of Bernafon Viron-9 is around $450 less than OPN-S.
So, I figured that why not to give it a try and see but appreciate that you guys to give me a hint about it.



We don’t have all the details yet. We don’t know the Costco/Philips price yet. All I’m saying is to pay attention to the breaking story.



Thanks . Are there any reviews / feedbacks for the BERNAFON Viron !



Well there you go $2500 for a pair of Philips.

Philips hearing aids at Costco - Price Starting at $1,249.99 EACH.

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WOW. This is a bone breaking news to others manufacturers :flushed: but will Philips introduce same OPN paradigm or will follow conventional aids !
to get more details on availablilty from Costco Canada(doubt)



Don’t jump for joy too soon. It’s only been speculation that the Philips hearing aids are based on the OPN technology. But there’s been new clues that is steering me to think that it’s actually based on the Sonic Enchant 100, not the OPN.

Sonic, Bernafon and Oticon are all sister companies under William Demants. So it’d be no surprise of they use the Sonic Enchant 100 technology and not the Oticon OPN technology.



There’s been new information from another thread from some official channel that the Phillips Hearlink does not use the OPN OpenSound Navigator technology. So it’s pretty official that it’s not the same as the OPN. However, it sounds like they’ll employ the brand new feedback prevention technology that they’ve recently adopted on the OPN S into the Phillips Hearlink as well. However, this does not make the Hearlink anywhere the same as the OPN.

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From what I have read from other threads, none of DEMANT aids doing well with Costco(Discontinuing of Bernafon from Costco). This maybe the reason they are going through Philips to promote their defeatured products away from their name.
Am now more confused than before, should I stay with trial of Viron or just go to the OPN S and save the time ?!