Is Bernafon Viron the same as Philips Hearlink?


I learned that Bernafon did not release Viron hearing aids in the USA… the last product family released here was Zerena. I find this interesting given the recent release of Philips Hearlink hearing aids here… taken together with the fact that Philips use Bernafon fitting software, I’m starting to put 2 and 2 together :slight_smile:

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So you think the Bernafon Viron is actually the same as the Philips Hearlink? Have you had any reports on how well the new Philips Hearlink hearing aids are performing? I contacted Philips, and they said the Philips hearing aids are unlocked but they are exclusive to Costco. Since Philips is in partnership with Demant/Oticon (and Bernafon is a Demant brand), I was wondering if my Oticon ConnectClip might work with Philips hearing aids. The answer was “no.” It is my understanding that the Philips hearing aids are directional in terms of the way they process sound. Is that your understanding as well? Thanks.



I believe we have a member who has the new Hearlink aids. Seems like they were absolutely happy with them too. Memory may be off though.

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Thanks for the reply, @Raudrive.



If I’m right, you’d probably have more luck pairing a SoundClip-A from Bernafon … but who knows! Not sure about Hearlink directionality, but here’s what’s written about Viron:

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Thanks, @AbramBaileyAuD.