Is Bernafon Viron the same as Philips Hearlink?

I learned that Bernafon did not release Viron hearing aids in the USA… the last product family released here was Zerena. I find this interesting given the recent release of Philips Hearlink hearing aids here… taken together with the fact that Philips use Bernafon fitting software, I’m starting to put 2 and 2 together :slight_smile:

Potentially related: Bernafon Viron 9 vs OPN-S

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So you think the Bernafon Viron is actually the same as the Philips Hearlink? Have you had any reports on how well the new Philips Hearlink hearing aids are performing? I contacted Philips, and they said the Philips hearing aids are unlocked but they are exclusive to Costco. Since Philips is in partnership with Demant/Oticon (and Bernafon is a Demant brand), I was wondering if my Oticon ConnectClip might work with Philips hearing aids. The answer was “no.” It is my understanding that the Philips hearing aids are directional in terms of the way they process sound. Is that your understanding as well? Thanks.

I believe we have a member who has the new Hearlink aids. Seems like they were absolutely happy with them too. Memory may be off though.

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Thanks for the reply, @Raudrive.

If I’m right, you’d probably have more luck pairing a SoundClip-A from Bernafon … but who knows! Not sure about Hearlink directionality, but here’s what’s written about Viron:

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Thanks, @AbramBaileyAuD.

I was supposed to pick up my Philips HearLinks today, but my Costco technician had a family emergency, so I am waiting until Wednesday. Then I will compare them to the KS-9s I have now. The winner stays, the loser goes back in the big Celebrity Hearing Aid SmackDown of 2019!


@uburoibob, Any news to share on the SmackDown winner yet? :slight_smile:

No, and there won’t be now until at least Sept 25. I got fit in a 45-minute fitting because they were short on time. The audio sounded a little harsh in the store. It wasn’t til I got out of the store before I realized there was such a peak at about 2.5k that they were unbearable. Ice picks being shoved into my eardrums. So… the earliest I could get in was more than 2 weeks later. That’s my primary problem with Costco is the waiting time. Until I can get them ‘listenable’, I am keeping them in their charge.

@uburoibob, It’s a shame that your fitting was so rushed and you have to wait so long to get a follow-up appointment. I know some others rave about Costco, but I guess it all depends on where you go for services. I’ll be interested in reading your assessment of the Philips HearLink HAs when you are able to post it. Good luck.

Well, today was the day. I took my Philips HearLinks in to be refitted. The same results, after a more extensive time trying to fit them. A very strong peak at around 2.5kHz. We tried tuning and playing with smoothing out the curve, etc. But after an hour, I decided to return the HearLinks and stay with the KS9s. I have a good music program for them (actually tweaked that today to make it a little better). So, that’s what I am staying with. Anyone’s mileage may vary. Aside from not being able to get them to sound right for me, they seem exceptionally well made and equipped.