Philips hearing aids at Costco - Price Starting at $1,249.99 EACH


Just curious what does everyone think about the price point?

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Also, do we have a consensus on the technology? Is the underlying technology the same as Opn or Opn S product lines from Oticon? Or more similar to Bernafon? Does anyone have the detailed specs yet?


Oticon Opn S Pricing and Extended Warranty
Bernafon Viron 9 vs OPN-S

IF they’re shown to be similar to OPN/OPN S, that’s a great price. If similar to Bernafon Zerena/ Sonic 100, still very good. I have no idea on which they are closer to. I’m not sure we’ll ever know as it’s not the kind of stuff Oticon will share openly. Even with detailed specs, it’s like trying to read tea leaves.



I’m guessing the programming software might answer some questions.



Maybe, if you can find it. A few Costco HAs are locked to the specific Costco programming software and cannot be read by the normal manufacturer software. I tried with my ReSound (Costco) Linx 3D (Forte 8). Programming could not see them, as I expected.

Since Costco leaves out tinnitus features I’d bet that their programming software is different since it has to read specific Costco locked HAs. Bottom line is we may never really know unless a Costco hearing aid employee is told by a Phillips rep and share that with us. Even that may be suspect. (shrug)



Compression system are different on Philips. I thought source Philips site



Yup, I have read that most are not from pvc many times, but alas, my memory used its own version and not what I have learned. I blame it on age, cannot be me. :eyes: :rofl:

I edit my post above so I don’t add to the sidetracking of others…

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The most telltale sign will be the programming software. If it’s identical to the Genie 2 software from Oticon, then very likely it’s an OPN derivative. You can probably determine which level it is and whether it has the OpenSound Optimizer or not by looking at the software to see if that feature exists or not.



major change is just automatic activation of liner copression in noise and if no rigrous noise normal compression settings used. in other brand we need two separate program for this