Speaking for myself, I had NO IDEA so many visits would be required. you should have educated yourself before stumbling into your purchase. Eyeglasses, dental work, done and done. HA’s never done. Sheesh. My TIME has a great deal of value to me, :rolleyes: and mine is a pretty close drive, I really feel for folks who need to drive an hour or more for an appt.

The argument that you could “hurt yourself” is BS, I drive on race tracks, I shoot, I scuba dive, rock climb, all potentially more dangerous than tweaking my aids. So full BS on that. no wonder you need hearing aids… I’ll bet you called BS on hearing protection.

It all comes down to $$$$$, as near as I can calculate the high end aids cost wholesale about what a cell phone costs retail, 250 - 450 cost to the audioligist. Sorry not even remotely close I know for a fact the VA pays about $600 per aid and no body is paying remotely close to what the VA pays. If we could buy user programmable high end aids the whole business would be shrunk down by a bit, IMO probably not that much but I believe there is fear that it would be more significant, no one really knows.

The other big issue I have is my audi is really marginal on her knowledge of the advanced features of Alta Pro’s and very secretive about me watching her set the software, why? It’s PRETTY EASY. You should have found an AuD that you could work with (as you have been told in other threads)

You remember when consumer laws were passed that required the eye doctor to give you a Rx for your lenses? Prices on eyeglasses & contact lenses dropped because all of a sudden there was competition, it’s a beautiful thing competition. The big HA companies & audi’s (with the help of lobbiests/polititians/laws on who can sell ha’s are all in bed together keeping the prices high. Sounds like a load of buyer remorse jumping into a purchase without doing your homework on HAs or AuDs. I have a feeling you are not your AuDs favorite client.

2 cents.

Making it longer.

Take it from someone that has been through what you are going through, your best defense is being as good as you can to you audiologist, and also asking as many questions as you can but always ask those questions with a very kind and understanding voice. And as I did I asked to be seen by a different audiologist. But do it in a way that you are not not being respectable. With my first set of aids I say the audiologist that I was set to 5 times and never to my satisfactions, so I ask the company that I got my aids from to send me to another audiologist and it took this one only 1 visit to figure out what was wrong. But by that time it was to late to return them and the new audiologist said that I was not the first one to come from that audi with the same complains, the only thing I can say was that I was luck that I got in the VA system. And I also sent back my aids and refused to pay anymore on them. And by the way I would never recommend the company I went through to any one.

I agree, I’m never rude to the audi, or anyone for that matter, just not the type to keep my mouth shut if it seems like I’m getting spoon fed some pablum about how I don’t need this or that.

I will push the envelope on these HA’s and learn what they will do & then I’ll drag her along in a nice way.


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anyway gustavo I think this is probably what you need

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Hello doubledown,

Did you have any luck in finding the Compass GPS software? I am also looking for it.


can you email me the software? thanks jonathanlin08@gmail.com

How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY]

Hi did you ever find the Compass GPS software online,
ant help would be good

can you share with me the software please?

Sure, what’s the exact model your trying to program.