How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY]


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How to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY] where you can also check for Locked Hearing Aids.

If you think a link doesn’t work then read this paragraph. Some links that are colored red may have deteriorated over time. When that happens don’t panic, be patient, and look for someone willing to share the installation file(s) by clicking this-> Community Share Link. Do not pay EBay vultures for Free-Fitting-Software.

Popular Fitting Software:
^v^v Oasis=older/Legacy, OasisNxt=newer/current, both included
Bernafon Oasis 26 + OasisNxt - 2018.2 :canada: both included from Bernafon/CA
^v^v Genie=older/Legacy, Genie 2=newer/current, both included
Oticon Genie + Genie 2 - 2019.1 :canada: both included from Oticon/CA
Oticon Genie + Genie 2 - 2019.1 :uk: both included from Oticon/UK
Phonak PFG8.6c for ancient/legacy from Phonak iPFG downloads
Phonak iPFG2.6e for older/legacy from Phonak iPFG downloads
Phonak Target6.0.2 for newer/current, Opt out of the Improve-Target feature
^v^v SmartFit for newer/current, Aventa for older/Legacy, both included
ReSound SmartFit1.4.0.67+Aventa3.15 both included from ReSound
^v^v Scroll down to find the Connexx: section/paragraph below for more about Connexx:
Rexton Connexx6.5.5/RexFit6.8.4 for older/legacy
Rexton Connexx8.5.15/RexFit8.5.11 for newer/current
^v^v Connexx comes with Rexfit, SiFit, or even other databases so choose carefully
Siemens/Signia Connexx6.5.5/SiFit6.10 for older/legacy
Siemens/Signia Connexx9.0.6/SiFit9.0.5 for newer/current
^v^v Scroll down to find the Starkey: section/paragraph below, Multi-Brand is complicated**
Starkey Inspire 19.0.10206.0 for (Starkey only) or,
Starkey Inspire 18.0.10291.0 Multi-Brand for (Audibel, AGX, micro tech, NuEar, Starkey),
–both require Starkey Patient Database 2015.0.386.0
Unitron TrueFit 3.5.1 for newer/current, Unitron Ufit for older legacy
Unitron Unifit5.52A even older legacy, requires Noah software installed
Widex Compass GPS 2.4 for newer/current wireless-fitting-only and use Compass GPS Updater to download more recent versions
Widex Compass V5 for older/Legacy

Other less-common fitting software:
audifon audifit5/audifit4
Beltone SolusMax1.0.0.211+SolusPro1.11
Danavox DanaFit1.5
Electone Elecfit6.4 Standalone database, Requires Connexx 6.4 or newer from some other download
Hansaton Connexx6.5.5/HansaFit6.21 for older/legacy, from Hansaton
Hansaton Connexx8.3.6/HansaFit8.3.0 for newer/current, from Hansaton
Hansaton Scout 3.5, from Hansaton
Hansaton Scout 3.6, from Hansaton
Interton Appraise2.5, Interton CompuFit4.4, from Interton
Miracle Ear Harmony6.5.4/me6103 for older/legacy
Miracle Ear HarmonyII8.5.15/me8520 for newer/current
Sonic EXPRESSfit Pro 2019.1 for newer/current, from Sonic
Sonic EXPRESSfit 6.4 for older/legacy, from Sonic

Which version of the fitting software? Generally you will want the latest version of the fitting software. The latest version is capable of fitting most of the current hearing aids models including the latest models. However, if you have legacy/older hearing aids then the latest software version may not support your older model. Some fitting software (Target, Genie/Genie2, Connexx 8, Compass, Inspire, other?) programs have an update feature that will download and install updates to the newer fitting software giving you the latest version. Though update from legacy-to-modern is not likely to work. Here’s a tip for using the fitting software Update feature; The Update feature in some fitting software programs (Target, Inspire, Connexx8+, Compass GPS, others?) have a feature to Save the Updates after you are finished downloading the updates. Guess what? In some instances (maybe not for minor updates) it saves the entire original installation file(s). You can use that installation file just like any other installation file. You don’t need to have a prior version of the fitting software installed. The saved installation file can do both; (Update a prior version and Install a completely new version).

Bernafon: Oasis software supports older models while the newer OasisNxt software supports newer models (beginning with Zerena).

Connexx: Connexx Fitting Software has two different parts: 1) The Connexx fitting software 2) The Hearing Instrument/HI database. You need a SiFit HI database for Siemens/Signia HIs. You need a RexFit HI database for Rexton HIs. There are many different versions (old and new) of each of the two parts. Some versions may not run on different Windows OS versions. You will usually find the two pieces you need together in one download. If you want this to work only for Siemens/Signia HIs then install only the version with SiFit HI database. If you want this to work only for Rexton HIs then install only the version with RexFit HI database. If you want it to work for both (Siemens/Signia and Rexton) then install both versions. After installing both you will end up with two HI databases and two commands to run the software. There are other (more obscure) Connexx versions (Hansaton, Electone).

Costco: Your Costco hearing aid model may not show in the list of supported models until you use the detect hearing aids feature with your programming device connected to the fitting software.

Phonak: PFG supports ancient models (think Win7,Vista,XP), iPFG software supports older models, and Phonak Target software supports newer models.

Oticon: Genie software supports older models while the newer Oticon Genie 2 supports newer models (beginning with Opn). Downloading Genie 2 gets you both versions but if you want to run the old version instead of running the default new Genie 2 version then you need to choose a separate .exe file in order to run the old version. Hint, click this link Genie 2.

ReSound: Aventa software supports older models while the newer SmartFit supports newer models.

Starkey: You will need two parts (Inspire fitting software and you also need the Patient Database). Initially you must install Patient Database 15 as a starter Database, then the Database will get updated with each new Inspire release. Starkey Inspire can also support sub-brands. However, the Multi-Brand version is a separate version and it is complicated to install/maintain. Don’t use the Multi-Brand version unless you need the Multi-Brand version for (Audibel, AGX, micro tech, NuEar). Multi-Brand Inspire muist be kept contamination free. For example, if you take an update it reverts back to Starkey-only.

Widex: COMPASS V5 fitting software is for hearing aid families prior to Widex DREAM platform. COMPASS GPS fitting software is for programming the DREAM family of hearing aids (or later), which can only be programmed wirelessly using Widex PRO LINK, Widex USB Link, or nEARCom.



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My Starkey Halo hearing aids are programmed via bluetooth. Can I download the software above, connect to the hearing aids, and tweak them to my heart’s content?



Well you would need a programming device. Start here How to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY]



I have a laptop with bluetooth. I think that is what my hearing provider uses… And the software seems to be available from a link from this site above…?



You and your Audi still need to use a programming device

Your Audi probably has this on his desk,



I apologize, because you obviously know way more about this than I ever will. But I’m quite certain my audi does not connect a cable to my hearing aids to program them.



That’s right. You don’t use cables when you use a wireless programming device. But you don’t program wirelessly from your Laptop to your Hearing Aids. You need the programming device.



Hi, Thankyou for the effort OP for posting the links in one place. Really appreciate your efforts.

Can someone help me please I have purchased siemens impact pro off eBay and hipro box with cables. I know nhs hearing aids you can get free if you are resident here but doing this for my brother who is not here. He lives outside uk in a remote village where there is no audi nearby.

I have downloaded CONNEXX 6.5.5 with siemens database above. But impact pro is not on the list of devices, there are other siemens devices in list. This is an nhs hearing aid i believe and possibly i need siemens /nhs database for CONNEXX 6.5.5. Can anyone help please? I have googled it and not having much luck.



This is an NHS hearing aid and is locked so you can’t program it. Only the NHS can program them as they have a unlock code that allows them to program it.
You’re better off trying to get your money back as to you, the HA is useless.



Thanks @Zebras, @member66, I updated the OP’s Impossible to Download section to include what we know about NHS-England’s locked-version of Connexx Fitting Software.



I think she has this on her desk:

And it makes sense, this plugs into her usb port and then connects wirelessly to my starkey halo aids?

Can these be obtained not directly from Starkey?



It appears my halo can be programmed with either the trulink programmer or the orange straight cable? Does the orange cable plug directly into the USB port?



Thanks, found the link in your post above. My head is now spinning.

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All new versions of TrueFit will can be download from this link


Truefit for Unitron MoxiFit

The new ReSound Smartfit version 1.1 is announced. Is there anything known when this is published?



Yep, ReSound Smartfit version 1.1 + Aventa 3.12 is available.



Phonak Target 5.2.0 link does not work
Would like to explore the software beer buying an I cube I
Could you fix please



Because of its proximity to other links I think it got temporarily stepped on. Try again.



I was able to download it today, thank you pvc :top:

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I downloaded the Genie software with the link above. When I get to the Family screen I do not see an option for Opn at all. Am I missing something?