Where can I get this Widex COMPASS GPS?

The software is only meant to be used by the hearing professional. Not for the general public.

They feel if you set it improperly you could damage your hearing.

I feel people wanting to have access to programming their own hearing aids is a huge thing on this forum. I always trusted my audiologist, is there a reason you don’t trust them and want to do it yourself? I assume you did pay for the service when you bought the hearing aid.

I have been looking of Widex Compass gps software too (been looking for a very long time now, so if you can help med please PM)!

Yes, You can damage your self with improper drinking habits too etc.

I trust my audiologist the fullest, but, In my case the reason is that they never have time to get the work done, I have to wait for 3-4 months between every visit! Fine-tuning a HA with an audiologist is real a pain in the ass. You never get really really satisfied! - why? because it takes time - time and real-life experience and trial and error. And trying to explain YOUR hearing experience to a usually normal hearing audiologist sucks.

The deal about home-programming is FINE-TUNING. I feel audiologists never actually really have time for this. They do the initial setup, use the standard settings, uses a couple of standard adjustments and done.

Audiologists are good for getting the goods, doing the intital setup etc, but for finetuning they suck! That’s why you would want to do home programming.

Ok, sorry for the ranting but I get alot of emotions after spent COUNTLESS of hours with audiologists (now on my 5th pair of HA:s in my life).


I keep searching now for software and hardware to program… if I ever find something I will let you know. I can easily find Hi Pros on ebay but they look used and it seems dodgy.

I just got a Hi=pro usb on e-bay from a seller Bidbybid its brand new and works great. Your also going to need programing cables for your type of hearing aids to go with it. good luck

Are you programming your ReSound Linx9 with that Hi Pro? and Where did you get the software?.. before I clicked send that was a simple google search! http://www.resound.com/professionals/fitting/fitting-downloads

Too bad not all the companies do this.

Downloaded Aventa off the internet, resounds website. Yes I am I tweaked a couple of settings today, works really well.

Did you just get the HiPro off of eBay? That seems to be a big thing I am reading about. I guess they are really cheap now that the Hi Pro 2 is out but the Hi PRO can still do the job.

I have the software - Compass GPS and 5.7 too. But I can´t get the usb link.
Do anyboby knows where can I get one ?
I will change the complete software for the device acess.

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I have the software - Compass GPS and 5.7 too. But I can´t get the usb link.
Do anyboby knows where can I get one ?
I will change the complete software for the device acess.

Speaking for myself, I had NO IDEA so many visits would be required. Eyeglasses, dental work, done and done. HA’s never done. Sheesh. My TIME has a great deal of value to me, and mine is a pretty close drive, I really feel for folks who need to drive an hour or more for an appt.

The argument that you could “hurt yourself” is BS, I drive on race tracks, I shoot, I scuba dive, rock climb, all potentially more dangerous than tweaking my aids. So full BS on that.

It all comes down to $$$$$, as near as I can calculate the high end aids cost wholesale about what a cell phone costs retail, 250 - 450 cost to the audioligist. If we could buy user programmable high end aids the whole business would be shrunk down by a bit, IMO probably not that much but I believe there is fear that it would be more significant, no one really knows.

The other big issue I have is my audi is really marginal on her knowledge of the advanced features of Alta Pro’s and very secretive about me watching her set the software, why? It’s PRETTY EASY.

You remember when consumer laws were passed that required the eye doctor to give you a Rx for your lenses? Prices on eyeglasses & contact lenses dropped because all of a sudden there was competition, it’s a beautiful thing competition. The big HA companies & audi’s (with the help of lobbiests/polititians/laws on who can sell ha’s are all in bed together keeping the prices high.

2 cents.


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Sorry, not even in the ballpark. I wish that’s all I had to pay for them! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the widex usb available on ebay from time to time. be patient.

My contract includes a replacement “deductible” (if lost or non repairable damage) of $400 per side. I asked how her company came up with the number and she said “That’s what they cost us”. That & other reading is where I came up with my estimate.

This is Oticom Alta Pro a pretty good quality aid.

For shooting my electronic hearing protection which amplifies and also cuts out loud noise are about $100. OF COURSE not as advanced as Nera Pro but same BASIC technology.


As audiogal said, you’re not even remotely close. Premium hearing aids wholesale for $1300 to $1700 each. Repairs and lost/damage replacements are usually $150 or less, but that’s after the initial purchase.

Oticon must eat some of the wholesale price then, the $400 cost to me (per side) is black & white on the contract, not subject to debate.

Still wholesale cost includes profit to the manufacturer, which is who knows? So actual cost to MANUFACTURE is still (I bet) under $500 a side.

So I feel a little bit less overcharged, but still believe it’s (like diamonds) a rigged game. Instead of regulating supply (diamonds) access to programming and “laws” about being a “medical device” are what drives the price up.

Here’s a link to an interesting situation that has evolved with Tesla cars and how they are sold/or not sold in different states. Politicians & the existing entrenched auto dealer franchaise lobby controls what the consumer and Tesla can or cannot engage in. Free enterprise? Not so much.


Interesting discussion, nonetheless, on ths forum, thanks all for participating! I do respect & appreciate all the points of view.

The $400 is what you pay to your audiologist, it’s not what she pays Oticon for a replacement unit.

So the audi company builds a cushion into the retail price ($6200) to cover that event, right? Sort of like buying the “extended warranty” only it’s forced on you.


So the audi company builds a cushion into the retail price ($6200) to cover that extra over the $400x2 that I have to pay, right? Sort of like buying the “extended warranty” only it’s forced on you.


Nobody “forced” you to sign the contract. You could have gone somewhere else with a lower deductible.

I feel like I was a country bumpkin in so far as what I knew/did not know about this industry when I bought them. My eyes are more open now.

Saying “nobody forced you” to do this or that begs the question. My “big” decision was whether to get any at all or keep asking people to repeat what they said and/or just refrain from conversations.

I am very pleased with the decision & the result (at this intermediate point) in the fitting, less than pleased at how overpriced they are & how dependent you are forced to be on a good or not so good audiologist.