What is the best brand of Size 312 batteries?

Whats the 312 battery of choice in regards to life and cost these days?

PowerOne. never had trouble with quality and they seem to last well…

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I am pretty pragmatic when it comes to hearing aid batteries. Most batteries are six of one, half a dozen of the other. It just isn’t worth trying to figure our how long one lasts vs. another. They are all about the same based upon age and whether or not they are just cheap knock offs.

When I have purchased HAs, I generally have a choice of the battery size they use. I go for size 13 since it has a larger energy capacity and the extra size behind my ear doesn’t make any difference.

I usually buy a years supply of batteries from Hearing Tracker here online. I get about a week per battery in each HA. I roughly figure that is less than $2 per week or $100 per year, usually significantly less.

I have no interest in rechargeable batteries. That is just one more thing to worry about. When I am out and about, I want to be able to just replace an easily sourced battery about anywhere I could go.



Power One batteries work the best for me also. The others just do not seem to last as long.

Another PowerOne battery user here. They have always worked consistently, giving me 7 days on my old Unitron non BT HA’s, and so far giving me 5 days on my new P90’s with lot’s of BT usage. I have never had less than these numbers.

I have been very happy with the Costco brand. $8.50 for a card of 48 is a great price and I get 5/6 days use out of them. Since the pandemic and staying home more I use the TV adaptor to BT a lot more so they do go down a little more some weeks but still very good!


Costco all the way here. Tried Amazon once. They obviously had problems because they stopped selling for a while. I think they may have resumed but can’t compete w. Costco on price or quality.


I used to get mine at Costco too, because they were Rayovac, not sure what’s going on there now. I’ve been getting Duracell 312’s at https://www.localbattery.com for the last few years and very happy with them.

I’ve stopped buying things at Amazon that are easily subbed with fake or old product, so even Duracell could end up being old or relabeled. All my regular batteries (9v AA, AAA, etc) are Duracell from Costco now…

Someone on here did a (very limited) study of different brands. He decided that the best brand was the one that had the easiest packaging for battery removal. I forget which one he decided, seems to me it was the Power One with the turnstile.

Costco. I’ve never had a problem with Costco and they are probably the cheapest available.

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I buy Duracell Activair from Amazon. They are not the least expensive, but I like them for two reasons: 1. They have a longer pull-off tab and 2. they come in a nifty plastic container with 8 batteries per container

If you’ve worn hearing aids for years you know - Rayovac Proline is the best choice of all.
Rayovac Proline Advanced Mercury Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 is the longest-lasting hearing aid battery in the world. Google it.


PowerOne. There is a vendor on Amazon where I can get them next day with prime.

I’ve worn hearing aids for years and I don’t know. Google what, exactly?

I think if you’re using a major brand from a reliable vendor that it doesn’t really matter. They all use the same chemistry. If you’re ordering online, why not order from Hearing Tracker’s site and support fhe forum?


On my last pair of hearing aids, I checked out a half dozen brands, Energizer, Rayovac, BJ’s (private label warehouse store), Duracell, etc.

I did it this way, put brand-A in one aid, and Brand-B in the other. Wrote down day installed and date died.

Then reversed them and repeated the test just in case one aid drained batteries faster than the other (it did not).

The winner of that round went on to the next. I found they were all pretty much the same within a few hours of each other.

I ended up using ZeniPower at Amazon because they were the lowest priced and performed as well as the others.

Of course your hearing aid current draw may differ from mine so your results might not be the same.


My experience of 40+ years, the life is marginally different so therefore the cost is the better factor to use. Kirkland (COSTCo) seems to give me 6 days ± a few hrs consistency with my aids (yours may vary). And they cost about $.17 each.

If you are a Costco member, they rebranded Rayovac batteries and relatively cheap. Rayovac have been consistently the best ones I have used for 312 for the past 7 years. One brand for hearing aid batteries I would avoid is Duracell. They make great batteries in general, but not for hearing aids. I’ve had multiple sizes over the years and their hearing aid batteries are not the best. I would go out of my way to recommend people do not use Duracell for hearing aids.

Considering the cost of the hearing aids worrying about the cost of batteries seems a little unnecessary. But I will agree with others. When it came to reliability Duracell was problematic

When I used Costco they laster 3-4 days. Duracell last 2-3 days which is annoying.