What is the best brand of Size 312 batteries?

Both my wife and I have been using Duracell 312s for years and have had very good results with them, so our experience has been positive, unlike some others apparently.

In my opinion - Whatever is on sale


Costco is the cheapest and great quality.

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Rayovac 312s always seem to give me an extra day over anything else - and I’m a daily streamer. Costco also excellent value per cell. Energizer actually bought the Rayovac Company last year to get their hands on their technology.

I tested several brands and the one that responded best was Duracell.

I currently use Widex Dream 220 and previously GNResound Canta 7 (lasted 12 years!).

The disappointment was Panasonic.

I use Costco batteries from my local outlet in England and they recently changed their supplier to Varta and made in Germany, I have not noticed any difference .

I don’t use 312, but I feel compelled to chime in since I really doubt size matters to the question.
Mine uses the larger 13

Early on my Audi gave me a pack of power one’s that had great life.

At some point I ordered a bulk pack of amazon branded batteries. They were phenomenal. Lasted me a solid week without fail.

When those ran out I ordered a bulk of power ones from amazon. I don’t recall but I believe the date on them was fine… They were garbage, never got more than 4 days or so…it was all over the map. I was very happy when that supply ran out!

I ordered another bulk of amazon branded batteries… getting a solid 7-8 days so far without fail. No, that’s not right, I did have one cell that lasted a day…but I’ve later found that I had some dirt inside the battery compartment so that might be it…
So I’m sold on the amazon brand
Based on the packaging and sticker on each cell, I think they might be Ray O Vac

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Ok, I bought some Rayovac Pro Line Advances batteries after my Power One’s dropped down to about 4.5 days. This became very consistent over the past few weeks. I am on day 7 now with my first set of Rayovacs and still going. I am impressed. If I make it to 3:30 today it will be a full 7 days.

Powerone i get pack of 6 for 2$ :slight_smile:

I also have worn hearing aids for years and didn’t find Proline 312 (sold mostly by HA professionals) any better than regular Rayovac mercury-free. Now I’m using Costco batteries and am pleased with their length of service.

I swear by Costco batteries. But I am trying Amazon batteries. So far, so good. Made in U.S.A. per packaging. Good price but Costco batteries are less expensive

Power One … I’ve used them for years with 3 other brands of HA’s; actually, they’re the only ones I’ve ever tried. Since they’re supplied by the V.A., I don’t know about cost, but with my older Widex Dreams, I usually got about 9 days use before the “replace battery” indication. Today, with my newer Phonak M90s, I get only about 5 day’s use before having to replace them due to BT being build into the aids (that’s what I’ve been told) … that creates a bit more battery drain. Seems that 5 days is pretty normal among those whom I’ve asked.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that responded to this thread. I never thought the response would be this big. It will be a good thread to look back on for those who ask the same question. Thanks Again