What hearing aid is best at Costco?

I am going to replace my 21 year old Oticon HAs I have an appointment at Costco for my test etc. Looking for advice on what to look for as I purchase I know very little about them any advice would be useful. I have a budget below $2000,00 for a pair. Thank you any help would be appreciated.

When I had my test at Costco, they made a recommendation based on the test results.

I believe all Costco hearing aids are under $2000 a pair so I think you’re good. I think any newer aid has the potential for beinng notably better than 21 year old aids although they will definitely sound different.

Based on the information you have supplied along with the cap on price, with your loss the answer which sounds best for you. But you don’t list what your objectives are, what you’re trying to accomplish with the new aids, what your life style is. But still the best hearing aid is the one that seems best for you. Remember an audiogram is just a starting point.

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Not all, my neighbor got a pair of the Brio which were Naida UP and they were $2600.


A record surly ; )

Hopefully you mean between BTE, RIC types and not brands.

Crazy price, I wonder why, I mean the K10’s are only $1500.
Power Aids shouldn’t cost that much more, pretty much the same price down under, a few hundred in difference only.

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No, brands. No discussion on types.

Well that’s not right, your audiogram has nothing to do with which manufacturer to use, so Costco is pushing the “best brand” on the most mark up (profit) I only thought the private audiologist clinic did this underhand type of selling.

I think you’re reaching here. There could be a variety of reasons a particular brand is recommended, but highly doubt a Costco fitter would even know which are the most profitable, nor would they care.


That is your opinion. I asked her why the Philips and she said she thought it would have the best sound for my type of loss.

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Based on your audiogram? Can you name the reasons that would be so.

True, but the “fitter” would be told which brand to push by their management of the store.
This is standard practice in retail stores, just wouldn’t have thought it carried over to Costco hearing department.
But for the OP there is no “best” hearing aid, they all work the same regardless of your hearing loss, you’ll need to trial a few different brands and the one that works for you is “best” one.

No it’s not a opinion at all, just based on facts available to anyone who bothers to research.

Did she give any valid reason why the the K10 or Jabra or any others wouldn’t work for your hearing loss?

Just curious guys, not looking for any argument or anything else.

Whatevs. You’re entitled to your opinion.

She didn’t say that the others wouldn’t work. She said “ in her opinion “ the Philips would provide the best sound.

My understanding is Costco doesn’t have variety. That’s why their aids are less expensive

Yep. You are limited to Kirkland, Reston, Phonak, Jabra and Philips. Also limited to virtually all the different types of hearing aids.

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Is that a sarcastic answer

Well somewhat sarcastic probably, but given that your previous statement is patently false it seems warranted. Costco has at least 4 different ric, kirkland (which are the phonak), philips, jabra (which are resound ones) and rexton (which I understand are the same as the signia ax, but not positive). Plus they have a resound bte as a t least two different cic, so yeah they have a bit of variety…

And I always find it interesting that I see people say all ha are exactly the same and yet I’ve tried three different ones and have found them different, even though they were programmed by the same person. Imho…

Yes. That was sarcasm.

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This is just the AntiOticon Contingent that pipes up to make this ridiculous statement, usually when anybody has anything good to say about an Oticon product.

You know different: so do I and many others!