Using Oticon TV adapter 3.0

I just picked up the TV adapter and it sounds much worse than my hearing aids which I’m still try to get used to very, very tinny. I love the concept but would I need to have the audiologist adjust it for my individual very bad hearing?
If so do I need to bring the adapter to the audiologist with me? She has one in the office.
Right now the hearing aids are adjusted way down so I can attempt to get used to them. I got them 2 years ago and this is the fir time I’ve worn them for a complete week. ( promised the wife I would give it a good try)


I have the OPNS1 aids and the TV adapter and I love the sound. There are a number of reasons you can be getting bad sound. I will ask a few questions.
How do you have the adapter connected to the TV, I use the audio optical connection.
To have you gone into the TV settings to check to see if you have sound adjustments you can make. My TV allowed me to set the equalizer so I could get the best sound.
Also your Audi can do settings to give you better base while streaming.

You don’t need to bring it to your audi, but you can ask your audi to set it up properly for you in the Genie 2 software on your HAs.

Below is the Genie 2 screenshot for the TV Adapter 3.0. To get more bass perception, set the Power Bass value to High. You can also opt to have the Sound Quality to be Fuller instead of Brighter, which may also help with the low frequency perception. If the volume is low for you, you can also adjust the Loudness setting on this page as well.

Remember that content also matters. If you’re watching TV content that has a tinny recording to begin with, then it’ll sound tinny no matter what you do. So double check your content to make sure it contains the full frequency audio that you expect the TV Adapter to deliver.

But in general, almost everyone I hear on the forum praises the TV Adapter 3.0 for its sound quality. So something must not be set properly in your setting. And again, the setting is stored in your HAs, not in the TV Adapter. So no need to bring it to the audi, but I don’t see why it would hurt. At least you can do an A/B comparison between yours and your audi’s to make sure they perform the same.

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Great information. Thank you.
Unfortunately I don’t see her for 3 weeks