Used Phonak Roger Pen iN licenses

I’m new to Phonak and just purchased a pair of Audeo Life. I’m interested in the Roger Pen In but it is terribly expensive. I have seen used pens online but there is a discussion about licenses. Is this a way to restrict the used market. If I purchase a pen with no licenses, can it be used. If I purchase one with one license, is that OK? Does it require an audiologist to install?

You need two licenses, one for each ear. If you purchase one without licenses, you’d need to find a way to get one because the license was already used.

They’re very easy to configure. You’re basically just pressing the “pair” button and the hearing aids recognize this and add the licenses. The only reason you’d need an audiologist (or not if you’re DIY) is to adjust more specific settings that each device has.

You actually have to have a pin with you.

Turn one HA off and keep one on near it.

Poke the hole with a pin and it’ll install one license. Do the same for the other HA.

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Having only one license is okay. There are sellers on eBay selling Select with 1 x license. Maybe put license in your worse ear.

Yes but it won’t work with your Aids.

It’ll be like the older Pens.

Thanks. I read all the phonak info and they never mention the licensing. Unfortunately, a new one is stretching my finances too far after already purchasing the new HA.

You need two licenses, assuming you have two HAs. You can transfer the licenses to your HAs yourself if they come in the pen.

I have a roger on mic, non-in version. My HAs came with the licenses installed. I’m a big fan. I use it a lot. I’ll be using it tonight at a restaurant. It is great when there’s a party at my house and even normal-hearing people want to avoid the noise. The echos in our open plan hard wood floored home can be terrible. I have no experience with the pen, I hope you find what you need at a price you can afford.


Questions here:
1- Do you need two 03 or 02 receivers with licenses to be installed in the Audeo Life?
2- Which version it needs to be 17xx or 18xx?
3- Do you need a roger installer to transfer the licenses from the receiver to the Audeos, since you can’t just plug the receiver under the Audeo even you have a matching shoe?

Maybe @kevels55 or @Zebras could advise!

Thank you

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You don’t need two licenses just because you have two Aids.

I’m only using one license myself but have two Aids. Left ear is shot for speech.


  1. either is fine. Bonus of 02 is the EasyGain feature.
  2. receivers need to be 1744 or later. 1743 won’t work.
  3. you need a roger installer for the OP Aids.
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eBay is your friend.

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Only if you don’t care about hearing the Roger in both ears…

I’d think an astonishingly few people with two HAs wouldn’t want to hear in both ears. And @Zebras is just that special!



Yes, the Roger stuff is expensive. I am now 3 years into it, started with the Select IN at full price then bought pens and Table Mics on Ebay for cheap. I really don’t believe that I would have been able to continue working without all those devices. Plus being able to hear as well at dinner parties and other group gathering. How much is that worth? I can’t put a price on it but in my case it is a lot.


Want and afford are two different things.

I was only saying to the OP that having one license isn’t ‘not allowed’ as he asked about using Roger with one license.

And no, I’m not special!


Yeah @Zebras has covered most of this question @Baltazard, and @Psych1 as well… eBay is a great source for (02 & 03 Roger x receivers) not so long ago, I bought a (02) that was only 6 months old for around £56, and that price was what I offered… And yes you need the Roger Installer, (got mines from Korea) unless you have a Roger “In” ALD… One thing I would say, even if your hearing is very poor in one ear (like my left ear) no response above 3k, I notice a big difference with only 1 receiver license installed, clarity and word recognition is poor, but with 2 receivers, it is much improved… I tried the first couple of years, with the Roger pen, and only 1 Roger X (03) (twas all I could afford, at the time) it was poor, in comparison to 2 receivers… I am very patient when buying Roger X receivers, I will wait months for the correct price, well the correct price for me, and I now have 3 sets of Roger X, 2 x sets of (02) 1 x Set of (03) saves me swapping them around, Naida P90 have (02) my backups, Naida M70’s (02) and Marvel 90 RIC’s (03)… All the bases are now covered :upside_down_face: Cheers Kev :wink:


the license thing is confusing for sure. I bought a used Roger pen that came with a Roger x. I have resound hearing aids and have the multi mic. I put the x on the multi mic, snyched the the aids to the pen, and it all works fine for me. I have no idea if there was or was not a license involved. it is an older easy pen. my whole out of pocket was $30 or so for the multi mic (e bay ) and about $80 for the pen and x together. ( I don’t think the seller realized the x had its own value. ). I called Phonak support for clarification and I am pretty sure she said license not involved. U may be able to use the Phonak neck loop the same way I use the multi mic, ( attach the x )

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The “license” is only involved with Phonak (or Phonak related, like Costco KS 9 and 10) Marvel, Paradise and now Lumity hearing aids. They already come with receivers built in, but they need to be activated for them to work. We on the forum seem to have settled on “license” to describe this, but I don’t believe Phonak uses that terminology. So, in short you would have no need for a “license” because you have a physical receiver. Congrats on picking up such a great setup to help your hearing for so little money!


Ah thank you - completely unaware of that but I’ll remember it for next time.

probably not as great as the new Roger devices, Roger on, but better than the multi mic alone ( that is great 1/1 , but not so much in groups ). the pen helps more in groups, easier to point where you want to hear, not perfect, but helpful for sure. Often , I elevate it , put in on a cup, ketchup bottle , and point the microphone towards the speaker.

Here is a link to the Roger configurator: