Update...do not buy used hearing Aids off Ebay, Costco


Costco, Phonak and two HA independents tell me only Costco has the software. If you know of an independent that will do it please forward the info.


Yes, Costco has the software. So does many others. It’s the standard Target fitting software. Here are a couple of examples; Example1, Example2.

Because Costco has some locked hearing aids some people incorrectly assume that all Costco hearing aids are locked. Coincidentally spreading the locked rumors also makes it easier to sell you new hardware :wink:


You just provided links to a couple of posts where you state that the Costco Brios can be programmed by someone with Target software but I still see no links to an independent that will do it. Seems like those those posts are for HA specialists not end users.
As previously requested, if you have contact info for an independent that will program them for me please forward. I don’t have software, hardware or expertise to program them myself.


Maybe this is not for you. But they ain’t locked!

Also, why has this morphed into the issue of can we find an independent who will program stolen hearing aids? Looking for someone else to program stolen hearing aids is not advisable.


Because I would like to try and find another, legal, pair, on Ebay but Costco will no longer program them, it was a one time deal.


I think finding an independent to program any hearing aids is going to be a challenge. If you find somebody who willingly will program used hearing aids, I don’t think there would be an issue if informed him/her that you’ve heard from good sources the aids are not locked. I think we’ve got good info that Brio, Brio 2, Brio 3, KS7, KS8 and other Rexton aids are not locked. I think we’re not sure about recent Resound aids. However the aids don’t show up in the fitting database until they’re connected and detected. A lot of people repeat the myth that all Costco aids are locked either out of ignorance, wanting to bash Costco or not wanting to deal with used hearing aids.


Costco will reprogram fairly new hearing aids that you inherited from a family member or a partner - ie your grandma died and left you these hearing aids, this is fair enough - you can probably talk to the store, explain your circumstances, provide some kind of proof, this is my grandma, this is her Costco card, this is her purchase agreement, this is her death certificate, they will probably do it. When it becomes yours, there is no warranty on it, but you got a hearing aid for free and Costco is spending time and money, also providing you services for that hearing aid for free - so fair enough, no warranty.

The problem with hearing aids bought off ebay though is they are often lost/stolen. Because Costco has that one-time replacement policy sometimes what people do is - they ‘lose’ their hearing aids, claim for a new one from Costco, and then sell the old one on eBay. Are you kidding me! Costco can tell, because it’s been reported stolen or lost! No way they’re touching that!

Go ask for a refund from the seller.


There is an earlier discussion about this. The policy was a person can transfer them to another person but they have to do that at Costco.

I also got a pair of Brio to compare with current aids. The fitter was talking them up. Seeing that they aren’t MFi, I thought I see what they were about on the cheap. I encountered the same problem. One was a “lost” aid. The other was supposedly destroyed in the repair center. (internal theft)


I bought a like new pair of Phonak Virto Q90 312 ITC HAs about a month ago. I made the mistake of not getting the serial numbers to find out the power level of them. They then appeared they would not work for me. So, I passed them onto a friend.

He has had a hearing test, new impressions made, were sent out to a lab to be re-cased, got them back, had them programmed, and just this Monday is now using-wearing these and is basically very happy.

Of course like any other wearer, he’ll no doubt need additional future tweaking and adjustments to dial them in better to his personal liking and needs.

The total outlay of cash came to about $1200 total, and has a like brand new pair of HAs with a one year warrantee at a cost savings.

No, Phonak themselves won’t take them back for any modifications, but there are many local businesses and 3rd party repair businesses who will often gladly help somebody with a used HA.

As for local businesses, this might vary, some may say yes, and some may say no. As for the use of a hearing test that may exceed a period of 6 months, I think some states have laws that they require a quite recent test. Others have no time limits.


Oh, okay. If you search EBay for hearing aid programming you will find this service for a fee. But I don’t recommend doing it that way. You should look at the DIY category, specifically How to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY].


Just an FYI…I just found another pair on Ebay but before purchasing I had the seller send the serial numbers. I then called Phonak to check and see if they have been reported missing. Phonak was much less than helpful, they kept insisting I deal with one of their dealers. They finally, as a “one time courtesy” ran the numbers for me and told me they were not reported stolen but reported replaced. They would not elaborate any further and kept insisting I go to a dealer as they had already gone “well above the level” of dispensing information to the end user", they only deal business to business.

I did not purchase them.


you don’t need to call Phonak, you can run the serial numbers in the
Target software.

Identify aid from serial number-Target

I expected perfection and got it. Need to do your research.


Perfection/period! No details? What a remarkable hero you are!!


The scam du jour is to buy Costco hearing aids and then “lose” them shortly before your warranty expires. Then you can wear the new pair and sell the old pair on EBay. So like I said, don’t be looking for perfection when you buy from EBay.

Maybe I need to do 22 days of research! Hahahaha.


Sorry Mr. pvc, but I have NEVER seen a pair of Costco hearing aids on sale on eBay, new or used. And why would you “lose” them? They are great hearing aids and the price is low enough that you can buy a new pair without being screwed. If you are dealing with a reputable dealer on eBay, I wouldn’t worry about the theft. What you need to worry about is the fact that over the next 5 years, the choke hold of the big six will be broken, and the traditional practice is going to either adapt or fall by the wayside. This means in addition to cutting overhead (multiple offices, too many employees) the traditional practices will need to put a lot of pressure on the big 6 to reduce prices.

With regard to your comment about me being remarkable, if you want the full story, take a look at some of my other posts. The information is there. And I don’t mind criticism - it helps me think.

I suspect you are a traditional audiology practitioner. If you are, wake up and smell the coffee. My guess is that the number of traditional practices will halve over the next 5 years. I think there will be consolidation among the big six.


You must not be looking hard enough! I’ve bought USED Costco hearing aids off eBay.



Okay Mr full-of-yourself…
Checkout an earlier post in this thread by @Recoil_Rob as an example of the common practice of “losing” your Costco hearing aids. I wouldn’t do it. But others do.

Your suspicions couldn’t be further from reality. You should check out the DIY category and learn a few things before you spout off.


You can. Got to eBay and do a search on Hearing aid programming. I had six companies pop up. Look at their satisfaction ratings and reviews. Looking for someone else to program stolen hearing aids is not advisable, but you can call the manufacturer and ask. Some will help - some won’t.


Yeah, right.

I just did that Ebay search, I picked the seller at the top of the list and asked if they can program Phonak Brio 2 from Costco, his reply…

“I cannot. Only Costco can do that.”