Identify aid from serial number-Target


Hi, can anyone tell me how to check an aid model from the serial number in Target/ipfg. Mike


Maybe you are referring to this post by @bobm07921?

I think he meant this feature;


Thanks I’ll try that.


I,ve found that valid serial numbers wont always show up on this feature, you may still have to contact Phonak. I use this feature mainly to determine how old the aids are. If you are looking at a set of V90’s for example, they can be as old as 4 years at this point. Phonak warranties are NOT transferrable from the original purchaser, dont let anyone tell you differently


I no longer worry about serial numbers on used hearing aids. Factory repair is the only time you need to worry about serial numbers. I never try to get factory repair on used hearing aids because it’s cheaper to just buy another used hearing aid.

btw> Speaking of the Phonak Audeo V90/Costco Brio2 did you know they are pretty much the same as Phonak Audeo B90/Costco Brio3 except for very minor cosmetic changes and a software change to enable SoundRecover2 instead of SoundRecover.

Since the sameness is hidden/not-common-knowledge you are likely to get the used Phonak Audeo V90/Costco Brio2 at a much better price.


very true pvc, have not noticed many brio’s for sale on ebay though. I dont think Phonaks get into a new chipset until the audeo b direct “shark”


Shark? You mean the new Phonak Audeo B Direct SWORD chip, like in Swordfish?


yes correct forgot the correct name😩


SWORD™ (Sonova Wireless One Radio Digital).