Anybody self program Phonak Brio or Brio 2



There’s been considerable discussion on the forums about how similar the Brio and Brio2 are to Phonak’s main line. Consensus seems to be that they are similar to the Q and V series, but I haven’t seen anything from self programmers. I’ve got the Phonak Target software, but Brios don’t show up. I assume they only show up when one uses detect hearing aids and a Brio is connected. If there are any self programmers of Brios out there, are the same software settings available for the Brios as the respective V and Q series? Why I ask is because for Costco KS7, although it is similar to Signia Primax, it does not have near the amount of software settings as the Signias do.

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I have not. Maybe you have to connect them as Audeo Q90s or Audeo V90s?

Also, you can use the Phonak Target update feature inside the Target fitting software to download updates to the current Target version of 5.1.1. But 5.1.1 doesn’t show Brio’s either.


Maybe. The way it works with KS7s in Rexton Connexx is that they only show up when one connects them and runs detect hearing aids.


firmware in the brios is locked to costco software which is why I’ll never own them. What if you move 500 miles away from nearest Costco. My Hansaton aids are made by Unitron, but cannot be programmed with Unitron truefit only Hansaton scout.


I don’t think so.

Here’s an excerpt from Self-Programming-Help…
Don’t try to self-program earlier model Kirkland Signature (KS5 and KS6) with normal Aventa fitting software because they are locked to the Costco-only version of Aventa fitting software. This does not apply beginning with KS7s which can be self-programmed with Connexx fitting software. This does not apply to Costco Phonak Brio/Brio2 which can be programmed with the normal version of Target fitting software.


I’m curious… After using the detect feature of Connexx and your hearing aids are connected, how are they displayed?

Do you see Kirkland Signature 7’s connected on the Connexx fitting screens?

Or do you see the equivalent Rexton model (I forgot what that model is)?


I see Kirklands. I forget the exact wording, but it’s clear that it’s a distinct Kirkland model 7 and not a Rexton model.


The Connexx Rexfit 8.3/Hearing-Instruments Tab does not show any Kirkland model Hearing Aids/HAs. Also, the Help/Programming-Adapters-and-Cables does not show any Kirkland model HAs. Yet, when you use the detect feature, the Kirkland model magically gets detected and selected as a Kirkland model. So it’s a hidden HA model until you use the detect feature, or until you select a client that had the Kirkland model already selected.

The Target 5.1/Instruments Tab also does not show any Kirkland model HAs. Furthermore, the Target 5.1 Help/Cable-Overview does not show any Kirkland model HAs.

So I expect that Target will react in the same manner. That is, Brio/Brio 2 are hidden HA models until you use the detect feature.


Just for historical purposes here’s a link to this actually working,

>>Costco Brio2’s: Self-programmable or locked?<< not buy used hearing Aids off Ebay, Costco not buy used hearing Aids off Ebay, Costco

Back to your main question, I don’t know about whether Target software fitting options for a Brio/Brio 2 may be limited to a subset of options of the original? I don’t have a Brio to look at what fitting options are available?


Thanks. Yeah, I was hoping somebody with Brios or Brio 2s would be able to provide an answer. Just curious. Certainly don’t need to know. Thanks again.


The Brios will show up only when you detect them.

They can be programmed just the same way as Audeo Q90, as far as i remember they are missing one or two technical features but otherwise the same thing.

Not sure about Brio 2 though, can only assume it would be the same.


Thank you!