TV Sound bar

The sound coming from my TV speakers is awful. I can hardly understand the spoken words even after increasing the volume. I wear ReSound Quattro in both ears that are connected to my iPhone. Anyone have experience with a sound bar to improve sound quality and connects to an iPhone?

I think your best bet is a Resound TV Streamer 2. There are multiple discussions on the forum about Sound bars and they do help, but I don’t think anything is as good as having sound streamed directly to your ears.


I second MDB’s suggestion.

I use Oticon OPN S 1 aids and have a decent quality Sonos sound bar connected by the optical interface. It is better than the typically poor built in TV speakers but if I wish to understand accented speech well, I use the Oticon TV Adapter 3 to stream the TV audio directly to my aids. I use the optical input for the TV Adapter. I find that I do best when I mute the hearing aid mics and use only the streamed sound - bass isn’t as good but my understanding of dialog is much better as muting the mics reduces the room noise (AC fan this time of year, refrigerator or other noise source).

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As MDB said. Although I did add a sound bar to my tv as I had the same problem. I got the AccuVoice AV203 Soundbar and I use it along with the tv;s speakers and it helps as I don’t use the CC as much now.

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I agree with MDB I’ve used a streamer for several years and they work great


I agree the streamers work well. Has anyone tried the Tunity app that syncs to your TV and streams the audio to your phone?

I tried the Tunity app a couple of years ago. I experienced a lag in the audio so that the audio didn’t sync with the video. They may have fixed it by now or maybe my HAs at the time were insufficient to use the app effectively.

Streamers bring the speaker in your ear, NO air to go through + NO HA’s huge processing it to remove bg noise and such.
No sound system can beat that.

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Not too familar with Iphone but would suggest that you go to as they have an app that possibly could be used on your phone that would stream to both ears.