Transmission range of Roger Select vs. Roger On

Does anyone know the range of the Roger Select iN?

I understand the range of the Roger ON iN is up to 50 metres so that an instructor with the Roger ON iN 50 metres away can transmit directly to the Phonak Paradise aids.

Does the same hold true for the Roger Select iN does anyone know.

My understanding is that the Select iN has all the functionality of the Roger On in but a few more features. I presume the range would be the same but it is not clear to me at least.

Don’t know where you’re getting your info. According to PhonakPro site, maximum range of Roger ON is 25 meters or 80 feet. Range of Select is 20 meters (66 feet) in ideal conditions, but more typically 10 meters or 33 feet. I’m guessing the practical range of the ON is similar, but perhaps a little longer. The ON is considered the more advanced device. I’m unaware of any advantages of the Select over the ON (unless one prefers the shape) The ON can also function in pointing mode like a Roger Pen and also has stereo capability.


Thanks for the reply.

This from the phonak datasheet
Transmission range (clear
line of sight, free field)
Up to 50 meters / 165 feet
(to hearing device with
Up to 25 meters / 80 feet
(to Roger receiver)

So I’m reading it that it has up to 50 meters to a Roger Direct aid, (I"m looking at Naida Paradise P90).

The thing is, I currently use a neckloop with a Roger Pen which is about 5+ years old and it gives me the range I need perfectly - horse riding instruction where the instructor can be at one end of the arena and I at the other and it reaches no problem.

I was thinking of getting the Roger ON iN but I was told by my audi that the Select iN has a few more features than the ON iN. He reckons that the Roger ON iN is somewhere between the Roger Pen iN and the Select iN, the Select having the most features.

Is he right?

I didn’t see anything that differentiated between Direct and via receivers. I’d be very skeptical of those distances. My PartnerMic claims 25 meters and in the house I get about 10 meters or so.
I’ve seen nothing suggesting the ON is less featured than the Select. There are some comments on the forum praising the ON (I think a Dr. Cliff video is one of them) Your audiologists comments sound like conjecture or trying to sell a Select that he’s had for awhile. I have no idea if that’s the case, but that’s how it sounds to me. However, besides review videos, you can look at the datasheets and compare.

Yes I did wonder if there was any difference between Direct versus via receivers.

In terms of distances, yes fully agree a big pinch of salt. However, my use is direct line of sight in a horse riding arena so its probably the best circumstances for range. I currently get the range with my Roger Pen.

I have looked at the datasheets and can’t see much difference between the ON iN and the Select iN - which then begs the question why did Phonak produce two different near identical products. The ON iN can be hand held and pointed towards speaker but presumably you could also do this with the Select iN?

My audi leans towards Phonak so I am aware of that.

You can point with the select, it takes some practice but can be as effective as the pen once you have figured it out.

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No you can’t do this with the Select ie point the Select which means the On has more features. The On can do a lot more.

I’ve tried this and the sound is no where near as good as my new On.

For Roger on microphones, the range is configurable with Roger direct fittings (Marvel and Paradise using Roger receiver installation) via the myRogerMic app

You get double the range but lose 2 hours of maximum battery life.

Maximum range is always affected by several factors, 2.4GHz interference, obstructions, etc


Does the Select have the app or just the ON? I’m thinking just the ON.

It seems the Roger ON is seen as having more or better features than the Roger Select. The my Roger App is only for the ON and not the select. There are other features they say work better or more advanced than the select, e.g. Multibeam. ON has more microphones. The dust and water resistance is apparently better.

The default range is set to 25 meters as that is deemed to sufficient for most cases - in the event of needing more for specific occasions e.g. instructor led outdoor sport it can be increased to 50 meters and as @bigaltavista says, the battery life reduces by 2 hours.

So it would seem if anyone is in the market for a Select or an ON the better option would be the ON - I think the Select is marginally cheaper but not by much.

The myRoger App doesn’t just work with Marvel or Paradise Aids. It works with any Aid that has the Roger On and appropriate Roger receiver.

In Germany price for select iN is equal to On, around 1000, and On iN is around 100 eur more.
Regular select and iN also had same price.

Main difference is that ON you can lock into mic position, while select uses giroscope and you cannot make it omni while it hangs down for example. Or if you’re walking with select in your hand to be able to hear people on the left and on the right of you, it’s really cumbersome, and wrong swiwel and it goes into lapel mode, which behaves completely differently than table mode.
Not to mention if you touch it on the top you’ll mute it/mix mic directions etc, in short, it’s meant to sit on the table, not be carried in your hand.

On looks like select + pen in one.
If they improved acoustics over select, I’ll buy On as well and get pen behavior as additional thing.
So far, in my 9 months or even more experience with select, I had one occasion the other day where I really wanted it to be like a pen.
Pen I have, but its mic capabilites are inferior to select, so I don’t use it/carry with me.

I’m wondering if On has different beams, or anything else improved over select to be worth buying… will find out next week :slight_smile:

The Roger Select also has Bluetooth capability. This means that you can use the Select with your iPhone during phone calls so that the sound goes direct from your phone to your hearing aid or cochlear implant. The Roger ON does not have that capability.

If you get a Roger Select iN or even the Pen iN, then it doesn’t have Bluetooth as the Bluetooth messes up the new Phonak Bluetooth Aids.

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What’s the point of the Bluetooth in the Roger Select?

Hands free phone calls before Phonak Bluetooth Aids! Same with Pen!

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Hi hi, a wideo vorth more than 1000 vords :slightly_smiling_face:

The 1st video implies that the Roger Select is doing the work between the phone and the HA!
What about if you only need the select’s microphone and HA gets the audio from the phone?

Hang on, someone in the video comment section asked the same question:


Only way is with the audio cable and hold phone to mouth whiles trying to hold the (any Roger) Roger as well.

I used to use the Roger Clip On Mic with the short audio cable.

I had a phone case like this. I clipped the Clip On Mic to the front of the case.

Made making phone calls a lot easier.

Didn’t have to try and hold the Roger as well. Never once fell off and I used it for years, that way.

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