They offered me a Phonak P90 or a GN Resound ONE. Is this a good deal?


It’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve recently been offered a technology update from my Phonak V90 (fitted in 2015) to the Phonak P90 or the GN Resound ONE 961.

They would cost me 2400€ the pair (2060 GBP or 2926 USD). They told me that ist a 70% discount.

  • Is this a good deal?
  • Any thoughts about Phonak vs Resound?
  • And more importantly… Are the new technologies worth the update?

Mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss on high frequency tones.

Thank you in advance!!

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Yeah @OpenFitted, that is an excellent deal, you will be hard pushed to find a better one at those prices, I paid £400 more for the Phonak Paradise Naida BTE, the Paradise are excellent aids, especially for their Bluetooth connectivity… Good luck, cheers Kev :wink:

The P90s are currently among the best devices on the market. I would buy them again in a heartbeat.
This price is very good:
I was offered the P90R pair for 5900 CHF (5360 €), plus a service contract for 2400 CHF, plus charger, plus TV connector
I decided to buy them online for 3200 € the pair and do the adjustment myself.

The service for the adjustment could also be a point you should consider.
Whereas today the Audi can hardly go wrong with a “common” loss. Phonak’s fitting SW does most of it automatically and there is not much left to tweak.
Your audiogram would help to assess that.

If you can post your audiogram, either a Paradise aid UP or the rechargeable Paradise aid that has less gain than the UP ultra power version.

His loss is only mild to moderate. He doesn’t need a UP aid.

Thank you guys for your answer. I’m quite young (33 year old). Here is my audiogram:


As you can see, my loss is fairly standard, and what I’m looking for is great speech in noise performance and feedback management, as I love an open fit. Rechargeable batteries are fine (I don’t understand that much hatred about that), and streaming and other gimmicks are nice additions. But they are only that: additions.

So, from your answers, I see you’re more inclined to the Phonak P90, right?

But someone with a mild to moderate loss, the UP aid would be too powerful now. Yes his loss might get worse in the future but the UP aid is too powerful at the moment.

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Are these your losses? Or your scores?

Those are his loss in dB in each frequency.
Blue for left and red for right side.
Mild to moderate hearing loss, as has already been mentioned a UP (ultra power) would be ridiculous, totally over powered for this.

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P90 is the top model. I personally liked P30 better, but hey, I am from the analogue age :laughing:

Going into my second week with the P90’s. Just wearing them with the AutoSense active and in control - I completely forget about the fact that I am impaired. They are that good. Dealing with Bluetooth connectivity is another thing. While the promise is great, implementation is something else. This is probably partly due to the shortcomings of the Bluetooth platform itself. But it’s also due to Phonak’s technology to some degree. It takes some time to realize and figure out how Phonak pairs to the varying devices (most pairing involves only the right side aid). Connections are frequently lost. After some head scratching and experimentation I finally realized that every time the aids went out of range of my phone they would drop any custom program that was running and revert to AutoSense. So if, for example, you have a custom program set up for TV watching, and leave the room for a minute, when you return you must open the app again, wait for the aids to connect (they are not constantly connected to your phone - only when you make an adjustment or change) and re-select your TV program again. What this means basically is that you must always have your aids in range of your phone to avoid the AutoSense from taking over. I have also had some continuing issues with crackling and broken phone calls, which has not been resolved by changing bandwidth types, which is usually suggested. That said, I have been able to pair these aids to just about anything. Just yesterday I installed a Bluetooth USB dongle into my PC, and after some struggles to get pairing to work, I can now listen to audio on my PC without using speakers or a headset. No brand of aids is going to be perfect for everyone, but IMO there is good reason why the P90’s are so popular. The sound quality (at least for my loss) is really excellent.


Thank you all for your answers. I went yesterday to my audiologist and she fitted me with a pair of Resound ONE (standard receiver) for trial. She fitted me with a Medium size receiver, which is giving me some occlusion sensation, as I have ridiculously small ear canals… but anyway…

Sound is great. Wind noise reduction seems to be better than my old V90. Feedback suppression also seems superior. Speech in noise? Well, I haven’t tested that so much… Time will tell.

God, my voice seems so funny now, it’s like speaking through a kazoo…

Here in Australia both those models of aids would be in the vicinity of $7,000. So yes you have a fantastic deal.

Well… I finished the trial of the GN Resound ONE. I liked it, but… there was a clicking noise happening with loud sounds that we were unable to eliminate… I don’t know… I’m now trialing the Phonak P90.

Sound seems to be more pleasant and my own voice seems more familiar. I guess I’m really used to the sound of Phonak Hearing Aids.

Also, my audi fitted me with open domes on the left hearing aid, and open domes on the right hearing aid. Why is that? I always used open domes on both ears…

With my ReSound Prezas I was getting a clicking noise with loud sounds until we turned Impulse Noise Reduction off.

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She thought the culprit was feedback management.

I’m going to trial the Habra GN (Costco’s Ones) in 2 weeks. I just bought the Preza but am havin the same clicking noise. I’ve narrowed it down to the Impulse noise reduction or feedback. @OpenFitted 9r @jay_man2 , were you able to get it to go away?

I haven’t heard the clicking since turning Impulse Noise Reduction off in all programs. I stay in All Around most of the time except when streaming from the TV Streamer 2.

Feedback Management is set to mild in All Around for me.

I get my Jabra aids on Tuesday, and already have a live assistance appointment for Friday. I may ask that Impulse Noise Reduction be left on to see if it happens with the new aids, and have it turned off during the live assistance appointment if it does.

@jay_man2 thanks! I’m a teacher and have found that projecting my voice through the classroom triggers the noise-definitely REALLY annoying. I’m glad to have something to suggest.

Can you watch a video w/audio and not see a delay. When I trialed ReSound Linx (something) back in 2015 before going with the Phonak V70’s the blue tooth streaming from my PC had too much delay so it looked like I was watching dubbed videos.

I am looking at upgrading to P70’s or P90’s soon. I would be ecstatic to get them for under $3000. I think they are like $3700/$4700 on zip hearings web site.