Starkey Remote Programming

So my Starkey Livios have an option for remote programming. Does this mean I could “see” a provider other than my own via a teleappointment, particularly an expert in reverse slope hearing loss?

My latest adjustment is terrible. I know the advice is to go elsewhere but I cannot go through this process again. I don’t have the time (literally a 4-5-hour ride to make this happen). My insurance pays for hearing aids so Costco, which is still a 4 hour drive, just isn’t the best option and doesn’t have any reverse slope experts near me. I know this is going to sound sacrilegious but my Audicus version, which I bought as a stop-gap meausre, is programmed better. My current version feels like a lesson in how not to program hearing aids for reverse slope. I get all of the background noise and none of the important sounds.

Yes that’s right, you could call around to find out who deals in Starkey, or contact Starkey directly Contact Us | Starkey
and make a “appointment” for a audiologist to fine tune your Livios, it’s most unlikely you’ll find a "expert " in reverse slope, the clinicians don’t usually "specialise " in any one type of hearing loss, they are trained to provide for all types of hearing loss.
There’s 2 types of remote programming available, a live session or remote adjustments, which one is up to you.
Remote Programming

But it sounds like you could be a perfect candidate for DIY, plenty of people from right here on the forums to help you get the most out of your HAs.

You can contact VA and request “community care”. During this covid era, it is easy to get approval. You live far enough away from your VA clinic to qualify. Then you will be able to get private audi to help with your programming…

I don’t qualify for VA. I have never served my country in the military. Thanks for the suggestion.

If this next adjustment doesn’t work. What would be my steps for self-adjusting/getting help?

Well the first thing to do,is get a copy of the Starkey inspire software, you’ll need to ask on the DIY page
(DIY - Self Programming, How to Find Fitting Software) to see if someone can help, then get familiar with how it works (pretty straightforward) and then go and buy the programming device.
(Noahlink for your Livios it seems)
PS,I don’t use Starkey Products.

Good luck

You can download the latest Inspire X software v2020.1 here:

As for what else you need to program HAs, I have no idea. I just use the software to simulate the programming.

except they often have no clue what to do with reverse slope and cookie bite losses
especially if they don’t do REM based fittings

I’d strongly recommend finding someone who does REM based fitting, and start from that.
Remote can’t provide that since you’re not plugged in into the verification equipment.

Costco does REM fittings from what I’ve seen here, so it would be worth to do that drive and paying out of pocket (don’t know the prices, call and find out)
And yes, you need just one fitting to get good results considering the base gain adjustment.

If your case ends being special snowflake as mine is, then second or third could be probable, in order to test different fitting formulas. Default is NAL-NL2 currently for adults and closed dome/mold for your loss. However, for my snowflake that didn’t work, so we had to chase it a bit, best WRS score I get with open dome and NAL-NL1 fit, so completely ignoring the bass.

That’s also one recipe I did find when I was looking to understand my loss better - focus on hearing you have, and forget about pushing bass inside since there’s a chance it will distort things (as it happened my case).

And device you probably need is called noahlink wireless, there’s also noah link which is completely different device, and you might not think that space in name makes a difference :slight_smile:

I don’t see the software download on that page?

Ha ha, well I guess a few people here would agree with that!

Well it seems he’s already been fit by a clinic and isn’t happy, so time to DIY and get it right.

Yes that’s another idea, start with another fitter, and then fine tune yourself.
Problem with a lot of clinics is they don’t like providing programming for HAs not brought from them. So DIY is the way forward here.

Not always the case at all, most people are going to need a lot more than one or two, this is why DIY works in the long run.

Spot on here, its amazing how many people gloss over this.

Yep, you will definitely get distortion with too much lower end, the perfect sweet spot can be found when programming yourself.

I don’t know what to tell you except that here’s what I see and can can do on that webpage:

Go down into ‘installation instructions’, link is inside

Ok thanks @gcyr42 and @Blacky. I couldn’t open the download page at all from my Android phone,it was taking me straight to the pro log in page, but as soon as i opened the link on my pc I was able to.