Signia 7AX - Costco Equivalent

I’m in the market for some new Hearing Aids and came across the Signia AX series. After wearing HAs for years, I also just learned that Costco private labels many major brands and sells at a reduced price.

Does anyone know if the Signia 7AX are available through Costco? I was told the Rexton HAs are the Signia AX but I can’t find anything that remotely confirms this.

Also, does anyone have experience with these ones, compared to others? I want to get the best of the best for sound quality and being able to hear people in different environments. My job has changed recently where I’m traveling a lot and in meetings in all sorts of environments. I’m really struggling with my Widex Beyonds right now and need something to cut through the noise and hear people clearly.


I think this describes Costco’s latest Rexton, but not sure. Costco Rexton M-Core (Product Information)
Rexton aids are very similar to Signia so I think their models line up pretty well.
Posting your audiogram (top of page, click Forum, My Hearing Tests–you need to enter data) would help. I think all of the Costco hearing aids are decent. In my opinion, the best solution for speech in noise is a remote microphone. Costco’s KS10 is compatible with Phonak Roger devices and the new Roger ON microphone is pretty slick. They’re pricy though (~$1500) and Costco doesn’t sell them so you’d need to find a separate place to purchase and compatibility is tricky (lots of discussion on forum) I’m guessing cost is an issue, but if not, going to private audiologist who sells Phonak would be a simpler (and much more expensive) way to get a Roger ON and compatible hearing aids.


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I agree with trying Costco. All of their aids are pretty much top of the line hearing aids. From reading the forum their Jabra aids are doing well. The KS10 aids might be exactly what you need for speech. Then there are the Phillips and Rexton aids, all good aids.
Being happy with your fitter is probably the most important thing though.
Good luck

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I got mine at Costco as well :). I currently have the philips 9030 and like them quite a bit. I didn’t like the ks10 as much, but everyone hears differently and there is a huge following of them here. I am trying the jabra tomorrow for a 2 week trial.

How did you get two-week trials of a variety of different aids from Costco? That would be great if we all could do similar when it comes time for new HA’s - although I would hope for trial/demo models that they’d at least reuse the bodies of the HA’s rather than trash everything after a trial.

Well it was kind of a quirk. I purchased the philips. I am very happy with them but I wanted to try the jabra. They didn’t have a working set my first time in. I figured I would purchase the jabra and return the ones I didn’t like. The manager called me and said I couldn’t do that - abusing the return policy. I asked what if I returned the philips, bought the jabra but liked the philips more so bought those again - nope abusing the policy. I asked how can I try these as I don’t want to abuse anything but I want to really try them. So she offered a 2 week trial to which I said that is terrific.

Tldr; On a side note (she is the manager but not my HAS) she couldn’t understand why I wanted to try them as she said they were very similar. I commented about the mic in the ear and she said there wasn’t one. This went back a forth a few times with me trying very hard not to say I know you’re the Mgr and you are wrong. Sent her to the jabra webpage, showed her where it says that and she says “huh, they don’t seem to have that - I’ll have to look into that”. :flushed: so at least she did acknowledge that it did exist :wink:

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Wow what an interesting experience. I purchased the Phillips aids the week before the Jabras came out. My Costco audiologist knew I wanted to try out possible Resound aids if they came soon. They came out two weeks later and when I suggested buying them as well with the intention of returning the ones that didn’t work for me, she had no problem. Currently the Phillips are the front runners but hope the feedback issues on the Jabras can be resolved at my next appointment.

Are you using open or closed dome? For the jabra today. She tried open and got some feedback and changed to closed. I like the jabra but mixed feelings on the closed domes. My ear canals seem somewhat small so even the small ones are a bit tight.

If you search discussion on the forum on “molds vs. domes,” etc., I think you’ll find most people think well-made molds are more comfortable. Domes are just a generic size and jump from small, medium, to large in distinct increments of several mm. Molds are made to fit each ear canal precisely and are the “Goldilocks” solution - ideally, just right. Sometimes by trying another manufacturer’s domes, you can get in-between dome size diameters relative to the dome sizes of your own brands but it’s a lot of searching and hassle and expense since you usually have to have a package of domes unless you have a kind audi/HCP who stocks a number of brands and just gives you that stuff.

I will definitely look into that. Thank you! Actually the HAS ar costco I deal with just gives me domes and wax guards whenever I need. I have some for the philips and a bunch for the jabra I am trying. She would probably give me whatever I asked for. She’s pretty generous.

I had a Costco visit today. The physical adjustments included changing to a slightly longer receiver wire and switching to tulip domes. I took an audio file of sounds that we’re driving me crazy and/or initiating feedback to play for the audiologist.
So far the harsh sounds have been moderated and the feedback seems gone, I too have small ear canals so I know how dome size can be a pain, literally.
An interesting discovery on the way home was that the Ultra Focus setting cut down road noise while listening to the radio. Good luck.

I’ll have to check out that ultra focus. I actually changed the domes to the ones I had on the philips and it is working fine and much more comfortable. What amazed me about the jabra and wind noise Wa that with the philips, on the beach the wind sounded like digital static. Could be lessened a bit but overall was there on a windy day. Today with the jabras I realized the wind sounded like wind! I was very happy with that. Pretty sure I’ll stick with the jabra.

The Rexton counterpart is “BiCore”. If you compare the marketing buzz you’ll note that both the BiCore and the AX describe separating the signal between speech and noise, processing each independently, and then recombining the signal.

I tried to find the tech specs of the Rexton for comparison, but could not find anything. What was glaring however is that Rexton in toto devotes only one or two sentences to this feature of the BiCore with no supporting details other than the inference in the name “Bi” core, while Signia’s entire marketing campaign is built around the AX as a platform with two processors and even shows an illustration having two chips.

Perhaps this is a marketing strategy to ensure that the Rexton is not placed on the same level as the AX, or perhaps the implementation in hardware is indeed fundamentally different. No idea which.

Gotcha, thanks for the insight!

I have been wearing Signia AX demo aids for about a month and find the “focus” feature REALLY helps me hear conversation in noise. I am still waiting for a chance to try them in a really noisy situation. Because of Covid, I have not been to a restaurant or other really noisy environment for at least 18 mo!!!

I’m in the same boat as you with COVID. It’s really difficult to try these out in real environments.

its signia motion x series
not AX that will combine AI and accostic sensor information
as usual its 2 generation below than own signia latest offering.

I’ve never seen Costco 2 generations behind with their hearing aids. Often several months behind getting the latest generation though. I’m uncertain what their current Rexton aid is. I just pulled the latest info from Hearing Tracker website. I suspect Costco has a newer Rexton aid.
Just looked at Costco website. They now offer Bi-Core, which according to Rexton website has AI. Unfortunately that term is loosely used by hearing aid manufacturers.


The X is one generation behind the AX. (Two gen’s would be the NX.)

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motion series
but rexton mention only motion sensor and not combining of accosting data to compare it so it can level up speech spectrum about detected noise level… thats is in x while AX is focused speedy processing to reduce understanding noise may be applying variable compression in way speec- low speed compression to preserve speech and fast compression for noise so one can undestand speech better but not noise ? its my thought. correct if i am wrong