Selectic Poseidon 12 miniRITE


Hello all,
I think I posted this on the wrong place so I try it here again.
I live in Holland and now have two hearing aids. They look like Oticon OPN 1 whith same specs but branded as Selectic Poseidon 12 and delivered by Schoonenberg in Holland. There is also a special iOs app (Remote Link, same looks as Oticon ON app) with the same developer address as Oticon Denmark. I do have Genie 2017.2 and the Noahlink Wireless. But as you guess the aids are not detectable. I saw the audicien is using software like Genie but with the name Novasense Selectic. I did ask for a standalone copy of the software but without result. Any idea how to get appropiate software?
Kind regards, Rudolf


Noahlink Wireless not connecting to Oticon Opns
Noahlink Wireless to offer

Here’s a link;
How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY].

Scroll down to;
:closed_lock_with_key:Locked%20Hearing%20Aids :closed_lock_with_key:

I think your hearing aids may be similarly categorized as new-anyname-franchise hearing aids. You can try downloading the Genie 2 fitting software. Genie 2 may be able to recognize your hearing aids. However, they will likely be pin-code protected under;

Genie 2/ Preferences / Edit preferences / Data protection.



Oh sorry, I didn’t read carefully enough. You already tried Genie 2.

First time I have heard of a specialized version of the fitting software from Oticon. I know that Starkey has many different versions of the Inspire fitting software.



Novasense Selectic is not listed in HIMSA, I suspect you misread the soft name.



Thanks for the response.
The HA’s are listed here: Medical Device SELECTIC-POSEIDON 12 MINI RITE 312 BEIGE - 168525

Novasense is also listed in HIMSA: Certified Modules - sorted by date

Look at: Unitron Vista:fit NovaSense 05/19/2017 Noah 4 Windows 7(32-bit) Windows 7(64-bit) Windows 8(64-bit) Windows 10(64-bit)

The software used by the audicien definitely has a NovaSense Selectic logo. I saw it again just a couple of hours ago.

By the way is it allowed to post links like this? If not I will delete them.

Kind regards, Rudolf



Oh, but that Novasense certification is Unitron for a Phonak manufactured hearing. Not an Opn hearing aid manufactured by Oticon.

Yes your links are ok since you are not spamming/pushing sales.



What programming device did your Audi use? Did he he/she use NoahLink Wireless or a Hi Pro and cables?



He is using Oticon cables/strips to connect the HA to a device which looks like a Noahlink disk with a part missing. It is not hi-pro. I also saw a Noahlink Wireless behind the desk.



Was it a NoahLink that you can hang around your neck with little short cables?

So maybe this hearing aid is not Noahlink Wireless compatible. Otherwise your Audi would probably use the Noahlink Wireless behind his desk, because it is much easier than using cables with Hi Pro, mini Pro, or NoahLink.



Ignore the colors. Which Oticon hearing aid does it look like? The black Opn or the silver Alta?



It is the black one. OPN 1. Oticon launched the v5 firmware. This afternoon the audicien also did a v5 firmware update. Next week I will visit him again and ask him which hardware he is using for the fittingprocess.



Oh okay, sorry about temporarily doubting your conclusions, A cable connection is required for doing a Firmware update to Oticon Opn hearing aids. That is likely the reason he was using cables instead of using NoahLink Wireless.

Maybe ask him why he is using Novasense Selectic fitting software and not Oticon Genie 2 fitting software. Or depending on how bold you want to be, ask him if the hearing aids are locked into using only the Novasense Selectic fitting software?



He is using the Novasense software because it is a chain of audician shops here in the Netherlands under the name Schoonenberg. They are part of Sonova, offering NovaSense hearing aids. So the fitting software is dictaded from headoffice. The audicien only powers up his desktop every morning. So far as I understood his story. They can only fit their own brand. When I use the Oticon ON app on my iPhone it comes whith unknown brand message. I have to use the app RemoteLink with looks like the ON app. The seperate remote control 3.0 has also brandname Oticon.



Also, have you tried it after the Opn Firmware was updated to v5?



Yes, I tried it again. Yesterday after the fw update it turned out that something was wrong with the HA’s. The were deaf :wink: and connceting to iPhone showed 2 left ones. Very odd. The audician reconnected them today but did not find any irregularities. Somehow the setting were restored after this reconnecting. I asked him why he used the Noahlink and cables. He agreed the he also could use the Noahlink Wireless but preferred to do the fitting cabled. More trustworthy.
The Genie 2017.2 only does OPN selections and my Selectic brand is not detected ;(