Resound Preza from Costco

I’m in the process of making a purchasing decision on my first set of hearing aids. I’ve been wearing a trial pair of Phonak Marvel 70 for a couple weeks and I’m about ready to purchase but I stopped in to Costco a couple days ago and they had a new model that arrived just this week from Resound. It is called the Preza and they had very little info about it. I wore them for a couple hours and like them as well. I’m curious if anyone knows how long it takes for more technical information to hit this site or others once new aids hit Costco. I’d like to know more about them to compare to other aids before I make a purchase decision.


I find something by just Googling it.

It looks like this is going to be the Costco version of the Resound Quattro.

Thanks for the response. I had seen that website but it really doesn’t give any info about the new devices. I suspect/hope you are correct that it is their version of the Quattro, the casing of the device itself is identical. I was just hoping for more info confirming that and possibly what features, if any, have been removed from the Costco version.

Perhaps this HA without the rechargeable battery is the new Kirkland Signature 9.0? That is how the KS8 relates to the Rexton branded HA that Costco carries. Real shortage of technical information to make any kind of evaluation as to what it can do though.

I think you’ve got a fair chance of being correct that this could be the basis of the KS9 when it comes out. Hopeffully @rasmus_braun will sleuth out product info on the Resound Preza soon and be able to post it.

There’s not much to post. ReSound Preza is similar to ReSound LiNX Quattro 9. The differences between the two involve the remote fine-tuning assistance and tinnitus sound generator features. Preza is available in two RIC models: PZ861-DRWC (lithium-ion rechargeable battery) and PZ862-DRW (size 13 disposable battery).


I read about these here last night, and as luck would have it was able to get an appointment and order a pair of the rechargeables today - first ones sold at my local Costco. They are slightly longer and wider than my ReSound Forte rics, but fit well on my ears. I’ll get them on the 16th.

I wore them for a few minutes, and did immediately notice that feedback management is much improved over my current aids. Looking forward to getting them.

Thinking further on this. Another possibility would be for the Vida to become the KS9 and the Preza to be a higher profit margin model.

I did a cursory comparison of the specifications of the ReSound Quattro to the KS8, and nothing jumped out at me as an advantage or improvement over the KS8. Of course it is always difficult to compare features due to the creative terms used. Some differences I noted, and they may not be all apples to apples features:

  • Quattro has 17 channels vs 20 on the KS8 for adjusting compression, and yes I know that more is not always better
  • Quattro has 4 programs vs 6 on the KS8, and on that one I would appreciate more as better
  • Quattro seems to have slightly lower harmonic distortion, but I suspect it is inaudible
  • Both are Made for iPhone
  • KS8 has Own Voice Program, and Quattro does not seem to
  • High frequency range is slightly less on the Quattro, but most of us can’t hear anything up there anyway

Seems to me this would be a hard one to sell by Costco as being better than the KS8, so it may have be sold on a price reduction only…

Significant differences that pop into my head: 1) Resound has the MultiMic which from my reading is superior to anything Signia offers. 2)Quattro has decent potential of being compatible with new made for android standard and on Signia/Rexton’s side–I believe they have a better solution for frequency lowering.

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Maybe I am missing something? Why would ReSound choose Preza as the name for this model if they intended to rename it again at a later point in time to Kirkland Signature 9/KS9?

I have the Resound Forte (3D similar) and find them to be excellent. I was hoping that Resound would be the KS9 supplier- but with this Preza launch, it sounds to me like they are heading toward Rexton again.

I agree. They wouldn’t announce the Preza if the Quattro was the basis for the KS9. The Preza is $1249.99 per aid, plus $199.99 for the charger. No way would they put these at a $1599 price point.

I suspect they won’t offer the Preza as the KS9 as it has the rechargeable battery option. A possible scenario is to offer the Quattro without the rechargeable battery as the KS9, and leave the Preza as the brand name for ReSound to sell only at Costco at a higher price. This is like the current Rexton Costco only model that sells at a higher price compared to the KS8, but is essentially the same hearing aid. Brand name has rechargeable option, and the KS8 does not.

I was wondering when the Costco line-up was going to be refreshed. I have been sitting on the sidelines with KS5’s. I will be interested in reading comparisons and opinions in the days ahead. Any idea when these might be available in Canada?

My estimate based on past releases is that the new KS9 is due in the US by August and in Canada by October. But, just a guess based on the interval between releases in the past.

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I upgraded from KS5 to Forte and I can tell you it was a very good upgrade. Forte is much better in noise and the app is awesome. From KS5 to Preza should be a noticeable improvement.

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Thanks so much. I am really looking forward to an upgrade.

I think what is most appealing for me is the ability to customize settings within an app. Thanks for the update.

I agree that it’ll be a great upgrade from the KS5. I have the Forte now, and from the short demo I had yesterday, I think it’ll be a nice upgrade from the Forte. I’ve had a minor feedaback issue with the Forte in certain listening situations that appears to be completely resolved with the Preza.

I’m happy that my TV Streamer 2’s and remote controls will work with the Preza too.

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