Redux Home Dryer

Has anyone here bought or used the Redux home version of the vacuum hearing aid dryer ?
Right now I have the Zephyr, which I use all the time.
Every time I take my aids to the audiologist she cleans and vacuums with the Redux Professional.
Every time, she says she removed quite a bit of moisture.
I’m concerned that the Zephyr isn’t doing what it should.
I do not want to ruin my aids.
The Redux home version is around $300.00. I don’t mind spending that kind of money, but I would welcome opinions from anyone that has used this dryer.



This recent post has some good information you might like.


Works great and I am very happy with it. Only wish it included how mush water it removes. Also safe for rechargeable aids. If you want a print out of the water removed the pro link would be a good idea but that in my opinion is very expensive. It a very good option hopefully this helps. I included a link to make sure I am understanding what you are asking.

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I had issues with new batteries draining fast. It was due to moisture in my hearing aid. I had to go to an audiologist that has a Redux professional and it removed all moisture in hearing aid in eight minutes. I called a few audiologists in the area that has the Redux, one quoted 80 bucks for hearing aid cleaning and moisture removal, the other one quoted 55 dollars. I paid 55 dollars. I have an 30x power jewelry scope to look inside the hearing aid battery door compartment. I saw a some ear wax there so l cleaned it. The professional Redux units use a calibrated vacuum pump. Redux came out with an home version late last year and retails for 399. If you enter your email address, you can get an 10 percent discount. I ordered one and the total cost came to 398 dollars and change. That includes my state sales tax and shipping fee of 13 dollars. I get mine this Tuesday. The home version use an built-in desiccant. There are two options if you don’t want to pay full price. They have Shop PAY and Affirm. You can get interest free low payments.
I have a Phonak D Dryer with UV and heat. When l was having battery issues, l put the hearing aid in D Dryer for 6 hours several times and it didn’t not completely remove all the moisture so that’s why l purchased the Redux. The Redux is the only device that completely removes all moisture from hearing aids, cochlear and baha processors.
Also earbuds and small fitness devices. The home version drying time is 45 mins up to two hours depending on the amount of moisture in hearing aid. I will update when l get mine and post the results. In addition, l purchased a ear dryer as well. The ear dryer is Whisper that l ordered in Amazon. It’s 60 dollars and is an bit stronger than the Mack ear dryer.


I think @Laura_B is asking whether a moisture removal report from Redux pro dryer is enough reason to buy a Redux home dryer, if your aids appear to be working fine with whatever moisture control strategy you’re currently using.

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As l said before, l will be reporting how well the Redux home version works. It said that the drying time average is two hours. It depends on the amount of moisture in the aid. I will decide whether the home version is worth it or not. If not then l will buy the professional version.
There is an money back guarantee…

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Hmmm…I have a Jodi-vac hearing aid vacuum that does a great job for clearing any wax build up in the various parts of my aids. And I have a dedicated low temp dryer for my rechargeable aids (I forget the brand name) that I use every night. Drying time is six hours (!!!) because the temp is so low. No problemo, I’m sleeping so who cares? I live near the ocean, so humidity is high. I’ve always used some form of drying aid–mostly dessicant jars. My aids last forever! I just pulled out my twenty year old back up aids and they’re still going strong.

A dryer that sucks out wax while it dries? Tell me more. Somehow, I think I’m misunderstanding.


Sorry it doesn’t suck out wax only water. Wish it did.
Redux Home Dryer is your complete moisture removal system that allows you to be proactive about hearing device maintenance and performance at home. The drying process takes two hours, on average, and we recommend drying once a week. No subscription needed. Comes with a 1-year warranty.
The other version is a little different and more costly. They dry the hearing aid and make it easier to remove buildup. I have one and they are nice. But each there own. There a chart above in my previous post that highlighted the difference.

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Thank you for replying. It would be nice if it showed how much water it was extracting.
I’m glad you’re happy with it. I will definitely look more into it.
Thank you.

Hi Jeffrey. My concern is the water. It appears for some reason my Zephyr isn’t drying out all the moisture.
I put my aids in the Zephyr when I go to bed and it gets a 8 hour drying time. It shuts off automatically.
So I am concerned.

Hi Terost,
I’ll be looking forward to your opinion on the Redux.
I appreciate you mentioning the Whisper ear dryer as well. I didn’t know this existed. It sounds like I could really use this as well.
Living in Florida with all the humidity, this will be helpful as well.

Let me clarify - Redux Home uses an internal desiccant? does it require replacement?

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Yes it uses no does not require replacement.

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The next level does give a report. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:.

From Redux website:

Do I need to periodically refill desiccant?

No! Redux Home Dryers requires no desiccant refills. They also do not require any subscriptions or additional costs.


Thank you for answer! This is a very unusual and interesting dehumidifier. It’s a pity we don’t have the opportunity to buy one. For now, Global II with regular silica gel is quite enough.

I live in the Tampa Bay area. Got the Redux today. l opened the chamber and cleaned it. I put two aids with tubing without the earmold and they said that first time will take longer. It took 4.5 hours because of two reasons, moisture inside chamber while it was delivered by UPS ground and second the moisture inside the aids.
When l received the Redux home version and looked inside the chamber, there were a few particles on chamber. It wasn’t sealed super clean.

I have a older aid that stopped working so after the Redux finishes recycling the desiccant then l will start the device.

It took a bit longer because my room is not running air conditioner. It is taking a bit longer to recycle the desiccant.

When it’s not being used, l put it back in the box packing container to keep it clean from dust.

Redux didn’t say how long the desiccant regeneration will take.

Well for 400 bucks they should have included Bluetooth.


Thank you Terost for replying.
I must say, right now I am not too impressed. There are also some reviews on their website that are not too great either.

*Someone wrote on their website: *
The nozzles to blow into the ear pieces are small and do not hold the ear molds or inserts at all.
Are there nozzles in the chamber that you hook up to the hearing aids ?

Another review:
There are no instructions about whether to remove battery or how to put hearing aids in. Nothing to support whether it is actually working or if you should feel heat. There is no way to tell if it’s working or if my hearing aids still have moisture in them.
Did you find this to be true also ?

Hopefully when you use the Redux again, you will feel better about spending $400.00


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They suggest that you remove the earmolds as it would take longer to dry. However you can leave the earmolds on.
This is a pic from their user guide.

The device will flash the blue led to show that the drying process is complete. They have humidity sensor inside the unit.
Some of the readers info is wrong. One claims that there is no heat. The Redux is the only device that removes moisture from hearing aids completely WITHOUT HEAT. The home version uses heat l think to regenerate the built-in desiccant.
I removed the tubing from my earmolds and put the tubing with the aid as shown on the photo.


Had both hearing aids cleaned today and the audiologist mentioned he detected moisture in each one. He ran the Redux moisture remover and mentioned it recorded 1 micro liter of moisture. Is the estimated 30 db loss because the microphone has the moisture or is it detected after the aid provides the amplification ?