Phonak Naida beeping often

I have the Phonak Naida P70-UP aids. I purchased the aids on April 2021via eBay and had no issues until this month. I’m getting the two beeps often and phonak my app failing to connect. Last summer, l brought the Power One 675 batteries which are good until 5-2025 and CVS Max 675 batteries good until Aug 2026. I have a battery tester and checked the battery after four beeps and battery is at 80-85 percent good. It seems that all the new batteries are failing or it could be my aid. I have had no issues in Target software. I have a hearing aid dryer and l use it from time to time. Twice, l discovered that there was a big drop of water in the middle of the earmold tubing blocking all sounds. After l get the low power beeps and have to open the battery door and close it again then l can hear again until l hear the beeps again. I don’t see how a new battery go half the voltage in two days. I use the aids about 13.5 hours a day.


Clean your battery contacts.
This happened to me once. Hope this is your issue too.

Run them through the dryer a couple times to make sure they are dry.

Something else you can do in Target is run a diagnostic test on them. Might be worth a try.

If all else fails they can be put back to factory default settings and then you can reload the programs.


Will do that. l’m a electronic guy and fixed laptops and phones. Good idea to reset the aid to factory settings and see what happens.l know the importance of cleaning.


I have reset to factory default, ran a test on the aid. Loaded my fitting session. I can hear music or YouTube video on phone, l can hear the TV via the TV connector. Checked battery and it’s good but my phonak app will not connect even after l did Bluetooth pairing. I cleaned the battery contacts of hearing aid. Had to remove the myphonak app and reinstall again. It worked. Let’s see if the low power beeps continues.


You did good.
Let us know how this works out.
Thanks for the update.

I’d forget all the pairings in BT and rebuild them from fresh.


The issue is not the hearing aid. It’s the batteries. I put a new one yesterday and it reached 50 percent this evening.
All the new batteries l got from last year are no good. They last less under two days or less. It’s set to fixed Bluetooth. I haven’t tried adaptive Bluetooth in Target. I think the summer heat affected the batteries even indoors.


I have 32 new 675 batteries l brought last year and have to use them up before l buy a new pack of 675 batteries. Each older (new) battery don’t even last 6 hours. I had a new battery and it reached 50 percent battery life in one hour!

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Have you tried new batteries that are not one of your old new batteries yet?
That would sure answer some questions.

I will do that next Friday. I doubt the aid has an huge power drain. I had new tubing for my earmolds a few months ago and they checked the aids. I didn’t have the battery issue at that time.

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I went to Walmart superstore, Walgreens stores today and none of them carry the 675 size hearing aid batteries. There are lots of batteries smaller than the 675 batteries as more new hearing aids use the size 13 or 10 batteries nowadays. I had to order a pack of 675 batteries thru Amazon.

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When I used 675 batteries I bought them here on Heating Tracker. The price was very fair.
Don’t even know if they still sell batteries here.

When I had the old Naida hearing aids from 2016, they had a similar problem to yours, the hearing aid reported that the battery was low and the batteries were new, I used other brands of batteries with the same problem.

The problem is moisture in the hearing aids, and only cleaning the hearing aids from the inside helps. I did it every year, I took them to the hearing aid repairer to have it done. They did it for free. They take the hearing aid apart, clean the inside and let the components dry inside and I’ve had no problems with the batteries after that.

Even if you didn’t buy a hearing aid in your country, but take it to them for service, let them do it, they can probably do it for a low price.
I have noticed that this happens most often when it starts to be hot outside. so I did it most often at the beginning of summer every year.

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I have a hearing aid dryer and cleaned the battery contacts.
I will see if l still get the beeps with the new battery. If l get the beeps with the new battery then l will take it to a audiologist office. I did an diagnosis check with Target. I am thinking that it has to be the batteries because l used the same batteries last summer when it was pretty hot and l used the dryer often. I didn’t get any beeps of low power.

I brought 60 batteries of Power One in May of 2022. It says they are good until May of 2025. I think Power One overestimated the shelf life of the batteries by one year.

Update: Turns out it’s not the bad batteries. It’s the moisture in the hearing aid or something else inside the aid. New battery lasted 8.5 hrs.
I will check to see if l have a tiny screwdriver to open it up and clean the inside or take it to an audiologist office.

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Hold up, your talking about taking a screwdriver to the housing? Mate don’t do that, it’s held together with pins, once you remove them you can easily pry the housing apart.

This is not a bad idea.


What brand and model dryer do you have?

You do live in a high humidity climate in Florida. Using a dryer daily is important.

I agree.

It’s also a safe place to store them anyway.

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Ok. I will take it to an audiologist office. I have the Phonak D-Dry hearing aid dryer. After l put a backup aid inside the dryer and let it run for 3 or 6 hours, l have a temperature probe gun and will check for heat temperature.

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I use the hearing aid dryer after the aids get covered with sweat. I don’t use my aids during raining days outside. I will have to look for sweat guards for my aids.
The hearing aid dryer works fine. It reads 110F on the aid.