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Hello! I apologize in advance if student questions are not welcome on this forum. I tried to see in the community guidelines if this was prohibited but could not find anything.

I’m an undergraduate student and I’m working on an assignment for my Aural Rehabilitation class where we have to interview individuals who wear hearing aids. There are only 7 simple questions that you would need to answer if anyone is interested. Please feel free to respond to this post or message me. Thank you so much.


Hopefully, I won’t be going to an audiologist in the future who had someone else provide all his/her answers in school so he/she didn’t have to crack the books so hard. :roll_eyes:


Hello! I apologize if I misrepresented the type of questions. They aren’t questions you can research in a text or through journal articles. They are mainly about personal experience with wearing the hearing aid, such as how long you’ve worn them, benefits you’ve felt through your experience, complaints about your experience. Those types of personal questions that only an individual who has worn a hearing aid could answer. They are all subjective. The point is to gain real life insight on common issues users face.


I will resend if you send me the questions


Hello! Thank you so much. I tried to send you a private message with the questions but it wouldn’t let me. If you don’t mind emailing me at I can send them to you that way. Thanks again!


Sorry! I misunderstood. Only that part that you had some questions that you wanted answers to for an assignment registered in my old brain. If you had started out that you have an interview assignment to query HA wearers on some specific topics about their wearing experience, my lazy old brain would have understood.

BTW, you can create a poll on this forum. So perhaps you could get answers to your survey questions if you created a poll. So that people notice it, you could create a new topic entitled: “POLL: Questions about XYZ”

A poll is created from the Gear drop down at the right end of the formatting options. If you search the forum, you will find advice from PVC on how to create a poll. If you do decide to create a poll, I’d think hard first exactly how you want to phrase each question as I seem to remember that once you create a poll, you can no longer edit it. As a concluding post to this thread, if you decide to create a poll thread, you could put a link to the poll as the last post in this thread. I guess the thread could always be left open for comments on how your survey results are building up. Maybe someone else could comment on how many respondents polls in this forum typically get as it’s possible that you might not get the response that you want. You might want to create the poll as having anonymous responders as otherwise a poll in which individuals identify themselves could conceivably be used by someone, not necessarily yourself, for marketinig purpose, etc. Hope this helps! :grinning:


There are many threads here that students ask questions, use the search in the upper right.


I sent you an e mail


I answered the questions, took me less than 2 minutes. God Speed young student!


Lots of students come to this forum with the same list of questions each semester. While a written form of communication works well for people with hearing loss, I do wonder if one of the aims of the assignment might be to actually talk with people with hearing loss to gain an appreciation of the difficulties as well as learning that lots of people take a long time to be diagnosed and treated for their hearing loss.

You will find the same stock set of questions and lots of answers if you search this forum. Another possibility would be to partner with a local hearing aid provider and speak to patients directly. That would give the added benefit of experience interacting with those with hearing loss.


Do the questions cover general sociological issues related to hearing loss?

What I mean by this is that hearing loss impacts upon a person’s general engagement with groups of people, if only because understanding in groups of people is harder and more wearing than for people without a hearing loss. The upshot being social withdrawal etc except for one to one conversation with people because this is easier to handle.
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I’m willing to help if still needed