Audiology Student Needs Informtaion


Hi there!
I’m currently taking classes to become an Audiologist, and I was wondering if several people would be willing to answer a few questions for me about their hearing aid use. I would greatly appreciate it!

You could also PM me responses if you’d like. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Questions from an Audiology student

Please search the forums for answers. It seems we get several of these student threads every few months.


Yup, schools back in session. Do all these people have the same teacher?


And do these teachers know that there will be no interpersonal contact - all they have to do is ask on a myriad of message boards, or even easier, do a search so the info is instantaneous.

Are these our future audiologists, who will probably not feel comfortable doing one-on-ones??

If this is their field, they should search the community and ask around. Not so hard to find people wearing hearing aids [except the invisible ones]


I agree with the other comments. Wouldn’t the point of the assignment be to get experience interacting with people with hearing loss? I know it’s easier to get answers from a message board but you really will be much better off to make contact with a practicing audiologist or ENT and hang out with them for a half day, asking the questions of their clients. You might make some contacts that will help you later.


Looks like the teacher isn’t that bothered to set different assignments each year either…


Either here or on another message board it came out that it was an online course. Still, they will need to have some human contact at some time in the future!!


Audiology Doctroal students get their patient contact during their entire 4th year. The 3 years leading up to that are dedicated to classroom and online education and a little bit of patient interaction.

It’s possible that the teacher is asking for a large sampling of responses. The programs can be very intensive and not really allow the students time necessary to meet with 30 or 40 or more people to get responses to their questions. Unless they were able to find a very busy practice and sit with them for days at a time it would be very difficult to complete their assignment in the time provided. And then you have to think of the other students that need the same questions answered with a potentially small pool of resources to pull from and lack of time to do it. Remember, these are full-time doctoral students and they have quite a large load of coursework to manage in addition to having a life.

I find it interesting that so many people on this board have issues with audiologists who don’t take their needs into account and then criticize when programs ask students to gain feedback from those wearing hearing aids because they are unhappy with the method the students choose to obtain it. To me, this board is an excellent resource because they are more likely to run into those who are unhappy and also allow them to interact with people from all over the world to get a much larger picture of hearing aid use than they would ever get sitting in a private practice audiologists office 10 minutes away.


Get used to online courses! This is the future of college courses because of the rising cost and lack of govt. funding. I just read an article that said in the very near future most college courses will be online with only those courses with labs will require your presence. so help the audiology students out by either answering their survey online or by pm. Perhaps we could have a audiology student thread that has the surveys already prepared and answered by those members willing to participate.


I teach online courses part-time for a university and I support online education. It is a very valuable resource for many people. I frequently get students who imply they thought an online course would be easier. It’s not. The same textbooks are used, the same lectures, same assignments, same group assignments, and exams. If it’s a tough course on campus, it’s a tough course online, maybe tougher.

It sounded to me that this assignment had the purpose of getting the student in front of patients to interact and hear their responses. If that’s the case I would recommend being onsite at an audiologist or ENT office.

If the purpose is to gather research information for the professor and every student comes here and the same people respond then the professor is not getting 100 new answers. They are getting 10 answers 10 times.

I’m not sure what the rules are so I propose this to the pros, could an audiology student call an audiologist and ask to come to their office, use their contact information, call some patients from the office, and ask them the brief survey questions? The audiologist may even benefit from this if they add a couple of questions of their own like do any adjustments need to be made, can we make an appointment for you, etc. The student could call patients you haven’t seen in some period of time, one year, two years.


It’s possible locally but I imagine that anything outside their local area would be difficult due to HIPAA concerns and the like.

I would have no problem whatsoever with a student coming into my office to observe and ask patients if they can interview them, however, a student elsewhere I would be far more leery about…



So sorry that I hit a nerve. I decided to post here because, after browsing through the posts, I thought it seemed like a supportive community that would be a helpful resource. It seems I was horribly mistaken.

I am taking an online course, and the professor is perfectly fine with us gathering this information through the internet. Seeing as how I live 2,000 miles away from my professor and most of my fellow classmates, using the Internet as a resource isn’t as big of a sin as you all seem to think. Did you ever consider that maybe there are other assignments over the semester, and over the course of my time in school, that will require me to work one-on-one with patients? ASHA would not certify Audiologists if they do not have sufficient experience in these areas.

Also, it is surprisingly more difficult than you think to get answers in person. I called 25 different speech therapists (including offices and school districts that had several SLPs working for them) last semester to see if I could simply observe them working, and I only found one who was willing/able. There are many rules that prevent students like me from “hanging out in an office”. Why would I wear out my welcome for an assignment that isn’t meant to be done in person for this course?

In addition, when approached on the subject of their hearing aids, many people become sensitive. It is not a subject that is simple to have strangers open up about. That is why forums like this exist - to give people a safer environment to talk about their issues. Apparently this one is for attacking the innocent.

So I’m very sorry that my questions were so offensive to all of you. Perhaps you should wait to judge others until you know the whole story.


lilac, as one who was critical, please accept my apologies. I had NO idea that everything was so complicated.


I actually was trying to be helpful when I suggested you search the forum. I just did a quick search and found these threads from other students with similar questions and answers.

I just did a search for student and all these threads have information similar to what you are asking.

We are supportive of those coping with real life hearing problems. Unfortunately, when several students descend on the forum looking for similar information, it gets tedious and tempers can get short.

Please let us know if you have any questions that are not answered in the above linked threads.