Programming the Oticon Epoq

Scroll down to see all the steps for programming the Oticon Epoq.

>>Links-for-Hearing-Aid-Self-Programming<< may answer questions you might have.

This is my USB Hi-Pro. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My Hi-Pro is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My Hi-Pro, without me, is useless. Without my Hi-Pro, I am useless. :smiley:

Cable to connect USB HI-Pro to your PC

Oticon #3 Programming Cable
Left – 334-20-015-01
Right – 334-20-014-00
Standard CS44 Programming Cable is the same as Oticon Programming Cable #3

Oticon Programming shoes. Note that there are different types of programming shoes. This shoe is for Epoq and Vigo. A different programming shoe is required for Sumo.
2 x 399-50-530-08

Ready to Connect HI-Pro

Ready to Connect Oticon Epoq XW

Diagram of how to connect Oticon Epoq XW

Connected Oticon Epoq XW. Note that the battery is still in the hearing aid.
Ready to program with Oticon Genie fitting software.

Happy programming…

What about the epoq xw full shell does it need a programming shoes too? I will be trialing epoq xw FS maybe next week.

The Oticon Epoq BTE models XW, W, and V use this shoe. Are you talking about the ITC model? Look at the fitting guide in the professional section. It shows an example using a programming pill in place of the battery…

Is this a dagger which I see before me? Aw, shucks, it’s just a Copyright notice …

PVC I notice your aids are label as 07
MAKE SURE, you upgrade your epoqs with the new firmware!

Thanks X. Your reply made me think about whether I might be able to get around the Cyclic Redundancy Check error that I encountered on the left HI by applying the firmware upgrade.

So I tried opening the Upgrade Instrument Firmware tool from the Hearing Instrument menu, and the click Upgrade. However, the Cyclic Redundancy Check error also prevents completion of the firmware upgrade.

I would be extremely careful in trying to circumvent a CRC error. CRC errors are used to detect errors in the transmission of a file. If you have a CRC error I personally would never trust that file to be intact.

The CRC error is encountered when reading the contents of the HI. There seems to be no way to apply a firmware upgrade, or no way to just simply read the contents of the HI.

I now have a different pair of Epoq XWs that have no such CRC problem.

PVC: From your old post showing the Hi-Pro and setup. Where did you get the software?

Is it available for review? I’d like to see what options are avaialble on the various manufacturers to make better decisions. Understanding what’s available is always good information.


I will send you an email. Sometimes when we talk about a resource it has a habit of disappearing.

any one done a auto trany swap?

Can consumers buy and use Oticon’s equipment?

you can get it @ ebay

I think this is a “Let’s keep the user tethered to the audiologist for life” notice.

I believe that EnglishDispenser has changed has tune since then and has added a low-cost/on-line branch to his business.

Hi where do you get the programming shoes to make the adjustment’s,on ebay or from a store,thanks

I am looking for the same exact setup, and have two questions:

Do you have to have both HAs connected to the Hi-Pro at the same time, or can you do one at a time? I just bought a single cable off of ebay.

Where can I get the programming adapters for the Epoq. I have a Hi-pro coming, and would like to be able to connect it to my Oticons too.

Since there isn’t binaural processing on the Epoqs, you can program them one at a time. With the more advanced aids, you should program them together vs. separately.

Do you mean more than the program and volume changes that they have right now?

Sorry about my lack of knowledge here. Can that programmer be used with mfgrs other than Oticon?