Programming the Oticon Epoq



Were you able to find a supply source for the programming shoes? Thanks.


Hi there, you can get them from this ebay member,


Click here -> Programming-the-ReSound-Live9


Someone did a study on the internal connection of these oticon shoes.??


I need some information about the internal wiring of these shoes, I would like help in this topic


You could use a multimeter to test pinouts from the four input pins to the five output pins. See the DIY Converter thread for how to use a multimeter to test pinouts.

You should start a new topic in the Hearing Aid Self-Fitting and Adjusting [DIY] category for these obscure questions, instead of resurrecting a four year old thread.


Dear sirs, good morning, I guess.

I am trying to program a INO PRO RITE, and I found a CRC error:

I really looked at the forum looking for some aswer but it is difficult, can someone help me?

I tried to upgrade the version of the oticon and told me that is lastest version.

thanks in advanced.

best regards,


How is your problem related to this thread “Programming the Oticon Epoq”? You should start a new thread for unrelated topics.

But since you already here, you have a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) / Hardware error. Maybe it can be factory repaired? But this old hearing aid is not worth the cost of factory repair.

If you bought this online you should demand a full refund including shipping.


thanks PVC. I tought open a new thread but i was worry about it.

actually I was wondering if the Ricoss sofware could solve this problem.

do you know about ricoss and where to find it?

best Regards.