Phone calls disconnecting with Phonak Paradise P90-R

I am new to the forum and I appreciate all the individuals who give their time to share valuable information. I already owe a thank you to someone, I don’t remember who, that suggested using “Comfort Ear” for ear itch (I tried many things that did not work over the years) and to the one who suggested a “GUM” product to clean my hearing aid mold.
I have severe hearing loss and have posted my audiogram. I am a retired pilot who was exposed to airplane noise for many years. Currently I am using Paradise Audeo P90-R in both ears. The molds could fit a little better because whin I grin the volume reduces to about half, but the main problem is with the left aid cutting out during phone calls with Bluetooth. This forum has much information on this subject, but I have not seen one exactly like mine.
When talking on the phone the left aid cuts out with the corresponding cut off jingle about every 3 or 4 minutes. It only stays off about 3 seconds and then reconnects. The right aid is primary and apparently the signal is lost in the transmission from right to left. The left aid gets a little static sound just before cutting out.
I’ve tried switching from adaptive bandwidth to fixed which helped clarity but not the cut-out problem. Changing positions from different parts of the house has no effect. I tried moving the phone around my head in different locations. I have shut off all other Bluetooth devices in the house while talking. The microwave oven has no effect. Phonak tec support suggested holding the rear button down for 17 seconds then place the aid in the charger and remove. This seems to help for a while but then went back to the same problem. My audie has offered to send it back to Phonak but I am hopeful there is a simpler solution. Any help is appreciated.


If it were me, and I use the P-90RT, I would delete your existing phone and pair with an alternate phone (you can borrow someone else’s for an experiment) and see if the problem changes. What happens if you pair to a non-phone Bluetooth device? My main goal would be to increase my confidence that the issue is with the P-90 and not the source.

It does sound like a problem with the aid itself. I have P70r aids and have not run into that issue with calls via cellphone or zoom meetings on the computer.

If it were me I would have the aid sent back.


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Thanks for the advice VinceJ. I have a Panasonic landline phone that I placed in front of a radio and dialed the number with my Samsung S7 that is paired with the aids but the problem persists. I have the TV connector paired and it holds the connection. I have not tried to disconnect the S7 and pair with the Panasonic yet because of the above.

Thanks zuikoholic, I’m beginning to think this is the only alternative.

I wouldn’t sweat too much, send for the replacement and then if the new one shows same symptoms, dig deeper. But my suspicion is also on the faulty aid itself.

I have P90 R as well. While i was using it with my old LG G5, it disconnected from bluetooth regularly while phone calls continues. I switched to Xiaomi mi 10T pro and the problem never happened for last 1 week.

Try it with another new model phone. If problem continues, then it should be about your hearing aids.

I had a similar problem. I have begun to suspect that Phonak has some quality control issues. I sent mine back and got a new pair. It was too frustrating. The bluetooth in my right aid gradually stopped working. I started to carry the recharger around to reconnect but then that stopped working. When you pay as much as we pay for these you have to send it back. Otherwise they will never realise there is a problem.

What phone you are currently using? It was happening while i was using my old LG G5 (bluetooth 4.2), now i am using Xiaomi MI 10T Pro (bluetooth 5.1) so it doesn’t disconnect and works properly.

Thanks Blacky and News, your input is helpful. SkX I am using a Samsung S7 and I would hate to buy another phone to try solving this problem. It is apparent I need to send the aids back. Covid and other problems are getting in the way of seeing my audie, but I will get there. Thanks for your help.

Samsung S7 is also a phone that uses bluetooth 4.2. Your problem has probably nothing to do with your aids so they have a high chance of rejecting to change those. Good luck about it.

SkX you are correct, my Samsung S7 Edge does use bluetooth 4.2 and before buying the aids I checked Phonak’s phone compatibility information here -

It is disturbing when reading the fine print “Phonak assumes no responsibility for the compatibility thus it is the user’s responsibility to do product compatibility testing by himself before any purchasing decision is taken.” So I guess they want me to check their aids with my phone before buying, ugh!