Phonak TV Connector - Can't figure it out!

It’s been months now and I still cannot figure out how to make these Phonak TV Connectors, which were bought and set up with my HAs, work right! I have one plugged into the audio port on my laptop, and I have read the instructions dozens of times! Every time I think I’ve got it working right for a day or two and then suddenly it starts this damn bonging in my ears and won’t stop! When it starts to go wonky, it usually happens when there is a pause in the audio, for example when a person in a news or instructional or song video on youtube stops to take a breath, and that’s when the bonging starts, but then it continues to bong even after he/she resumes speaking and it drives me nuts. I’ve tried all sorts of different combinations of steps and none seem to eliminate the problem for more than a couple days in a row. I actually have two of these things and have swapped each one in and out and it still happens. Will somebody please straigten me out on this? I am still under home confinement due to both of us being high risk re covid-19. Haven’t caught it yet and don’t want to chance going out to the Costco Hearing Center for the duration. Here is what I have been doing which sometimes works for a couple of days and then doesn’t:

  1. Turn on TV Connector with top button until it turns green;
  2. Press side button on TV Connector until it turns blue;
  3. When bonging starts, I press button on top of one hearing aid.

Things seem to start out right and then the damn bonging resumes on top of the audio from my laptop!
Help would surely be appreciated.

Which model of Ponak TV connector do you have?

Interesting, if frustrating problem. 1) Is the bonging like anything else you’ve had, like perhaps the little song when you put it into automatic mode? 2) There’s a possibility that there’s something wrong with either the TV Connectors or the hearing aids. Before I’d try returning them, I’d try starting unfresh. You can unpair the TV Connector from all hearing aids by pushing the button on the back for 10 seconds until it turns orange. I would then unplug it for 15 seconds or so. I’d also restart the hearing aids (this would vary depending on if you have rechargeables or not) Put them in and out of charger for rechargeables. Open and close battery doors if disposables. Then I’d try repairing and see if the problem remains. If so, figure out a way to return to Costco. I personally feel minimal resist for my visits to Costco, but if you’re not comfortable, send somebody else or ship them to Costco.

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I know this probably isn’t helpful, but I have had very little trouble out of my TV Connector. It is probably the best accessory Phonak makes. It does have its little peculiarities, however. If the source sound stops for more than a few seconds, the Connector seems to stop transmitting, and the hearing aids make the sound of whatever program they were in before streaming started. Usually, the Autosense jingle. From what you describe, that doesn’t sound like your problem. If you can do without the aids for a while, ship aids and TV Connector both back to Costco with a detailed explanation of the issue. Costco should be able to determine if it is the Connector, or the aids, and resolve the issue.

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If the bonging sounds like a 2-tone doorbell, you’ve probably come into range of the other connector and it is inviting you to connect. What happens if you press the button on top of the hearing aid again?


Actually, I’ve double-checked and the other connector is turned off and disconnected.

Thanks for your suggestion, but I can’t hear without my hearing aids so I guess I can only keep trying to find a solution at home for the duration.

Thanks. I am working on these suggestions. Usually I get about 2-3 days of being back to normal after the steps you suggest, then the bong curse resumes until I do these steps again. At least I’ve got a routine now, even though it is aggravating and I have to let them sit for a awhile before these steps give me another temporary fix.

I would lay odds that it is the computer causing the problem…Can/do you use the connector with your tv and does it revert to the same problem in a day or two?

That’s intriguing. I will have to try that and report back. I thought I had ruled out the laptop as the problem when I bought and plugged in one of these sound cards and ran the TV connector through it:

but the problem persisted so I set it aside.

If they both work correctly with the tv the computer would be the first thing I would look at.

Can you make program in target to connect to the tv?