Phonak Marvel Audeo M30 312T bluetooth connection with movement

I just got my Phonak Marvel Audeo M30 312T on Monday April 1st 2019. The one major issue I am finding is when I try to put my phone in my pocket I have connection issues with bluetooth. At first I though it might be a range issue but if I put my phone down with no movement no issues. If I put it in any pocket I have a constant connection problem. I got these hearing aids specifically because I’m a mail carrier and have walking parts to my route. It seems to be worse when I’m walking. I have the Samsung galaxy s9. I’ve reported to phonak but they are claiming “the body affect”

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I don’t think it’s a 312T issue. I have the M70-R and have the issue. but it all depends on which pocket I put my phone.

If it’s in the right front pants pocket, I’ll get brief dropout from Bluetooth during my 5 mile jogs.

BUT if I put it in the left front or any of the back pant pockets or even any pocket on a light jacket, I rarely get any drop out from Bluetooth.

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I agree I do not think it’s a 312T issue but more of a bluetooth connection issue.

I have the Marvels M70 312 and used to experiment the same issue when I’m walking. I found out that moving my phone to a different pocket and also tweaking the Bluetooth settings in my phone sorted it out somehow.

I have just received the Phonak Marvel Audeo M90R on April 12. I am also having the same issue, that is, when I put my phone in my pocket (Samsung Galaxy S9+) I have constant bluetooth connectivity issues. It doesn’t matter which pocket I put the phone in (pants or jacket front or back). The connection is so bad that it is impossible to listen to anything… I walk/run a lot as well and this was one of the reasons that I selected this particular hearing aid.

Anybody else experiencing the same issue? Any suggestions/solutions?

I do not run but walk 2 hours and 20 minutes as a mail carrier. I’m still having issues. Phonak suggested they switch my bluetooth to my left hearing aid from my right. That didnt help. I’m pretty frustrated. I love these hearing aids but still no fix.

Hello. First please excuse my bad english. I’ve had the same Problem using the Marvel M90 T13 with the Samsung Galaxy S6. If i put my phone in the racebike jersey the bluetooth connection is disturb. With a iPhone 8 there are no problems with the bluetooth connection. I think its a problem of the Smartphone that used.


I have marvel 70rs. My phone is in a case on my belt, left side .I don’t have any problems.

Hi what model of phone are you using? We are trying to figure out if the problem is specific to Samsung phones.

I have a galaxy s7 .

I have the marvel 90s 13t and I very rarely ever get drop outs, my iPhone X can be in my heavy jacket pocket 20+ feet away whilst playing in a pool hall and I am getting everything, beeps for text messages, emails coming in, rings for calls etc… TV connector is the same, I get it all over the house, through 2 or 3 walls, with only a couple of black spots! Cheers Kev

I had to change the Marvels bluetooth to fixed Bandwidth to correct phone call issues with my Samsung S10. I read on a Samsung forum that it also fixed intermittent streaming. If you haven’t already done this it would be worth a try.


I personally have a samsung galaxy 9