Phonak Marvel Audeo M30 312T bluetooth connection with movement


I just got my Phonak Marvel Audeo M30 312T on Monday April 1st 2019. The one major issue I am finding is when I try to put my phone in my pocket I have connection issues with bluetooth. At first I though it might be a range issue but if I put my phone down with no movement no issues. If I put it in any pocket I have a constant connection problem. I got these hearing aids specifically because I’m a mail carrier and have walking parts to my route. It seems to be worse when I’m walking. I have the Samsung galaxy s9. I’ve reported to phonak but they are claiming “the body affect”

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I don’t think it’s a 312T issue. I have the M70-R and have the issue. but it all depends on which pocket I put my phone.

If it’s in the right front pants pocket, I’ll get brief dropout from Bluetooth during my 5 mile jogs.

BUT if I put it in the left front or any of the back pant pockets or even any pocket on a light jacket, I rarely get any drop out from Bluetooth.

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I agree I do not think it’s a 312T issue but more of a bluetooth connection issue.



I have the Marvels M70 312 and used to experiment the same issue when I’m walking. I found out that moving my phone to a different pocket and also tweaking the Bluetooth settings in my phone sorted it out somehow.



I have just received the Phonak Marvel Audeo M90R on April 12. I am also having the same issue, that is, when I put my phone in my pocket (Samsung Galaxy S9+) I have constant bluetooth connectivity issues. It doesn’t matter which pocket I put the phone in (pants or jacket front or back). The connection is so bad that it is impossible to listen to anything… I walk/run a lot as well and this was one of the reasons that I selected this particular hearing aid.

Anybody else experiencing the same issue? Any suggestions/solutions?