Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



No doubt!

Hopefully they will find a solution


It does stereo very well. Even my ‘60s Ray Charles music does it :heart_eyes:


The rep told me that the re-pairing has to be done switching to iPad or iPhone, but not other types,of devices like computer or TV.


I think each device must have a device type so that it can be treated according to the type of device it actually is. For example when a Phone device wants to connect to your hearing aids, you can just say Hello, and the connection magically starts. But you would never want to say hello to your TV :expressionless:

Hmmmmm; I wonder if it’s possible to have an iPad designated as something other than a phone (not a phone) by changing some settings? Just a crazy thought. I don’t know much about Apple products.


I was finally able to get the Remote app working again. How did I do it? By following the instructions in the Phonak FAQ (as shared by Parth_p at Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids ) , once I finally found them.

They say:

Most issues are fixed with the following simple steps:

Simple steps? Well, I guess…

After reinstalling, the hearing aids connected with the app immediately. This is the second time I’ve had to do this; I had to reinstall in the audiologist’s office because the app was crashing every time I tried to run it. It fixed that problem, too.


I did try that, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it didn’t work because it’s an Apple thing, (according to Phonak BT rep).

There is a “plus side” from this inconvenience. There is no BT confusion between the two devices like I had before with the Compilot. That confusion was always simple enough to fix (toggle off BT on the device I wasn’t streaming).

I’ve left the Apple Watch out of the picture today to reduce variables. It doesn’t see my HA like it did my Compilot, I know that much. I could go for a walk with just my I watch and the Compilot as you can download playlists and songs directly to the watch. Now with Marvel it seems you can only stream to your phone and then the iWatch is an intermediary that you can switch songs, pause and adjust volume with the dial.


Can you stream songs downloaded to your Apple Watch directly to the Marvels?


Butting in here as a non-Marvel, non-iPhone user, I wonder if what’s needed is a better overall standard for Bluetooth control/interfacing. Everybody and his brother Harry seems to have a different GUI for offering Bluetooth connectivity controls.

I like the pairing/connected interface that Microsoft has implemented for its BT Surface Headphones (SH). On an Android device in the SH interface, you can see every device that’s been paired with your SH’s and turn on or off individual connections to all devices. And in the Android interface on my phone, for each device that’s been paired with the phone, I can drill down and see the individual BT profiles that are allowed with each pairing and turn them on or off. I wish all BT interfaces offered the combined properties of both the SH’s and my Android phone’s BT interfaces - i.e., maybe phone apps for HA’s need a better BT interface with more options/information available to users. Another nice feature of the SH’s is for many things (not all) a voice tells you what you’ve done when you press a button - so rather than just getting a series of beeps from your HA’s that you either have to memorize the meaning of or run to your manual to look up, it would be nice if HA’s could give you verbal feedback (which is sometimes annoying, not always desirable, but the SH’s are sometimes smart enough not to interrupt you, for example, when you’re streaming a podcast but otherwise manipulating their connectivity by, say, turning on a computer to which they connect).

Again, a bit of an off-topic example, I like the BT connectivity diagram in the ReSound Smart 3D app of things that are actually connected to my HA’s but nowhere in the app can I find a list and controls of everything that’s been paired with my HA’s (and it would be nice if the phone app also offered a similar GUI for each of the ReSound accessories I’ve been using with the HA to control their BT pairings/connectivity). Instead you just learn stuff like when you exceed your pairing limit, the first device that was ever paired will be discarded to make room for the new device that you want to pair. Well, what was that first device? Maybe you’d rather discard the pairing of some other device instead, etc., …


I don’t think so. But I haven’t used the watch much today.


Sorry that was a lazy answer. Just went and put the watch on and powered down my iPad and iPhone. Turned off the Marvel HAs and turned on the music on my watch, which brought it to searching for devices. My HA were turned on for pairing mode and my watch recognized the HAs and paired. So I CAN listen to the downloaded music on my watch. Just have to power down the device they were previously paired (I think).

And then I put the watch into airplane mode and turned the phone back on. Looks like I will have to re-pair to my phone. What will that take? Let’s see…

Turned off the Ha’s. And watch is in airplane mode. Couldn’t just choose the device on my iPhone. So I had to forget the device on the iPhone (like I do when I go to iPad to iPhone)and turn my HAs off and on again. Now my phone is paired again. I didn’t have to power down the watch, but assume airplane mode was necessary.

Fortunately turning off and on the aids from the new button is pretty easy. Didn’t take a lot of force. To turn them off I have to hold any button down for 4 seconds. To turn them back on, hold down either button for 2seconds.

Also to go back to listening to my watch, I have to again power down phone. Forget the Device on my watch, turn off my hearing aids and turn them on again for pairing. Then I can pair again.

I really hope that this is just new product bugs that Phonak can tweak and improve with programming, because it really requires a lot of steps to switch!

FYI the resound Quattros were easier to switch, but I had quite a lot of interference, and like I said, I thought the streaming sound was tin-ny. Sounded like the sound that comes from a cell phone speaker compared to what I got from my old Phonak Com-pilot Air. And now the Marvels might even sound better, if it’s possible. Clear and full sound. I will pay a little In inconvenience for the quality and pleasant sound. I like to watch Netflix on the iPad and listen to music on my phone and watch.


Thanks for the detailed answer! Sounds great!


I really need to know if there are any Phonak Audéo MR users that have successfully made hands-free phone calls using either an iPhone XS or XS Max. Thanks!


Might be worth posting on the Phonak Facebook page as well regarding the iPhone XS.


Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it.


Tomorrow afternoon. I feel like a little kid at Christmas. I sure hope this works out well.


Here’s a size comparison picture for each Marvel Model;
Audéo M-312T, Audéo M-312, Audéo M-RT, Audéo M-R, Audéo M-13T

The picture is best viewed by making your browser window full-screen and then click the image to enlarge. Click the image a second time for a really close-up view.


Is the roger pen compatible with marvel? Or should I buy the new roger?


Marvel is RogerReady but won’t be available until Fall 2019. The Pen and the Select will work with the Marvel come Fall 2019.


Great!! thank you so much


There is a new mic from Phonak - Roger Select. It have a lot of features in it. My guess this will be the next universal mic.


Here is comparing between Roger Pen and Select: