Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



I was finally able to test phone calls, and the results were fantastic. Despite the fact that my phone and the Remote app don’t think I’m connected properly, both outgoing and incoming calls worked seamlessly. The hearing aid buttons answered, rejected, and hung up on calls just as they’re supposed to, and the sound quality was excellent on both ends.

If I can just get the Bluetooth issues worked out, I think I’m going to love these hearing aids!


Sounds like a typo. Many people use the word pair when they really mean connect so maybe the manual writer did that. I would expect to be able to pair to 7 or 8 devices, at least.

It is very disappointing to be able to connect to only one device at a time. To me that just puts it in the niche category, instead of mainstream. I trialed a system like that, the Costco KS8 with the Smart Mic and I was turning Bluetooth off and on all day to connect to the two phones.

With the Costco Phonak Brio 3 and the Compilot 2, I answer whichever phone rings, and I can still stream from a laptop, all at the same time.


Ah GOT IT! That makes sense. And … whew.

Hope you can get your own issue resolved.


That is FANTASTIC news! And I take it, the aids stream to both LEFT and RIGHT at once? That is exactly why I want to upgrade to the Marvels from my B-Direct aids - which only stream to ONE aid (you can pick which one you want it to be).


Two months ago I upgraded from my V90 hearing aids with compilot air to resound Quattros. I did not notice an improvement in hearing in most situations (after several mods by my Audi). Also, I did not like the sound quality of streaming. I tried sticking it out for a full month to try to get used to it. The streaming was tinny and unpleasant. The sound reminded me of the sound out of a cell phone speaker. I eventually went back to my beloved V90s, loving the clear full sound streaming with the Compilot air, which is a bit of a nuisance, but still very nice until it runs out of battery.

Then I read about Marvel. My audi thought I should try them as I clearly prefer the sound that comes from Phonak.

I got them today. No problem hearing speech in my meeting where I take minutes(even though I have a sinus infection). I actually heard better than I have with the Quattros and my old V90. Talking on the phone went pretty well too. I have a iPhone 6s plus. Sound streaming is awesome. So glad I sent back the Quattros

I have one question, and haven’t found an answer in the FAQ. My iPad isn’t recognizing the blue tooth of my aids. It is a iPad Air 2. I’ve been wearing the aids for several hours, do they need to be fully charged to pair? I’ve turned the aids off and on several times, turned off the BT on my I watch and iPhone. Turned off BT on the iPad and back on. Then I upgraded to ios12.1.1 It still doesn’t recognize my Marvel aids.


Would be interesting to see how it works with an Apple Watch; presumably you could stream calls and music without even carrying your iPhone.


Working as intended. It only connects to the designated ear (generally right). That hearing aid sends the signal over to the other ear.


Not sure if this will help anyone, but you can check phone compatability on the Phonak support Web site before buying Marvels…


Not sure if your remark is specific to Marvel’s or Phonak’s but I’ve noticed that my left Quattro seems to run down its battery faster than my right and was wondering if a similar situation obtains for ReSound HA’s, specifically the Quattro’s. I intend to ask my audi the next time that I see her but wondered if you could provide any insight here on ReSound’s or Quattro’s? (I’ve also found that a good way to run down HA rechargeable batteries is to forget to turn the HA’s off at night when I take them out!!! - too bad there is not a “sleep” or a “hibernate” function that you can set for when you’re not wearing them to have them time out but if there were, it might get in the way of the Find My HA BT homing function. Oh, vell).


Thanks, Neville. I remember that now that you mention it. (I would swear that I’d connected to both the first time, but guess it’s just my Alzheimer’s at work. :grinning:) My audiologist asked me which of my ears is dominant; I guess maybe he can select which one connects.

The question now is why the Remote app has decided not to connect.


Correct – both at once.

And that’s exactly why I immediately decided I didn’t want the B-Directs. And why my audiologist sent them they back; he felt they’d been misrepresented.

And why it’s such a relief to see that they seem to have gotten it right this time!


Last night I downloaded the Phonak remote app to the iPad and my hearing aids could pair that way. Now they show discoverable in my Bluetooth settings, but they still won’t pair to stream. I fully charged the aids. Restarted them countless times, restarted the iPad. Turned off Apple TV, and my iPhone BT and did it all again. Still no go. I do have an Apple Watch but I have it turned onto airplane mode so that BT is off I think.


After trying my husband’s iPad and iPhone, we realized it wasn’t my iPad that was the problem. None of our devices were recognizing my aids when in pairing mode.

I asked him if I should drive away from the house and phone and try again lol. He said to power off my phone. This did the trick. Turning off the BT on my phone wasn’t enough for pairing to other devices.

iPad is now paired. Maybe this will help someone else.

The streaming sound is excellent.



Yet another update. Now that my iPad is connected, I cannot stream to my iPhone. With my Compilot, I would just turnoff BT on the one and turn on BT on the other. I did try powering down my iPad and re-pairing to my phone. That didn’t work for some reason. I’m running iOS 12.1.1 on iPad. Not sure the BT version it runs on. Just did some investigating and my BT is version 4.0

The remote app is actually working better switching between devices. My issue is with streaming on two different devices at different times.

ETA my iPhone is a 6plus and is running on 4.2


The Marvel’s “designated ear” device will drain a little quicker as it in managing both ears during streaming.


If one HA sends the signal to the other one, it’s hard to see the purpose of choosing one or the other as the “designated ear” (I assume that’s also the HA used as a mic during phone calls, but again, why choose; it makes a ton of sense for the B-Direct, but Marvel?)


Ok so I spoke with my Audi and with the Phonak BT helpline. Because Apple considers IPADs phones, I do have to go through all of this rigamoroe each time I want to switch from streaming from iPad to iPhone.

I asked why it was so much easier with the Compilot and she said it is a different software platform.

So I have to unpair and re-pair and power-down the device to switch from one to another. She said if Apple ever decides to call iPads something other than phones, it would resolve the problem.

Seems odd to me that this is Apple’s fault :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s ALWAYS somebody else’s fault. :wink:


That’s not my experience. Which iPad and iPad versions do you have?

I have to power down the one, and then forget device, and restart my aids. When I called the Phonak BT helpline she said unfortunately that is how it is because Apple considers iPads to be an iPhone and you can only connect to one iPhone.