Phonak Audeo V90-312's - Target Software 4.3.1 and Hi-Pro USB

Hi all

I would like to try and program my own HA’s having sat with my Audiologist now for a few lengthy sessions and just have one question. I own the above HA’s, which I obtained very recently, and want to know what cables I need to connect them to the Hi-Pro USB. Here’s the link to where I would by the Hi-Pro: -

I have tried following a few links to the Phonak site, obtained on these forums, but I just get their support site, which so far hasn’t produced the answer to my question. And am not sure if this unit comes with the cables already.

Can anyone help me please?

Many thanks indeed


Just wanted to say I have been using Cube II with no issues. Programmed mine over 50 times. Can listen to all programs in real time, etc. Some say if you ever loose connection it would take cables to correct it. I have lost connection a few time and it always reconnects and lets me reprogram them.

Hopefully someone else can answer your cable question.


Thank you. This device iCube II presumably does everything the Hi-Pro USB does? I live in the UK and this device is costlier than the Hi-Pro USB after taking into account import duty. Anyone know where this may be purchased here in the UK?

I like the wireless connection - is the Target software Android compatible?


All - I really would like to know what cable to use with the Hi-Pro USB please. I can source the Hi-Pro USB but I and the seller, are unsure what cable to use. Has anyone got a photo and/or a reference no. for the correct cable to my HA’s please?

Mine has the USB printer cable connected to it iirc- square connector with two chamfered corners.

Thank you Um bongo - but do you have a photo or reference number for it? Or is there somewhere on Phonak’s site that can identify the correct one? I have seen a “used” lising on the bay for a Hi-Pro USB here: -

This is cheaper than the one in my first post and is available here in UK. However looking at the picture, I don’t think it comes with the cable to connect to the HA’s.

Can you offer me any further help or advice please?


Don’t buy the non USB one the serial ports are a pain and are probably too slow now for Target.

That’s just directing me to a standard Printer USB cable - sorry :frowning:

Yeah, that’s the USB cable used on the Hi-Pro


But what cables are needed to connect the Hi-Pro to the Hearing Aids? That is the point of my thread :slight_smile:

Sorry - brain-dead this morning - Which model is it? The Audeo or the ITE?

It’s years since I’ve used anything but an I-Cube for Phonak/Unitron stuff.

Lol - I understand. My HA’s are the Phonak Audeo V90-312’s. They have receiver in the ear the HA fits over the ear and a tube (with wire in it) with the receiver at the end of it, goes into the ear.

The connection is made from the Hi-Pro using 1 or maybe 2 cables, I’m unsure, to the HA’s, by opening the battery compartment to reveal the socket.

Hope this helps

It’s the 4 pin Phonak leads, pretty standard - I probably have a spare pair floating around if you need them - DM me on here with an address etc if you want them - I have no idea what they are worth though.

I found this in phonak Target help section.

I also found the cs44 left on ebay. I hope these are the cables you are looking for and this helps.

Much better pictures.


Thanks Ed C. I dismissed those as, like you, I came across the exact same information in Target Help. It’s the 058-0255 bit that bothers me.


Answering your PM on import / export

When you hook the aids up and hit the connect button, Target will ask if you want to use the programming from the aids or the session. Pick aids and all the data including your audio grams will be loaded into a new session. After you have saved the session you can export it to a file on your computer as a backup.

yes, She could export it and you bring it home and import it also. But it is not necessary. When you first open Target, use file / export client or import client

That is marvellous Ed - thank you for reponding. So everything that has taken place so far is stored in the aids and when I do “file/export”, the results will be saved so if I mess up subsequently, I can do “file Import” and get back to where I was? In the latter case will the aids automatically store the revised details or have I to perhaps “upload” them to the aids?.

As you all can see I am beginning in this process - I receive my Hi-Pro USB in 3 to 4 weeks time, appx 2 weeks at worst before I have to make a decision on whether to keep my aids. I want to see what effect I may have in certain situations by being able to program my aids myself as my Audiologist is 45 miles away. She has been very helpful but would rather not have to ask her for anything if it is all stored in my aids to enable me to see on the screen when I connect up.

Is there a “Dummies” guide out there or something to help me get started? I am waiding through the Desktop Guides on the Phonak site but they are difficult to understand and would rather read that watch videos - anyone?

The first time you connect the aids and save that session it will have a date and any notes you care to put in it. The next time you connect if you make any changes and then save the session it will create a new session with a higher number and current date. It never writes over old sessions and you can always go back to look at them or put them back into the aids. The aids themselves only have the last session you save to them. In Target when you click save and close it will have check boxes to save to left aid, right aid, any accessories, and the database.


Here is a handbook on compression I just found that really things.