Phonak Audeo V90-312's - Target Software 4.3.1 and Hi-Pro USB

Some serious reading now :slight_smile: Thank you! I know it sounds a a numpty question but when “the session” appears on the screen in Target, is this what’s currently programmed in the HA’s? I mean lets say I do some tweaks to current settings, do I have to upload them to HA’s before saving the session? It’s just because I don’t know yet how Target works.

When you pick “save and close a session” you will have the option to upload it to the aids, accessories, and the database. If you upload to the aids then only this session will match the aids.

You can modify and save practice sessions without the programmer. This will give you a feel for how it works. You can always delete sessions you don’t need. Better yet start a new test client.

Hey up Um b

Sent you 2 PM’s earlier and wanted to send you a third but you’ve used up your quota of message space and therefore I could not send it.

Basically I wanted to say that I have managed to buy off the bay a pair of adapters for the cables here: -

Basically they convert the CS44 cables to CS44a ones and I believe these CS44a cables are the ones I need. I’m guessing, but I think the “a” relates to the “(Phonak version) - 058-0255” stated in the “Cable overview” panel within Target Help.

So hopefully problem sorted :slight_smile: I’ll keep you posted, I’m due to receive them before 22nd June.