Phonak Audeo B90-Direct - Bluetooth Connection to Phone


My father has recently purchased new HAs. I bought him a landline telephone to use with them. We paired the landline phone via Bluetooth easily, but he could not receive calls as the push button on the hearing aid would not work (he can hear the other person via his HA if he makes calls). I downloaded the Phonak Remote app and discovered that we only have the Autosense OS function enabled and nothing else. We realised that the push buttons on the HAs had been disabled and visited the audiologist to set it up on the Target software. The audiologist had difficulty connecting them to the system and said the software only mentioned connection with a mobile phone. When we returned home, we discovered they still wouldn’t answer a call on the landline. We also tried a mobile phone which didn’t work either. The Phonak Remote app still only has the Autosense function enabled. Please can someone confirm that the Phonak Remote app should have other settings available if the HAs had been updated correctly? It’s a shame I can’t program the HA myself as it’s annoying to keep having to return to the audiologist. Many thanks

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Maybe changing the title you gave the thread to something more specific would help attract the answers you seek? Just a minor suggestion.

Maybe something else would be to go over you audi’s head to a high-level Phonak support line, especially if no one on the forum turns up in a reasonable time to answer your question.

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You could also just tell your audiologist that you’re still having problems and you’d like a Phonak rep available at your next appointment.



Thank you. I’ve amended the title of the thread.

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I think only manual programs would show up in the app. For my Phonaks, the Phonak Remote Control app only shows anything about phone or streaming when that is active. Otherwise it just shows the manual programs like noise or music.

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When I select “Demo mode” on the Phonak Remote app, it has “Bluetooth streaming” on the list of programs. I thought this might be what I require?



It shows the words Blutooth Streaming only when bluetooth is actually streaming. Otherwise it doesn’t show you that, and not seeing that doesn’t tell you if the hearing aids are set up for bluetooth.

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On the app I use it shows streaming indicators only when streaming is active.



Thank you Don. That’s really helpful. I shall make another appointment with the audiologist. It looks like they either aren’t programmed correctly or the button on the HA is faulty.

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I have the M90-R and they are MFA (made for all standard bluetooth if BT is 4.2 or above). Don’t know if the B90-direct are. The AUD’s may not have setup buttons in Target setup software. see below 1.Not 2. Setup


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Default programs. More can be added by AUD
(i) Phone program access

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Thanks @Randye. It’s helpful to see what the Target software actually looks like. I can’t see the screen easily in the aud’s office.

The aud was meant to have set it up at our last appointment, but it’s still not working for either a landline or mobile telephone.

The aud did mention that Target said it only worked on mobile phones (as shown in the diagrams you provided). But Phonak’s website states that the HAs will work with a landline. We have purchased one of the phones tested at the top of the list.

I assume that if the aud sets it up correctly for mobiles, it will also work for the landline telephone. Presumably the technology is the same.

My father only has the Autosense OS function listed on the Phonak app. The aud didn’t add anything else.



I think the landline-feature works if the hearing aid detects a magnet. If the phone doesn’t have one, you can stick a magnet on the phone. Your Audi can get you a magnet. The hearing aid can then switch on the feature which phonak calls duophone and your both hearing aids will stream the calling person’s voice to your ears.



Maybe take the phone to the office visit with the AuD. The AuD should get Phonak AuD support folk on the phone and walk thru getting your fathers HA’s set up to the phone.
Found this vid on Phonak B90-direct support of Bluetooth devices…



Thanks @Randye. We visited the AuD today. As we thought, they hadn’t set up the hearing aid button correctly at our last appointment. They gave us a lot of BS about why it hadn’t worked last time. But thanks to your screenshots, I could see exactly what needed to be done. The HA now stream perfectly to landline and mobile! Is it possible to obtain a copy of the Target software myself? The AuD seems to have very poor knowledge of Target and IT in general.




Good to hear they are working! The form has information on DYI for HA’s… This should start you down the path :slight_smile:

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