Painful domes

Just got fitted with Phonak Audeo Paradise RICs. Audiologist gave me large closed domes. I have been wearing for four days now and every day my ears are in pain. It hurts to touch the inside of both ears and requires all night to them to calm down. That can’t be right! I have an appointment for Tuesday (4 days from now) to address. I am wondering what would be the type of dome I should try. Amazing how much that little soft rubber thing can irritate the inside of the ear. I think they only plug the ear canal, too big to go in.

I have brand new Pardise rechargeable hearing aids.
My audiologist gave me an assortment of domes. He didn’t take a wax impression and make custom domes for me. I have no experience with those for Phonaks.

He did give me an assortment of 4 different dome sizes. All were what I think are open domes except for the smallest. It had no perforations at all and only covered the end of the receiver? in the ear.
I am using the largest open dome he gave me now with perforations all around. They are very comfortable. The other ones he gave me to try were all smaller. I tried them all and have been using the largest ones for about a week now. I believe they are the ones he set up my hearing aids with almost 2 months ago.

When I was using my B70’s the previous audiologist put on power domes. I hope that’s the right name. They had no perforations, and had two seals. They were awful. They set the B70’s up with that. after 2 days I changed back to open domes after being told in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t able to hear my wife. I went back to the audiologist who never reprogrammed the hearing aids.

My story isn’t important here; however, I feel that there are many choices. However, I think the right one depends on the gain of your hearing aids, your hearing loss and whether you need help with feed back.

Definitely isn’t right. I’d take a break from hearing aids or wear them less so they don’t really irritate your ears. Stepping down to mediums might help. If it weren’t the weekend, I’d suggest just stopping by the office and asking for smaller domes. If they’re open tomorrow, could still be worthwhile.


When I first got my Jabra aids in June I started with number 2 receivers, large closed domes and sports locks, and they hurt my ears. At some point I switched to number 3 receivers and medium closed domes without the sports locks, and they fit a little deeper in my ears and don’t hurt at all.

Agree with taking a break from the aids before your next hearing aid appointment. That will give your ears a chance to heal and be ready to try new domes at the fitting.

Sure sounds like the domes or receiver wire lengths are wrong for you. Both can cause pain issues.


Pain is an indication the domes don’t fit right. There’s no painful breaking in period. Go back to your audiologist

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Here’s another possibility because it happened to me. How much room do you have between your ear and your head. I learned that when you put in the dome and then slide the aids behind the ear the ear is then bending around the dome instead of pushing away naturally from the head. It can eventually lead to excruciating pain which will slowly go away if you stop wearing the aids for a few days. As bte aids get thinner this has become less of a problem but for a long time I couldn’t wear ultra power aids because they were just too fat and big. Just a thought

Also, not only might they be too big, some people have a sensitively to the silicon (or the dye) . I wore clear silicon domes for 6 years with no problem. My new aids came with black silicon domes. After 2 weeks, my ears were in pain! After looking at them, the ear canals and ear drums were dark red and inflamed. Turns out that I am sensitive to whatever is used to make them black. Its rare but several people have commented about something similar.


You might be in necessity of smaller domes, that’s it. I have an extremely narrow ear canal and the smaller the domes are, the better for me.

Also, I know there is some lubricant that can be provided by your audiologist. But I guess your problem is due to an incorrect size. Phonak domes are very comfortable, at least that’s my experience.

Keep badgering your audi until you get domes which fit your ears without backng out, are comfortable and are suitable for your hearing loss. There are many different types and many brands are interchangeable. When you find a suitable pair of domes make sure your audi adjusts your hearing fitting accordingly.

After 4 years of trial and error I have Widex large tulip domes fitted to Phonak P90 hearing aids.

Try resizing the tubing or wires and using a smaller dome. It will require you to redo your feedback settings. Good luck.

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Thanks. Obviously I need smaller domes as they do not seem to go into the ear canal (if they are supposed to???). And I will ask about the length of the wiring/tubing and refitting. I don’t understand why I was given large domes to start with.

It an easy mistake. Most domes do go into the ear canal. They can range from open to power and everything in between. I focused on that as you said that what you had Custom ear molds are a totally different thing. Good luck.

When I first got my Phonak P90’s I got medium domes and it was fine but they slid out a bit. So I purchased large domes and that was like your experience, painful. I couldn’t believe how painful. I went back to medium and changed out the wire length and problem solved. Just acknowledging that the wrong size domes can cause intense pain.

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As you can see , a lot of suggestions. Obviously this is not an uncommon problem. But your audiologist should want to be all over this. My suggestion is after you see him if the pain returns I wouldn’t wait for the next visit. He needs to see the irritation in your ear to judge better. If he says something like you just need to get used to them I would consider that a red flag. Good luck. Let us know how you made out

Thanks to all for their responses, Yes, I will be all over him if he says get used to them. !!!


Since no one mentioned them, I have the M&RIE with Tulip Domes and sport locks. They offer a fair amount of occlusion to prevent feedback and are fairly comfortable.

Sixteen (17?) years ago, when I first started to wear HAs (Oticon Delta) I could not get used to domes. They didn’t hurt, but they itched constantly and just gave me a creepy feeling because they always seemed to be moving.

Acrylic moulds solved all my problems: I’ve been wearing them for years, and have experienced nothing but comfort and satisfaction.

YMMV, of course, but if you can’t get domes to work for you, acrylic molds might be the charm.

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Thanks OP

I haven’t had acrylic moulds as yet. However, I have had a hearing aid that was terribly painful to wear in the ear.

OP I appreciate your comments here.

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Please let us know how it goes.

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