Painful domes

You’re welcome. Glad to read you’re getting somewhere!

This Forum is a great place to learn what you need to know to continue making progress.

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I’m here to learn!

It’s going well.

I’ve had 4 adiologists.
First supplied a single Widex. Started ok; audiologist quit and a new graduate messed up the single Widex that I used for the next 10 or so years.

Second was absolute GOLD. I had a wonderful referral. She did very well; sold her business and I stayed in touch. But the Buyer was Listen Up Canada. You deserve a laugh. Search Wikipedia for “Listen Up Canada”…he went on to other things in Florida. Perhaps the oldest profession…

Third took my great Phonaks and made them worse. And worse. Then sold me new Phonaks that never worked for me. Phonak B70 that were never set up right. I complained often.

Fourth is absolute gold too. Same referral–the hearing experts at the school board I work for.

The last one fought for me and sold me my Phonak Paradise hearing aids. He just “tuned them” in a follow up appointment.

Thanks! I hope to learn a lot in the forums here!


I was responding to the OP.
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Thanks. @Raudrive
OP’s post has helped me a lot.

I’ll read and stay on track.

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I had to use the “ear lube”;for 2 weeks. Irritation gone

I went from large Phonak closed domes to medium size - there is a significant difference in size. My right ear is almost OK, but I think I may need the small in the left ear. It still is slightly sore. I only had ten minutes with the audiologist to swop domes, and go back next week for followup to original fitting. I am wondering what fitting adjustments I should expect him to do with the switch in dome size. He did real ear measurements at initial fitting, but how does one know if the hearing aids are fitted well

I am wondering how one judges the wire length

This might help you.

Thaks, I am wondering if he got the length correct

My audi (Costco, K10) gave me small bags with the different sized open and closed domes. Tried the closed and found then very uncomfortable. Used the open, medium in left ear, small in right, and got used to that over about three weeks. This morning I switched to small closed domes in both ears. So far, so good. No discomfort at all, and better function on the aids.

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Thanks for input. I think I may try small in one ear as still sore. I read that closed dome is for greater hearing loss…so I imagine that is why he started with closed dome

OK, I changed dome size and it helped alot. I have closed domes because of my hearing loss. I went from large to medium in one ear and the soreness is minimum now. In the other ear, which is smaller, even the medium dome made my ear quite sore. So Audiologist gave me a different shape smaller closed dome and that causes no pain and is easier to insert. HOWEVER, I notice that when I cover my ear with my hand there is a ringing sound that can be quite high pitched depending on how my hand is placed. And if I lean back on a pillow there can sometimes be a slight ringing. I told my audiologist and he said it was the sound escaping because even the closed domes have pinholes. Is that correct or is he avoiding refitting to smaller dome??

What you describe is feedback. He might be able to eliminate it if he readjusted the hearing aids, but he would be reducing high frequency gain to do so.

Before I had custom ear molds, I had a medium dome in one ear and a small in the other. With the ear that had the small dome, I had feedback on certain sounds (school bell was a big one) and I sometimes had sound “leak” out. At the time, I decided I could live with it because that was the closest fit we could find (tried quite a few domes). I did fine for 6 years. This time around, I decided I was tire of it and had ear molds made. This took some time to get the right fit. Now, I don’t have that problem at all .


Thanks for the comments. That identifies the problem I need to solve. I think I will ask to try some other dome shapes