Oticon warning about iOS 16 update

I have a new service message in Oticon On app. What is those “groundbreaking new innovations” described in this message? P.S. I use a pair of Oticon Xceed 1 SP with iOS 16 beta - without any changes and/or issues.

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I don’t use the ON app on my IPHONE 13 and I will update as soon as I can download and update on Monday.

When Apple updated my iPhone from 14.4.2 to the groundbreaking new iOS 14.5 I then was no longer able to pair both my aids to the iPhone.
So because Oticon already gives his users a warning I wold hold back the update. Maybe they already know of any side effects.

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Well I don’t use the lack luster app, seeing the iPad will not be updated for about an month. I will taking the chance. The app is already broken as for as I am concerned.

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I didn’t need the app to not to be able to connect both my aids to the phone. Obviously it was a change on the OS regarding MFi. This is independent from any app.

I will let you know Monday afternoon USA central time.

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I’ve been running the IOS 16 beta for about a month now. Updated to the release candidate on Wednesday. No issues to report. YMMV.


Are you using the Oticon ON app

I am using the ON app and got the same warning on the app to wait until they test.

Anecdotally, the app has been more stable on the IOS 16 betas and I’ve in the past had the same problem others have had with losing control of the HAs with the ON app when using the TV adapter. That is not perfect now but seems better… Again… just anecdotally, not controlled testing…


That is good to know

I use the Oticon On app on both iPhone 13 Pro Max (iOS 15.6.1) and Apple Watch 6 (Watch OS 8.7) and have not received any warning from Oticon. I use to run betas but had a bad experience so I stopped running iOS betas. Like cvkemp I will load iOS 16 tomorrow and Apple Watch 9.0. Fingers crossed it fixes some issues several MFi HA users currently have.

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If you have updated your iOS and have tried to pair your HA several times with no success then you should do a Reset Network Settings. It will cure most bluetooth pairing issues. Here is the Apple documentation for Reset Network Setting and other reset iPhone information: Return iPhone settings to their defaults - Apple Support

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I also forget all Bluetooth devices before I do a major update. Most of all my aids.

Thank you for your reply.
In my case Apple has changed something in their MFi protocol so Medel user no longer were able to connect both their Sonnets. Medel then had to build an update to their MFi implementatiom. That took several weeks until deplioyment. Several weeks without bilateral streaming.

What I wanted to say with my post is: it is not always the app that may encounter problems with new iOS updates. But also the connectivity to the aids. Oticon ON just posted a warning that one should not update their OS until they have tested the new version. However in most cases it’s working instantly.

I also received the notice from Oticon. Downloaded and installed 15.7 yesterday. The app was working much better and was really fast compared to times I’ve used it before. Downloaded 16 today and it is still working very well. Prior to 15.7 it was hit or miss. Sometimes it would only load one ear or the other. Just seemed like there was always one problem or another. 15.7 seemed to straighten it all out. Based on on that my recommendation is to download and install 15.7 before jumping straight to 16. May not have any effect but this is what worked for me.

My iPhone doesn’t even list a 15.7 update. I have iPhone 13

I’m in the UK and apparently Oticon On App last got updated here in the UK, 10 months ago!

Version 2.5.0.

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Same here in the states

I have an old Xr. Was just reading about 15.7 and it was supposed to be released right next to 16. Reading deeper 16 wasn’t even suppose to be released until tomorrow so it should be available to everyone soon. I also have 2.5.0 on the app so the better functionality isn’t related to that. I may have received the 15.7 and 16 because I was in the beta program for several years but had deleted that profile and not been receiving 15 beta releases prior to 15.7

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I have iOS 16 beta on both my iphone and iPad for months. No issues and I’m using the ON app on my phone.